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1,000-Foot Floating Multi-Turbine Unit Could Power 80,000 homes

NORWAY - Norwegian company Wind Catching Systems (WCS) has developed an innovative floating wind farm technology that features multiple smaller turbines mounted on a grid. The 1,000-foot-tall unit is designed to float in deep waters, where winds are stronger and turbines can perform more rotations per minute, generating more energy. The company claims that its

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$22,000 Plus Startup Support Available Through Michigan Educational Innovation Contest

LANSING — Michigan residents with an interest in education or technology are encouraged to submit their ideas for improving teaching and learning in the second annual Michigan EdTech Innovation Pitch Contest & Bootcamp by May 14, 2023. Through a partnership between Michigan Virtual, Spartan Innovations, a subsidiary of MSU Research Foundation, and Michigan State’s Burgess

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The Case For How Artificial Intelligence Might Extinguish Humanity

NEW YORK - This is not the first time humanity has stared down the possibility of extinction due to its technological creations. But the threat of AI is very different from the nuclear weapons we've learned to live with. Nukes can't think. They can't lie, deceive or manipulate. They can't plan and execute. Somebody has

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Monroe Street Fair April 1 Ann Arbor Update

ANN ARBOR - The Monroe Street Fair returns to the Ann Arbor Hash Bash to continue its two decade run. Co-founder Charlie Strackbein talks about what attendees can see at the Fair that includes dozens of cannabis vendor booths, non profits, and more. Food trucks and portable potties also meet attendees needs on both ends.

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JPMorgan To Let Customers Pay With Their Face Or Palm Instead Of Credit Card

NEW YORK - JPMorgan Chase & Co. is planning to test new technology that would let consumers pay with their palms or faces at certain US merchants. The bank, home to one of the world’s biggest payment-processing businesses, plans to roll out the service to its broader base of US merchant clients if the pilot program goes

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“Terminator” Plot? Gates Said AI Could Decide Humans A Threat And Turn On Us

SEATTLE - Artificial Intelligence is taking all our jobs and it seems like new uses for the emerging tech are found every day, but an ominous threat has been issued by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. He said he was "excited" and "inspired" by advancements in artificial intelligence which if used for "good" could boost education, healthcare, business

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Chevy Bolt EV To Overtake Ford Mustang Mach-E In Sales

DETROIT - The Chevy Bolt EUV makes a strange rival to the Ford Mustang Mach-E. But make no mistake — these two EVs are taking the age-old Ford vs. Chevy battle to an electrifyingly new level. No, the Bolt EUV can’t compete with the Mustang Mach-E in performance. You won’t see the cute subcompact SUV beat its bigger, faster

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MPSC Approves Larger Power Outage Credits, New Standards For Electric Grid

LANSING - The Michigan Public Service Commission today gave final approval to a series of significant changes that will increase power outage credits for customers and strengthen rules and technical standards for regulated utilities as the MPSC continues its work to improve the reliability of Michigan’s electric grid. The MPSC’s order March 24 in Case

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May Mobility Launches Third Generation Autonomous Driving System

ANN ARBOR–Autonomous driving developer May Mobility has launched its third-generation autonomous driving system, which the company described as “another significant step on the path to driverless commercial operations that will improve safety, efficiency and rider satisfaction. Improvements include increased speed, tele-assist capabilities and improved detection accuracy.” The company said its new autonomy system includes its

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Study: Electrical GRID Can Not Accommodate Rapid Growth Of EVs

DETROIT - With many Americans looking to make the change from gas-powered vehicles, experts are studying whether the current infrastructure would be able to maintain an influx of electrical vehicles. A new study says the already challenged system wouldn't be able to adapt. The study, conducted by iSeeCars.com, suggests that the current trend could place

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