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Matt Roush, a former business and technology journalist for such publications as the Traverse City Record Eagle, Crain's Detroit Business and WWJ News Radio's GLTR, is now Director of Media Relations and Managing Editor, University News Bureau. He also is editor of the Engineering Society of Detroit's Technology Century website, plus a co-host of M2 TechCast on the PodcastDetroit Network.

Grand Rapids, Detroit Among Top Superstar Metro Areas Nationwide

LANSING—In Reuters’ recent ranking of 378 metropolitan areas by how their share of national employment changed from 2010 to 2017, Grand Rapids and Detroit are recognized among the top 20 “superstar” metro areas nationwide, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced. Fully 40 percent of the new jobs generated nationally during that time went to the top 20 places, along

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LLamasoft Announces Partnership With JD Logistics

ANN ARBOR—LLamasoft, a developer of supply chain design and modeling software, announced a strategic partnership with JD Logistics, the logistics arm of, China’s largest retailer. Through the partnership, JD Logistics will exclusively deliver and integrate LLamasoft’s solutions as part of its existing service and technology offerings to select manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers in

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UM Study: Asian Carp Can Survive In Larger Areas Of Lake Michigan

ANN ARBOR—Asian carp are capable of surviving and growing in much larger portions of Lake Michigan than scientists previously believed and present a high risk of becoming established, according to a new modeling study from University of Michigan researchers and their colleagues. Some previous studies suggested that low food levels in Lake Michigan could be

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UM-Led Group Gets $20 Million Federal Agreement For Estuary Research

ANN ARBOR—A collaborative, multisector team, led by the University of Michigan’s Water Center at the Graham Sustainability Institute and its School for Environment and Sustainability, has been awarded a five-year, $20 million cooperative agreement to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in overseeing research at a nationwide network of 29 coastal reserves. Other team

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LTU Unveils eSports Arena

SOUTHFIELD—Lawrence Technological University has turned a former meeting room into a high-tech haven for video game players in a fast-growing student competition called eSports. The new LTU eSports arena features 12 custom-built gaming computers with 4K monitors, a coach’s station, and a 4K big-screen TV for spectators to watch—and for players to go over game

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Cybercrime Support Networks Gets $400,000 Gift

ANN ARBOR—The Cybercrime Support Network, the national voice of cybercrime and online fraud victims, received a gift of $400,000 from Craig Newmark Philanthropies, the organization of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. With this donation, in addition to $148,000 gifted by Newmark in 2018, CSN can continue to expand its efforts to aid consumers and small businesses that are affected by cybercrime in

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UM Study: Investing In Energy Storage For Solar, Wind Power Could Greatly Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ANN ARBOR—Drive through nearly any corner of America long enough and giant solar farms or rows of wind turbines come into view, all with the goal of increasing the country’s renewable energy use and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But what some may not realize is at times these renewable energy sources can produce more power

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US Signal Adds Disaster Recovery As A Service For VMware

GRAND RAPIDS—The data center and connectivity services provider US Signal announced general availability of DRaaS for VMware, its new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution running on VMware technologies. Powered by VMware vCloud Availability, the offering is a unified solution built to offer simple, more secure, and cost-effective onboarding, migration, and disaster recovery services for multi-tenant

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LTU Physics Prof Wins Federal Grant To Model Subatomic Particle Properties

SOUTHFIELD—A Lawrence Technological University physics professor has won a three-year, $179,997 grant from the National Science Foundation to model the behavior of superheated “soups” of subatomic particles that were formed in the earliest moments after the Big Bang. The ultimate goal, according to George Moschelli, assistant professor of physics in the LTU College of Arts

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‘Priceline Of Pot’ Expanding Into Michigan

DENVER—Leafbuyer Technologies, a Denver, Colo.-based  cannabis technology and marketing platform, announced Friday that the company has begun expansion into the Michigan medical and developing recreational cannabis market. Leafbuyer Technologies is a multi-platform cannabis technology company connecting consumers with dispensaries and product companies through online, loyalty, print, and in-person initiatives., known as the “Priceline of Pot.”

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