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U-M Economists See US Growth Slowing Until COVID Vaccine Broadly Available

ANN ARBOR - University of Michigan economists expect a rebound in economic activity, falling unemployment and life returning to “close-to-normal” by the end of next year in the United States as the nation and world recover from the pandemic. Gabriel Ehrlich Still, the researchers say, the ride out of the COVID-19-induced recession affords them far

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Amazon Announces Upgraded Echo Frames Smart Glasses For Everyone

SEATTLE - Amazon has announced an upgraded model of its Echo Frames smart glasses, adding better sound quality, longer battery life, and new colors. Amazon also is offering Echo Frames to buy, as the company transitions the Alexa-equipped glasses from a “Day One Edition” invitation-only device to a full-fledged product. The second-generation Echo Frames will cost $249.99

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License Plates That Pay Registration Talk To Other Drivers Coming To Michigan

DETROIT - Digital license plates have been allowed in California and Arizona since 2019; now they are allowed in Michigan, too, but not yet for sale. At a starting price of nearly $500 a plate with a $55 yearly connectivity fee, only 3,300 people have them in California and Arizona. The company that created them, Reviver, is in discussions

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Securatech Offers COVID-19 Monitor That Bars Entry If Visitor Not Wearing Mask Or Has High Temperature

FARMINGTON HILLS - Securatech is offering a high-tech solution for not only cannabis companies, but also any business to comply with COVID-19 healthcare restrictions and prevent those who ignore mask mandates from entering. Securatech President Rudy Patros calls it the Temperature and Mask Monitoring Center. “You don’t want to see your operation go down because

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Back To Michigan’ Virtual Job Fairs Start Nov. 17 To Bring IT Talent Home

LANSING - Back To Michigan, a series of eight virtual job fairs for people interested in relocating back to Michigan, will be hosted by community partners throughout the state from November 17-24. During each of the eight virtual events – which are free to attend – job seekers can talk one-on-one with recruiters from organizations

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Ann Arbor SPARK’s Annual Tech Homecoming Goes Virtual November 24

ANN ARBOR - Virtually join Ann Arbor SPARK November 24, 3 – 7 p.m. for Tech Homecoming, its annual job seeker event, and network with area companies looking to hire. The Ann Arbor area is home to hundreds of high-tech and life science businesses and one of the most highly skilled workforces in the nation, along

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Duo Report Finds Changing Security Landscape As Pandemic Forces Remote Work

ANN ARBOR—A new report on the growing shift to remote digital work from Duo Security, the Ann Arbor-based IT security firm now part of Cisco Systems Inc., finds a shift away from a widely used type of two-factor authentication, a rise in biometric authentication, and continued growth of cloud-based applications. Duo officials say the security

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Priority Health Extends Zero Cost Share Programs, Sends COVID Safety Kits

GRAND RAPIDS—The health insurer Priority Health will continue to offer $0 cost share virtual care and telehealth services, including medical, behavioral health and substance use telemedicine, for nearly all fully funded HSA and non-HSA plans ahead of deductible, into 2021, company officials said. This will now be a standard benefit for most fully funded employer-sponsored

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State Of Michigan Offers Free COVID-19 Tracing App

LANSING - The state of Michigan has developed a free exposure notification app to for COVID-19 tracing called MI COVID Alert. The anonymous, no cost and voluntary app, piloted in Ingham County and on the campus of Michigan State University last month, lets users know whether they may have recently been exposed to COVID-19.  Users

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Pfizer Reports Initial COVID-19 Vaccine In Clinical Tests 90 Percent Effective

NEW YORK - Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech SE gave the world an early Christmas present when they announced initial clinical studies show a COVID-19 vaccine was 90 percent effective. What’s more, in a press release, the companies said based on current projections the pharma companies expect to produce globally up to 50 million

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