The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Michigan Online Gaming Revenue Gains Momentum

DETROIT - Sports betting in the state of Michigan is now live! The very first sportsbooks started to take in-person bets in March 2020 and online sports betting options launched in January 2021. Since then, the numbers have impressed even those who were initially sceptical, or even unsupportive, of the push to legalize sports betting

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Michigan House Passes Bill To Improve Rural Internet Access

LANSING — The Michigan House has approved a bill to encourage internet companies to provide broadband access to underserved areas after the coronavirus pandemic shone a light on the need. The bill would exempt or defer select companies from paying personal property taxes on equipment for broadband access. Equity in internet access and how to fund it

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US Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Make High-Speed Internet Available To All

WASHINGTON DC - A new bill aims to make high-speed internet more accessible everywhere in the US, including far-flung locations and underserved communities. House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn has introduced the Accessible, Affordable Internet for All Act (PDF), which will spend $94 billion to ensure that unserved and persistent poverty communities have access to affordable high-speed internet.

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Michigan Work Went Remote. Businesses Now Weigh Whether They Need Offices

ANN ARBOR - After a year of employees working from home, what the office market will look like longer-term — if remote working becomes permanent — is still taking shape. So far, office lease rates are not falling and vacancies are not rising as quickly as feared, while employers weigh the value of spending time

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FCC Votes To Give Households Up To $75 Monthly Discounts For Internet

WASHINGTON DC - The Federal Communications Commission voted Friday to establish a program to offer qualified households up to a $75 monthly benefit toward broadband Internet access during the pandemic. The so-called Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is expected to be implemented within 60 days. The program will provide discounts of up to $50 a month

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Whirlpool Backs State’s 4.0 Accelerators, Including Automation Alley, Lean Rocket Lab, Centrepolis

BENTON HARBOR - As a manufacturer with a reputation for skating the cutting edge of technology, Whirlpool Corp. leverages relationships with organizations and researchers globally to uncover emerging technology capable of transforming its operations. The Benton Harbor-based appliance manufacturer can look closer to home to find these emerging technologies thanks to an Industry 4.0 accelerator program created

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MPSC Report: Number Of Cable Operators, Subscribers Continued To Decline In 2020

LANSING - The number of video and cable television operators in Michigan declined by one to 36 in 2020, and the number of subscribers fell by more than 75,000, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission’s annual Status of Competition for Video Services in Michigan report released today. The number of video/cable customers statewide declined to 1,610,279 in

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Michigan Launches Free App To Protect Mobile Devices From Cyber Threats

LANSING - The state of Michigan is now providing residents access to a free mobile application that can detect threats to their mobile devices. The Michigan Secure app alerts an individual of suspicious activity on their mobile device, allowing them to interact with the digital world with greater confidence. “Our reliance on mobile devices has

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Aligned Living Campus In Ann Arbor Offers Shared Quarters For Tech Professionals

ANN ARBOR, MI — The latest concept in rental housing for working professionals has opened its doors in Ann Arbor, with a full array of amenities for car-free, sustainable living. The 4M campus at 830 Henry St. is a 63-bed apartment building with several built-in co-working spaces, including a podcast studio, private conference rooms with teleconferencing centers,

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