LLamasoft Appoints 2 To Senior Executive Positions

ANN ARBOR — Supply chain software developer LLamasoft has appointed two people to newly created senior executive positions: Sandra Moran as senior vice president and chief marketing officer, and Slimane Allab as senior vice president and general manager for the Europe-Middle East-Africa region.. In her new role, Moran will lead the global marketing organization to

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Plex Systems Rolls Out Enhancements For Manufacturing Management Software

TROY – Manufacturing Management Software Developer Plex Systems announced updates and enhancements to its software products that the company says will  improve inventory management, enable manufacturers to access and contextualize more data, and support a mobile workforce. The winter 2019 product release is now available to Plex customers, which run more than 2,000 plants in 22 countries

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Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari Outlines New Features Of MySQL 8

ROYAL OAK - Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari outlines the new features of MySQL 8 and Oracle Database 18c in this interview on M2 Techcast. Ahmed Alomari  To listen, click on More information at

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