The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

U.S., China Ahead of Europe In AI, New Report Shows

WASHINGTON—As nations race to achieve a global advantage in artificial intelligence, a new report from the Center for Data Innovation finds the United States leads in AI, with China coming in second—notwithstanding significant efforts to close the gap and dominate the field—and the European Union lagging behind. However, China’s bold AI initiatives are poised to

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Global Auto Mobility Interview: The Importance Of IoT To Michigan

ROYAL OAK - Monish Jirge, host of Rebound Detroit, explains the Importance of the IoT ecosystem in Southeast Michigan and it’s impact on Michigan economy, in this interview with Global Auto Mobility Publisher Dan Keelan.  

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GVSU Offers Middle School Girls Science Tech, And Engineering Day Camps

GRAND RAPIDS - Middle school girls from West Michigan and Battle Creek will delve into engineering and science concepts and gain hands-on experience at the annual STEPS Camp offered at Grand Valley State University in June. This is the 18th year Grand Valley has hosted the Science Technology and Engineering Preview Summer (STEPS) day camp

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123Net’s Chuck Irvin Announces The 1000th Lit Building For Internet Provider

ROYAL OAK - Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development, announced a major milestone for 123Net - the data center provider has lit its 1000th building, meaning that all the other businesses in these buildings now can tap into 123Net's fiber and its Carrier Hotel for a host of data and voice services.

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The Necessity of Virtual Private Networks

Internet became one of the most innovative technologies introduced in the 20th century. It gave people an opportunity to access various content from different places. When the user navigates in the internet, he hardly thinks he is in danger due to the seeming anonymity. However, he is. The hackers today can easily get the information

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3D Printing Manufacturer Gets FDA Clearance For Heart Procedure Help

PLYMOUTH — Materialise, the Belgian developer of software and services for the 3D printing industry with its North American headquarters in Plymouth, announced that it has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for its Mimics Enlight cardiovascular planning software suite. The first release will support clinicians planning complex transcatheter mitral valve replacement

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Dominic Serra Announces Metro Wireless Expansion Into Metro Detroit

ROYAL OAK - Metro Wireless President Dominic Serra joins Matt and Mike on M2 Techcast to talk about his company's expansion into more areas of metro Detroit. Metro Wireless provides very high speed backup connections for businesses that can't rely on just one Internet connection.  

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Internet Advisor Co-Host Thomas Updates Radio Show, Talks IoT Impact On Networks

ROYAL OAK - WJR Internet Advisor Co-host Caston Thomas talks about his technology-focused radio show and, as a cybersecurity specialist, describes how networks are changing as a result of the Internet of Things.

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Study: Mismanagement Of AI, Machine Learning Opens Company’s To Financial Damages

ROYAL OAK - Anderson Economic Group’s Patrick Anderson explains a new study that demonstrates the potential for substantial financial damages for businesses from the mismanagement and misuse of AI and Machine Learning.

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Airfoil Group Report: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning To Transform Michigan Businesses

ROYAL OAK - Most trends focus on the year ahead, but truly transformative technology takes time to take hold.  In Airfoil Group’s Tech Trends Report, the strategic communications company shares insights on the emerging and maturing technologies that will transform businesses and markets in the years to come.  Highlights include: The Battle Between "Smart" &

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