The Electronic Trading Ecosystem: Opportunities And Challenges For Traders And Investors

Electronic trading has become an integral part of the financial landscape, enabling investors and traders to connect with financial markets with ease. The electronic trading ecosystem has transformed the way capital markets operate, providing opportunities for investors to access a wider range of financial instruments, enhanced liquidity, and increased efficiency in the trading process. However,

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2023 Michigan 50 Companies To Watch Generate $453 Million In Annual Revenue

LANSING - The 2023 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch awardees are small and mighty, having generated significant economic impact across the state. In 2022, these businesses generated $453 million in total annual revenue, a 57% increase since 2021. The companies reported they had 1,439 full-time equivalent employees in 2022 and project 498 net new jobs for

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Benzinga Offers Ways To Add Gold, Non-Stock Investments To Your Portfolio

DETROIT - Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick explains how his financial news company also is working with MITechNews.Com to offer gold investor kits to buy fractional gold bars. You can find those investor guides near the bottom of MITechNews's website. Jason also has added Benzinga/ALTS where non-stock investment advice can be found as well as Benzinga/Yield

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Amway 2022 Sales Drop Due To Strong U.S. Dollar, Withdrawal From Russia

ADA — Direct-selling giant Amway Corp. reported a slight sales decline in 2022 from the prior year, citing the strength of the U.S. dollar, the sale of an affiliated nutritional supplement company and the company’s withdrawal from Russia. Excluding a strengthened exchange rate for the U.S. dollar as a result of the Fed’s response to inflation, sales

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TechTown Detroit Elects Eight To Its Board Of Directors

DETROIT – TechTown Detroit has elected eight new talented business and community leaders to its Board of Directors for three-year terms. In addition, Jamilla Thompson, partner, Business Consulting, at EY, was appointed to another one-year term as the chair of TechTown’s Executive Committee. “With a new year comes new opportunity, and we are thrilled to

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SmartFinds Marketing Named U.S. Distributor And Sales Of Globally Patented Smart Holder Product

BIRMINGHAM – Smart Holder manufacturer D.S. Holder GmbH based near Vienna, Austria, has entered a partnership with SmartFinds Marketing, a 35-year-old award-winning marketing agency from Birmingham. The Smart Holder, whose global patent was approved in December 2021, will be manufactured in the Istanbul metropolitan area in Turkiye. The Smart Holder is a quality patented and

How The Latest Trends In Casino Apps Have Improved The User Experience

Earlier, if you wanted to gamble, Walk- casinos limited to poker and blackjack were your only options. Some other games, too, if you were lucky enough, the introduction of online gambling, have changed drastically. Now going to a casino is not even a concern. In the last decade, the online gambling industry has seen a

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Last Minute Tax Advice For 2021 From Kroon & Mitchell CPAs

ANN ARBOR - Phillip Mitchell CPA, a partner in Kroon & Mitchell in Grand Rapids, provides a lot of last minute guidance on how you can reduce your 2021 taxes and maximize your retained profits. Businesses will want to watch this video interview. You can contact Phillip at KroonAndMitchell.Com

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