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$6.3 Million Illegal Cannabis Grow In Highland Park Busted By State Police

HIGHLAND PARK  - Michigan State Police uncovered a large-scale marijuana grow operation in Highland Park Feb 21, seizing an estimated millions of dollars in illicit pot during the investigation. More than 4,000 marijuana plants were discovered inside a structure on Feb. 21 when state police's marijuana & tobacco investigation team executed a search warrant. According to a post from police

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AI Can Solve A Key Problem In The Quest For Near-Limitless Clean Energy

PRINCETON, N.J. - Scientists pursuing fusion energy say they have found a way to overcome one of their biggest challenges to date — by using artificial intelligence. Nuclear fusion has for decades been hailed as a near-limitless source of clean energy, in what would be a game-changing solution to the climate crisis. But experts have only

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World About To Pass Point Of No Return For Devastating Storms, Droughts Due To Global Warming

WASHINGTON DC - This year, temperatures across the globe could reach about 1.7 degrees Celsius (3 degrees Fahrenheit) higher than pre-Industrial Revolution averages, according to a man dubbed the “Godfather of Climate Science.” That passes the 2.7 F threshold that world leaders set as the mark needed to prevent the worst climate disasters. Ex-NASA scientist James

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Public invited To February 28 Career Fair At Washtenaw Community College

ANN ARBOR – Job seekers are invited to Washtenaw Community College’s (WCC) Annual Winter Career Fair on Wednesday, February 28. Approximately 70 employers are expected to attend the fair, with many looking to hire for immediate job opportunities. The event, which is free and open to the public and students, will run from 4-6 p.m.

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FBI Takes Down Moobot Botnet Used By Russian Military Hackers To Target US Government

WASHINGTON DC - The FBI took down a botnet of small office/home office (SOHO) routers used by Russia's Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) to proxy malicious traffic and to target the United States and its allies in spearphishing and credential theft attacks. This network of hundreds of Ubiquiti Edge OS routers infected with Moobot

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An Ancient Tomb Revealed A Potent Surprise: 17th Century Bones Contained THC

NEW YORK - Marijuana was popular enough centuries ago that it became part of peoples’ bones. And now there’s scientific research to prove it. Researchers in Italy recently detected traces of Delta-9 THC and CBD—both from the cannabis plant—in bone samples dating back to the 1600s. “This study reports the first physical evidence of cannabis use

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U.S. Workforce Has More Employees Over 65 Than Ever Before, Could Drive Profits

CALIFORNIA - The graying of the U.S. workforce is gaining momentum. A Pew Research survey found nearly a fifth of Americans age 65 and older were employed in 2023, nearly double the three decades prior. Employees 55 and older will constitute over a quarter of the global workforce by 2031, according to an analysis from Bain & Co. last

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January Michigan Cannabis Sales Top $242 Million, Big Drop From Record-Breaking December

LANSING - Michigan January cannabis sales totaled $242,812,694, according to the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, with $240,289,360 for adult-use sales, and just $2,523,333 sold to medical marijuana patients. The January total represented a big drop from the record-breaking $280 million sold in December, but still higher than the $207 million sold in January 2023. Michigan collected

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Internet Bills Could Increase For 937,000 Michigan Households Soon

LANSING - A federal program that helps 937,000 Michigan households pay their internet bills has frozen new applications and could end this spring. Created in 2021, the $14 billion Affordable Connectivity Program provides discounted internet to 22 million low-income households across the country. But the one-time funding allocation is expected to be depleted in April with

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$7,500 EV Tax Credit Available Before Tax Season

WASHINGTON DC - Consumers no longer have to wait to file their annual tax returns to get a tax break for the purchase of a new electric vehicle. At the start of 2024, the federal “new clean vehicle” tax credit became available as a point-of-sale discount — worth up to $7,500 — at car dealerships.

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