Cybersecurity 101: Everything You Should Know

DETROIT - The development of cybersecurity is a complex and ongoing process. It involves the continuous evolution of technology, best practices, and procedures to protect computers, networks, and data from unauthorized access or theft. The goal of cybersecurity is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information—meaning it is just as important to implement

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Rehmann Offers Back Office Help For Businesses In Michigan, Including Cannabis

ANN ARBOR - Rehmann is more than just a big accounting company, they also offer back office assistance for businesses in all categories, including those working in the adult-use and legal cannabis sector of Michigan. Daryl Targosz from Rehmann spoke at the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association summer annual meeting last week to let Michigan's fastest

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MITechNews Editor Mike Brennan Talks Innovation With Jeff Sloan On WJR

DETROIT - On this segment of the Pre W.Smith show on WJR News Radio 760 Host Jeff Sloan gets the details from MITechNews.Com Editor Mike Brennan on what lands Michigan in 11th place for the most innovative workforce. To listen to this short interview, click on Pre W.Smith   

The Latest Trend – Quiet Quitting

LANSING - Have you heard about the latest workplace trend?  It’s called quiet quitting.  It’s when an employee makes a decision to no longer go above and beyond, and instead, do the bare minimum as entailed in their job description. Quiet quitting can take the form of turning down projects based on interest, arriving late

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Study: Weeks Of Heat Above 100F Norm In Much Of US In 30 Years

LONDON, UK - Vast swaths of the continental US will be experiencing prolonged and dangerous heatwaves by the middle of the century, with the heat index in some areas above 100F (38C) for weeks on end, according to an alarming new study published on Monday. Almost two-thirds of Americans, who live in mostly southern and

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Former Michigan Gov Rick Snyder Has Joined A Cybersecurity Startup

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder provides details on his latest company, SensCy, a cybersecurity start-up, launched July 25 to help small and medium-sized organizations through a high-tech, high-touch model. SensCy provides coaching and fractional CIOs and CISOs for a fraction of the cost of hiring these cybersecurity pros and charges a monthly

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Hydrogen Will ‘Effectively Replace Fossil Fuels’ As UK Invests In Clean Vehicles

LONDON, UK - The use of hydrogen for long-haul trucking has been supported by H2Accelerate through new research designed to evaluate the success of the fuel type in the UK. The paper sets out that larger companies like Amazon, Nestle and DB Schenker, have the potential to drive significant market demand for hydrogen trucks and the growth of the

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Traverse City New Tech Pitch Night Winner MeetingMaker

TRAVERSE CITY - In an effort to expand the inclusiveness of the event, TCNewTech opens its platform to non-tech and tech companies alike to pitch their startups to a robust TCNT audience. Five startups competed to win $500 by audience vote. Jodie Schanhals, President and Founder of MeetingMaker, LLC, won the audience’s vote after delivering the evening’s final pitch. The MeetingMaker App that Jodie developed is a mobile app helping individuals in recovery and/or required to attend court-mandated meetings. The MeetingMaker mobile app "reimagines accountability"

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