The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

UNESCO Adopts First Global Agreement On Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence

PARIS – Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO presented late last month the first global standard on the ethics of artificial intelligence adopted by the member states of UNESCO at the General Conference. This historical text defines the common values and principles which will guide the construction of the necessary legal infrastructure to ensure the healthy

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Meet The Woman Who Will Bring Back Net Neutrality

WASHINGTON DC - Long before the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of children to attend school via the internet, Jessica Rosenworcel was sounding the alarm about US students who lacked access to broadband. Rosenworcel, who has served as acting chair of the Federal Communications Commission over the past 10 months, coined the term "homework gap" in a 2014 Miami

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SyBridge Renames Subsidiaries And Launches ‘IoT Cloud’

SOUTHFIELD—SyBridge Technologies, an aggregator of toolmaking and moldmaking companies, announced today the renaming of its subsidiary companies to SyBridge Technologies. The name change reflects the Company’s broad, technology-enabled capability set and solutions offerings to our customers within the mobility, life sciences, technology, and services sectors. In conjunction with universal rebranding, the SyBridge IoT Cloud, announced

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123NET Surpasses 2,500 Lit Building Milestone

SOUTHFIELD – 123NET said it has completed high-speed fiber connections to 2,500 commercial buildings in the state, after achieving 2000 fiber lit buildings just six months ago. 123NET continues to invest heavily in its network infrastructure to help achieve its goal of making Michigan “the best-connected state.” The company has been aggressively connecting buildings with

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Chicago PE Company Acquires 3 Grand Rapids Manufacturers Amid Industry 4.0 Push

GRAND RAPIDS — Chicago-based private equity firm CORE Industrial Partners LLC has acquired three Grand Rapids businesses to form a new additive manufacturing platform. The trio of companies includes 3DXTECH LLC and Triton 3D LLC, both of which provide 3D printing filaments and filament services. CORE also acquired Gearbox 3D LLC, which offers its clients industrial grade, open-source 3D printing machines.

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Facebook Renames Itself Meta Amid Controversy Sparked By Whistle Blowers

SAN FRANCISCO - Facebook said Thursday it's rebranding itself as Meta to reflect the company's focus on building the metaverse, a virtual world where people work, play, learn and connect with their friends and family. Meta will be a new corporate brand that will preside over Facebook and its services including photo app Instagram, messaging app WhatsApp and its virtual and augmented reality

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Biden’s FCC Nominees, If Confirmed, Could Return To Net Neutrality Rules

WASHINGTON DC - President Joe Biden on Tuesday nominated Jessica Rosenworcel, the acting chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, to be the head of the agency. If she's confirmed by the Senate, she'll be the first woman to fill that role. Biden also nominated Gigi Sohn, a net neutrality advocate and a former FCC official,

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Remote-Working Jobs: Disaster Looms As Managers Refuse To Listen

SAN FRANCISCO - Business leaders are "holding on to the remnants of the past" by failing to recognize fundamental shifts in the workforce -- leaving them with a potential talent exodus on their hands. A survey of more than 10,500 knowledge workers found that many company executives continue to view the office as the nerve

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Innovation Partnerships Leads U-M Research Commercialization Efforts

ANN ARBOR - The University of Michigan has announced the launch of Innovation Partnerships, a reorganized unit that will serve as a central hub to lead research commercialization efforts, support startup company launch and growth, and create and foster corporate research alliances. The newly named Innovation Partnerships, based in the Office of the Vice President

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Industry 4.0 Campaign Launched To Support West Michigan Manufacturers

ZEELAND - Lakeshore Advantage, with support from partners at The Right Place, Greater Muskegon Economic Development, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West, and Michigan Economic Development Corporation, launched a West Michigan Industry 4.0 campaign to increase manufacturers’ smart manufacturing technology adoption readiness. Implementing Industry 4.0 technologies into operations helps manufacturers to create opportunities for improved efficiency, higher

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