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New Tesla Paper Touts New Battery Technology As Electric Vehicle Range Extender

SAN FRANCISCO - Tesla, through its research arm in Canada, has published the results of research on Hybrid Lithium-Ion/Lithium Metal Cells, which can be used to create what can be best described as all-electric cars with a range extender. Typically, when we talk about electric vehicles with a range extender, we are talking about a battery-powered

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Auto Supplier GHSP Debuts Ultra-Violet Light For Emergency Vehicles To Kill Coronavirus

GRAND HAVEN – Auto supplier GHSP on Thursday announced it has launched a new line of UV-C treatment products aimed at killing the COVID-19 virus for use in emergency services vehicles. The ESP200, ESP400, ESS200 and ESS400 are the first products to be launched under the company’s grēnlite brand and bring with them industry firsts for mobile UV-C

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Update: Restarting Automotive Manufacturing After the Coronavirus Pandemic

ANN ARBOR - As the coronavirus crisis continues to disrupt the global economy, North American vehicle sales have dropped sharply, and production has come to a nearly complete stop. Given the complexity of automotive manufacturing, the tremendous capital required to restart production, and the industry’s deep global supply chains, resuming vehicle production in North America

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Bollinger Motors To Build Electric Chassis Cab Truck

FERNDALE—Bollinger Motors, the electric truck developer, Thursday announced plans to manufacture and sell an all-electric chassis cab truck called the B2 Chassis Cab. The company says the truck is the world’s first and only Class 3 all-electric chassis-cab truck platform, and it offers unlimited work truck variants. (Class 3 trucks have a total weight limit

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FCC, Auto Industry Fight Over Vehicle-to-Everything Communication

DETROIT - The auto industry is promising to dramatically expand “vehicle-to-everything” communication technology, but only if the Federal Communication Commission rolls back its decision to take away the current airwaves dedicated to that technology. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology is expected to increase road safety by allowing vehicles to communicate with one another, as well as smart

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J.D. Power Survey: Consumers Skeptical Of Autonomous Cars, EVs

TROY—Consumer confidence in future mobility technologies lags far behind automakers’ plans to bring self-driving and battery-electric vehicles to the marketplace, according to the J.D. Power 2020 Q1 Mobility Confidence Index Study, released Tuesday, April 21. The Mobility Confidence Index for self-driving vehicles decreased for the first time, to 35 from 36 on a 100-point scale—for

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Manufacturers Association Seeks $1.4 Trillion Loan Fund To Provide Liquidity During Public Health Crisis

WASHINGTON DC – The National Association of Manufacturers is calling for additional aggressive actions from the federal government to help the industry respond to COVID-19 and future public health emergencies by creating a $1.4 trillion loan fund to provide liquidity to manufacturers and small business. Among the additional actions in the NAM’s updated and expanded

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GM Claims Battery Tech Is The ‘Android’ To Tesla’s ‘iPhone’ Batteries

DETROIT - Amidst Tesla’s dominance in the electric vehicle market, General Motors has claimed that its new battery design could help it catch up to, or even surpass, the Elon Musk-led company within a few years. It appears that GM truly believes its batteries could dent Tesla’s industry dominance, similar to how Android devices gained

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American Center For Mobility Breaks Ground On Event Center

YPSILANTI – The American Center for Mobility broke ground at its Willow Run site on an event center that will accommodate up to 500 people and several vehicles inside the 8,000 square-foot space. The event center will be co-located within the ACM’s smart city test center, providing space for automotive, mobility and technology companies to

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AT&T To Build 5G Network At American Center For Mobility

 YPSILANTI - American Center for Mobility and AT&T are extending their collaboration to speed development of connected and automated vehicle technologies. AT&T, founding network provider since 2017, has worked with the ACM to build out a private 4G LTE cellular network covering the test environment at the 500-acre automotive proving ground. This has enabled flexibility

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