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Zoombombing: What It Is, How To Prevent It In Zoom Video Chat

SAN FRANCISCO - Video-conferencing software Zoom has been drawing attention from researchers and journalists lately for a number of potential privacy and security issues, as use of the platform surges due to an increase in coronavirus-related remote working. One of the biggest security issues facing Zoom is the surge in "Zoombombing," when uninvited attendees break into

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Michigan State Treasurer Warns Taxpayers About Coronavirus Phishing Scams

LANSING - Michigan State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks issued an urgent reminder to be aware of phishing emails sent by scammers seeking to obtain the personal information and the hard-earned money of Michigan’s taxpayers.  Similar to the phishing scam that targeted the Michigan’s Attorney General yesterday, Michigan Department of Treasury staff members were subjected to a

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BGN Technologies Debuts All-Optical Stealth Encryption Technology

TEL AVIV – BGN Technologies, the technology-transfer company of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, introduced the first all-optical “stealth” encryption technology that will be significantly more secure and private for highly sensitive cloud-computing and data center network transmission. “Today, information is still encrypted using digital techniques, although most data is transmitted over distance using

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Backed By $5 Million Investment, UV Angel Advances New Technology

GRAND HAVEN — A $5 million private equity investment supports UV Angel’s move toward the marketplace with a new product that cleans the air in hospitals and other facilities. Coming to market this spring, UV Angel Air uses the Grand Haven-based company’s ultraviolet light technology in ceiling light fixtures. Air goes in one side of the fixtures,

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Grand Rapids’ US Signal Releases State Of The Data Center

GRAND RAPIDS - Security and compliance, backup and disaster recovery and network availability are the top factors for the majority of U.S.-based IT decision-makers when choosing a third-party data center provider, a new survey from US Signal reported. 2020 State of Data Center Offerings’ survey - data derived from 110 U.S.-based IT decision-makers - found

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Michigan’s Top Cybersecurity Official Highlights State’s Practices To U.S. Senate Committee

WASHINGTON - The state of Michigan’s Chief Security Officer Chris DeRusha shared how the Great Lakes State collaborates with public and private sectors on cybersecurity to keep citizens’ data safe in a daunting digital environment to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs today.  DeRusha talked about the many facets of the state’s cyber defenses and described the close collaboration between the Department of Technology, Management & Budget, the Michigan State Police, and

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What Will We Learn from the Iowa Caucus App Fiasco

LANSING - Sometimes, it takes an unexpected headline story with perceived crisis-level impacts to get the world’s collective attention and action on an important matter. This point has been made (and repeated) many times by well-known people in various ways and circumstances across different generations. Remember the line: “A crisis is a terrible thing to

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Report: Inside Cybersecurity Remediation Cost Organizations $11.45 Million

SUNNYVALE, Calif -  Organizations spent $11.45 million annually on Insider cybersecurity threat remediation that took 77 days to contain, a new report contends. Proofpoint, a leading cybersecurity and compliance company, today released its Cost of Insider Threats 2020 Global Report. The report, commissioned with The Ponemon Institute and co-sponsored by IBM, surveyed nearly 1,000 IT

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