Ford, Walmart To Launch Autonomous Vehicle Delivery Service

DEARBORN—Ford Motor Co., Walmart, and a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based autonomous vehicle company called Argo AI are working together to launch an autonomous vehicle delivery service in Miami, Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. — Walmart’s first multi-city autonomous delivery collaboration in the United States. The last mile delivery service will use Ford self-driving test vehicles equipped with

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West Michigan Startup Plans Subscription-Based Home Battery, Electric Vehicle Charging System

GRAND HAVEN — A West Michigan-based startup in the early stages of raising capital wants to lower the cost of and better manage energy storage and electric vehicle charging in homes.Founded last year by Joshua Bylsma, Tradion LLC seeks to integrate recycled batteries with home electric vehicle charging stations to better manage when electricity is pulled

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Car Sales, Shipping Startup To Exhibit At Motor Bella

PONTIAC—Earlier this year, the Detroit Auto Dealers Association announced a “bridge to the future” auto-centric event called Motor Bella, to take place Sept. 21-26, at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac. The event brings next-generation mobility, vehicle debuts and innovative auto technologies. Sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corp., Motor Bella holds a two-day Automobili-D Technology

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J.D. Power Finds Auto Satisfaction Stalled

ANN ARBOR—Customer satisfaction with the auto industry is stuck in neutral. Overall customer satisfaction with automobiles and light vehicles is unchanged with a score of 78 out of 100, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index Automobile Study 2020-2021. European manufacturers maintained their lead over Asian and U.S. cars with a steady ACSI score of 79.

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Eaton’s Offers Range Of Differentials For electric Vehicles

GALESBURG - Power management company Eaton announced its Vehicle Group has launched an extensive lineup of specialized differentials for electrified vehicles with comparable performance to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. The passenger vehicle market is increasingly transitioning to electrified vehicles (EVs), and Eaton has the expertise and experience to provide the solution EV manufacturers need.

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How To Double Electric Vehicle Charge Points Overnight? EV Charge Point Sharing!

DETROIT - There are currently around 39,000 public electric vehicle charge points available in the UK and over 400,000 home chargers. By sharing even a fraction of them via Community Charging, electric vehicle uptake can be transformed. Co Charger – rapid expansion and making electric vehicle charger sharing a reality Community Charging is the utilization

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Survey Of Public Charging For EVs Shows Room For Improvement

TROY—While most electric vehicle owners primarily charge their vehicles at home, public charging is a significant part of the EV ownership experience. Owners’ ability to recharge their vehicle’s battery is a key factor in the broader adoption of EVs, particularly among those who can’t install a private home charger or don’t have access to residential

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Mazda Is Reportedly Developing A Hydrogen-Burning Rotary Engine

TOKYO - Mazda's pledge to release more electric vehicles might not signal the end of its celebrated rotary engine. The firm is reportedly developing a hydrogen-burning Wankel that could be used to power a successor to the RX-8. Without citing sources, Japanese magazine Best Car wrote that Mazda has never fully stopped developing the rotary engine. It significantly scaled back the program after production

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Auto Suppliers Weigh Paths Forward In An Increasingly Electrified Market

TRAVERSE CITY  - Magna International Inc. CEO Seetarama Kotagiri got right to the point in discussing the implications of an increasingly electrified vehicle fleet on the global automotive supply chain. Speaking as a keynote at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) Management Briefing Seminars last week, Kotagiri started detailing the issue almost immediately as he took

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