UM Study: Exploding Stars Provide Blueprint For Creating Reliable Fusion Energy

ANN ARBOR - We study exploding stars in our quest to make reliable fusion energy a reality, but chances are we've been thinking about supernovae wrong. New research led by the University of Michigan shows that heat plays a significant role in the way materials mix during fusion reactions—a factor that has, to this point,

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Agony And Ecstasy In The Rapidly Emerging Gig Economy

ANN ARBOR - As the gig economy—where companies pay for specific tasks on a contract basis—grows, the independent workers drawn to its freedom and flexibility are met with challenges distinct from those faced by people who work at companies. Without a company to support and affirm their working identity, it can feel as precarious as

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42 Companies Invest $150,000 Each In MCity

ANN ARBOR - Forty-two companies have committed to investing $150,000 each in Mcity as Affiliate members over the next three years.   Mcity is the University of Michigan-led public-private R&D initiative leading the transformation to connected and automated mobility. The Affiliate members represent a broad range of industry sectors that reflect Mcity's success in building

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Record Leap In 2014-2016 Global Temperatures Biggest Since 1900

ANN ARBOR - Global surface temperatures surged by a record amount from 2014 to 2016, boosting the total amount of warming since the start of the last century by more than 25 percent in just three years, according to a University of Arizona-led team that includes a University of Michigan scientist. "Our paper is the

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Flying Slime: Harmful Algal Blooms Can Become Airborne

ANN ARBOR - Waves lapping against the shoreline is always a pretty scene, but it may also be a way for toxins from harmful algal blooms to become airborne. Harmful algal blooms—blooms composed of blue-green algae—crop up throughout the Great Lakes region during hot summers. Algae reproduces, unchecked, producing toxins and sapping oxygen from water.

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UM Study Finds Vehicle Ownership, Miles Driven Rising

ANN ARBOR — Ownership of cars and light trucks are on the upswing, says a University of Michigan researcher. In his 10th report in a series examining changes in various aspects of motorization in the U.S. since 1984, Michael Sivak of the UM Transportation Research Institute found that light vehicle-ownership rates per person and per

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Retiring Congressman Levin To Join U-M Ford School Of Public Policy

ANN ARBOR - U.S. Rep. Sandy Levin, who announced that he won't seek re-election in 2018, will join the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy as a Distinguished Policymaker in Residence in January 2019. Levin, a Democrat from Royal Oak, served in the House for 34 years. He chaired the powerful House Ways

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Detroit Middle School Students Have Access To UM-Qualcomm Thinkabit STEM Lab

DETROIT - More than 3,000 middle school students a year will be introduced to careers in science, technology, engineering and math, thanks to a collaboration between Qualcomm and the University of Michigan College of Engineering. These organizations are bringing the Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab, a hands-on engineering and career awareness program, into the Michigan Engineering Zone,

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How To Split Equity Equitably For Your Startup

ANN ARBOR - It's a question every startup struggles with—how to divide the equity before a product, an app or service is developed? Startup founders are often compensated initially with equity shares until the business starts making money, and equally splitting shares seems like the default. Equally splitting these shares can create problems such as

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Renewable Energy Policy: Americans Support Net Energy Metering

ANN ARBOR - About three out of every four Americans support hotly debated net energy metering policies, which allow residents with wind turbines and solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid at retail rates, according to a national poll by University of Michigan researchers. The poll, conducted by the National Surveys on

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