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The 10 Most Important Cyberattacks Of The Decade

SAN FRANCISCO - Since 2010, billions of sensitive files, personal information and account details have been leaked thanks to devastating hacks and damaging breaches. As more sensitive personal data has made its way online, the size and impact of breaches has steadily increased throughout the decade. Attacks have hit almost every sector and show no

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Davenport University Expands Employment Guarantee Program To Include Cyber Defense

GRAND RAPIDS - Davenport University is expanding its employment guarantee program to students earning a cyber defense degree. The Davenport University Employment Guarantee assures students they will find employment within six months of graduating or they earn an additional 48 credits tuition-free. "We have an obligation in higher education that the investment our students make

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Nuspire Hires Dunsworth As CEO

COMMERCE TWP.–Nuspire, a managed security services provider, has hired Lewie Dunsworth as the company’s CEO. Saylor Frase, Nuspire’s previous CEO, now serves as chairman of the board. “After a long, extensive nation-wide search, we are incredibly fortunate to bring on board someone as well suited and talented as Lewie Dunsworth,” said Brian St. Jean, Nuspire

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Lock Down Your Gmail Account With Advanced Protection Program

SAN FRANCISCO - You keep a lot of sensitive information in your Google account -- bank account balances, email addresses and phone numbers, pictures of your face, your friends' faces, your family. If you want to protect that sensitive data with the highest level of security you can get, you'll want to take a look at

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Michigan Security Company Identifies ‘Emotet’ As Top Threat

COMMERCE TWP.—The latest Quarterly Threat Landscape report from the managed security services provider Nuspire identified Emotet as the most prevalent activity in the botnet, malware and exploit world in the third quarter, with a 730 percent increase in activity in September after being in a near dormant state. Emotet, a modular banking Trojan, has added

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Estonian Team Wins International Cyber Exercise During Cyber Summit

DETROIT - The Michigan National Guard and the Michigan Cyber Range hosted an International Cyber Exercise on October 28 as part of the state’s North American International Cyber Summit. Ten teams from six countries and five states competed in an all-out, fast paced cyber exercise that resembles the physical game of paintball. And the team

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Okemos High School wins Governor’s High School Cyber Challenge

DETROIT - Students from Okemos High School were crowned champions of the 2019 Governor’s High School Cyber Challenge. The top ten teams competed in the final round of the competition today at the North American International Cyber Summit. In the fourth year of the competition, 218 teams consisting of 654 students from all corners of

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Cyber Summit Theme: Taking The Lead – Collaborating to Solve National Cyber Security Problems

DETROIT -  The theme for The North American International Cyber Summit on Oct. 28 is "Taking the Lead: Collaborating to Solve National Cyber Security Problems" – Building partnerships and balancing competition and information sharing for improved security.  This theme will highlight Michigan’s innovations and accomplishments to provide thought leadership on collaborative initiatives. The agenda for

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