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We Must Address Both A Shortage And Lack Of Diversity In The Cybersecurity Workforce

DETROIT - Education provides a funnel where what we really need is a firehose to meet the demand for properly trained and educated cybersecurity workers -.  What do I mean by “Properly trained and Educated”? We need to get up-to-speed on what is necessary to be successful in real cybersecurity careers today. Every employee in

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Michigan Announces Virtual 2020 North American International Cyber Summit

LANSING - The 2020 North American International Cyber Summit, scheduled for Oct. 7-8, will be completely virtual and fully interactive, delivering all the benefits of an in-person event, while ensuring the health and safety of our presenters and participants. Also new this year, registration is free for all participants. In the ninth year of the

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Richard Stiennon Describes The Latest Cybersecurity Threats

ANN ARBOR - Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon joins MITech TV once again to update the latest cyber threats plaguing the world. Richard writes for Forbes magazine and is the author of "There Will Be Cyberwar," a book that show how the Chinese military could quickly defeat the US military in a war by disabling electronic

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Weather Channel’s Location Data Settlement Doesn’t Mean Much For Your Privacy

 LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles city attorney on Wednesday announced a settlement with the Weather Channel over a lawsuit claiming the company's app gathered millions of people's location data without properly disclosing that the sensitive information was shared with advertisers. The office considered the settlement a major privacy win, as it will now require The Weather Channel

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How Has COVID Impacted The Cyber Patriot Program?

ANN ARBOR - Tamara Shoemaker, who runs the Michigan Cyber Patriot program for grade school students, discusses how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the program aimed at teaching cyber security skills. Shoemaker serves as the director for University of Detroit Mercy's Center for Cyber Security & Intelligence Studies. Since becoming director in 2015, Shoemaker has led

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America’s Education System To Take A Follow-Up Course On Cyber Hygiene

AUSTIN, Texas - According to Microsoft's Global Threat Activity tracker, 61 percent (nearly 4.8 million) of malware encounters reported within the past 30 days took aim at the education sector, making it the most affected industry. The business and professional services sector came in second with just under 1 million incidents. Data from the K–12

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Could The Election Be Hacked? Election Security Now Top Priority

LANSING - Back in the spring of 2016, this blog asked the rhetorical question, “Could the election be hacked?” The response: most people, including industry experts at the time, either ignored, mocked or laughed at the suggestion.  But after the events of the past few years, no one is laughing now at the potential for

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How To Work Remotely And Securely Without Letting The Hackers In

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Chief Information Security Officer Dan Lohrmann joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan to explain how all the new remote workers can connect to their office networks with letting the hackers inside. Lohrmann now works for Security Mentor. Dan Lohrmann Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer at Security Mentor

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