Why Facebook, Instagram, What’s App and Oculus Crashed On Monday

SAN FRANCISCO - Why the Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus outage knocked every corner of Mark Zuckerberg’s empire offline on Monday. It’s a social media blackout that can most charitably be described as “thorough” and seems likely to prove particularly tough to fix. Facebook itself has not confirmed the root cause of its woes, but

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Cyber Patriot Program Goes international – Tamara Shoemaker Provides Details

ANN ARBOR - Tamara Shoemaker, who leads the Michigan Cyber Patriot program, joins MITech TV co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to update the Cyber Patriot program, talk about her new join leading the cybersecurity team at Auto-ISAC, and an auto cyber training program in mid October. Cyber Patriot's Mission is to increase the number

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Michigan Virtual Cyber Summit Oct 21 – Registration Free

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Chief Security Officer Laura Clark provides details on the Michigan Virtual Cyber Summit scheduled for Oct. 21. COVID-19 has again forced Gov. Whitmer to cancel plans for hundreds of cyber professionals to meet at the TCF Center in Detroit. But the upside is much of the program will be available on-demand

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Text Phone Hack Against Your iPhone And Android

ANN ARBOR - The latest hack making the rounds is one where the attacker sends a text message to your iPhone or Android, click on the message and malware is downloaded giving the bad guys full control of your mobile device. Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon provides all the details on this malware and others to

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2021 Virtual Michigan Cyber Summit Announced For Oct. 21

LANSING - The 2021 Michigan Cyber Summit (formerly the North American International Cyber Summit) is scheduled for Oct. 21. The full-day virtual conference is not only free to attend, but also virtual. This event, now in its tenth year, will bring together experts to provide timely content and address a variety of cybersecurity issues impacting

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Apple Patches NSO Zero-Day Flaw Affecting All Devices

CUPERTINO, Ca. - Apple has released security updates for a zero-day vulnerability that affects every iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Citizen Lab, which discovered the vulnerability and was credited with the find, urges users to immediately update their devices. The technology giant said iOS 14.8 for iPhones and iPads, as well as new updates for

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Cryptocurrency Hacking Through SIM Swapping, Explained By Dan Lohrmann

ANN ARBOR - Cryptocurrency is becoming a major new way of doing business around the world. But it also has become the target for hackers who have found a way to beat the cybersecurity protocols through a procedure called SIM swapping. Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann, a vice president at Security Mentor, explains how the hack

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SIM Swapping Is A Growing Cyber Threat — Here’s Help

LANSING - A CNBC story last week led with this headline: “Coinbase slammed for what users say is terrible customer service after hackers drain their accounts.” Here’s an excerpt: “For Tanja Vidovic, it was a moment of panic: She had received a series of alerts about someone changing access to her cryptocurrency account. And she realized,

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Coinbase Slammed For Terrible Customer Service After Hackers Drain Their Accounts

NEW YORK - For Tanja Vidovic, it was a moment of panic: She had received a series of alerts about someone changing access to her cryptocurrency account. And she realized, as she stared at her computer screen, that nearly all of her $168,000 in holdings was gone — vanished before her eyes. She was stunned.

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Google, Amazon, Microsoft Unveil Massive Cybersecurity Initiatives After White House Meeting

WASHINGTON DC - The heads of Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM are among the business leaders that met with President Joe Biden at the White House on Wednesday to discuss how the government and private sector can work together to improve the nation's cybersecurity, according to a senior administration official. "Most of our critical

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