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Cyber Risk Insurance – Does Your Company Have The Right Plan In Place?

LANSING - How does your company use technology in its day-to-day operations?  If you are like most, you buy and sell products or raw materials, intellectual property is stored on-line, you communicate with customers and vendors and promoting your business via social media are simply part of your day.  Unfortunately, each of these actions provides

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Duo Security Names Welch President, COO

ANN ARBOR – The Ann Arbor cybersecurity products and services developer Duo Security has named veteran technology industry executive Welch as its president and chief operating officer. Duo officials said Welch brings more than 25 years of experience to Duo after holding successful senior leadership positions with technology giants such as Zscaler, HP, Symantec, and

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U-M Researchers Building System To Keep Confidential Data In Trustworthy Hands

ANN ARBOR—When news of the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke, 87 million Facebook users learned that their personal data was obtained and used by a British research firm to influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Many were left wondering how data accessed by established researchers could have been used inappropriately and

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North Korea is using Microsoft, Apple, Samsung tech in cyberattacks

SAN FRANCISCO - Researchers at Recorded Future, a threat intelligence company, said in a report Wednesday that North Korean hackers have used technology from Microsoft, Apple and Samsung to carry out cyberattacks. The isolated country has been behind major cyberattacks, including the 2017 WannaCry ransomware assault, which locked up thousands of computers across 150 countries and ensnared hospitals, universities and airports

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Duo Security Names Chief Marketing Officer

ANN ARBOR — Cybersecurity provider Duo Security announced this week that Neville Letzerich has been named chief marketing officer, in what some expert contend is more proof the Ann Arbor Unicorn is preparing for an Initial Public Offering. Company officials said Letzerich brings 20 years of executive experience heading global marketing teams and elevating industry-leading

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Red Level’s Dreyer Explains Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Plus Security Platform

ROYAL OAK - How do you secure your data with Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility plus Security platform? Red Level Senior Consultant Mark Dreyer explains in this M2 TechCast interview. In this podcast, Dreyer explains what EMS is and what it can do for businesses. He says from past conversations with clients they want to get connected

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Report: Russian Malware Infects Half Million Routers, Network Devices In 54 Countries

SAN FRANCISCO - More than half a million routers and network devices in 54 countries have been infected with sophisticated malware, researchers from Cisco's Talos Intelligence Group warn. The malware, which the security researchers are calling VPNFilter, contains a killswitch for routers, can steal logins and passwords, and can monitor industrial control systems.  An attack

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Duo Report Reveals Spike In Workers On Unsecured Networks

ANN ARBOR — Duo Security, the Ann Arbor-based provider of cybersecurity products and services, has released its third annual Duo Trusted Access Report, a look at the security state of the employees, contractors, devices and applications that make up the IT environments of Duo’s more than 10,000 customers worldwide. The 2018 report analyzes nearly 11

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If You Do Business In Europe, European Union General Data Protection Regs Apply

ROYAL OAK - If you have a business that sells to clients in the European Union, you’re going to have to deal with a new regulation that starts May 25 requiring companies to protect the personal data and information of EU residents. Richard Stiennon, a cybersecurity expert from IT-Harvest in Birmingham, explains what this new

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Facebook Disabled 583 Million Fake Accounts During First Three Months Of 2018

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA. - Facebook released its Community Standards Enforcement Report said the social network disabled about 583 million fake accounts during the first three months of this year -- the majority of which, it said, were blocked within minutes of registration. That's an average of over 6.5 million attempts to create a fake account every day

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