Autonomous Vehicles

News and information about vehicles which can drive themselves without human supervision or input. Unmanned vehicles are vehicles which are either controlled remotely, or perhaps operate autonomously.

Teaching Self-Driving Cars To Predict Pedestrian Movement

ANN ARBOR – By zeroing in on humans’ gait, body symmetry and foot placement, University of Michigan researchers are teaching self-driving cars to recognize and predict pedestrian movements with greater precision than current technologies. Data collected by vehicles through cameras, LiDAR (laser-based radar) and GPS allow the researchers to capture video snippets of humans in

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123Net Partners With Telia Carrier To Meet Bandwidth Demand From Self-Driving Vehicles

SOUTHFIELD - With Michigan leading the nation with the most permissive self-driving vehicle laws in the country, 123Net has beefed up its bandwidth by partnering with Telia Carrier’s 100G-enabled number one ranked global IP backbone to meet this growing connectivity demand. 123Net, Michigan’s premier data center services provider and host of the Detroit Internet Exchange,

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Air Traffic Control For Driverless Cars Could Speed Up Deployment

ANN ARBOR—Combining human and artificial intelligence in autonomous vehicles could push driverless cars more quickly toward wide-scale adoption, University of Michigan researchers say. That’s the goal of a new project that relies on a technique called instantaneous crowdsourcing to provide a cost-effective, real-time remote backup for onboard autonomous systems without the need for a human

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Traverse Legal Expands Practice To Detroit With Focus On Autonomous Vehicles

ROYAL OAK - Traverse Legal founder Enrico Schaefer announces he has opened an office in Detroit to serve the rapidly growing market for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle startups, as well as commercial drone users.   To listen, click on More at

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IoT TechConnect April 29 Michigan Science Center – Why Your Company Needs To Get Involved

DETROIT - On April 29, MITechNews.Com will co-host IoT TechConnect 2 at the Michigan Science Center. It includes eight information tracks, a keynote from the former head of R&D at General Motors, an IoT Pitch Competition hosted by the Chinese government, 600 plus attendees projected and 80 vendors, plus a VIP reception. If your company

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Report: Self-Driving Cars Make Mistakes Because Of Limited AI Training Situations

DETROIT - Self-driving cars are still prone to making mistakes, in part because the AI training can only account for so many situations. Microsoft and MIT might just fill in those gaps in knowledge -- they've developed a model that can catch these virtual "blind spots," as MIT describes them. The approach has the AI compare a human's

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Wise Systems, WaveSense Win PlanetM Awards At Automobili-D

DETROIT – PlanetM, the state accelerator for the Michigan mobility industry, handed out two awards this week at Automobili-D, the mobility show spinout of the North American International Auto Show. Wise Systems, an autonomous dispatch and routing system for fleets, was named 2019 Techstars Startup of the Year, while WaveSense, developers of a ground-penetrating radar

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MCity To Access Autonomous Vehicle Safety Before Road Tests

ANN ARBOR – The University of Michigan’s Mcity autonomous and connected vehicle testing center announced a test track-based concept for evaluating the safety of highly automated vehicles before they’re tested on public roads that UM officials say could emerge as a model for a voluntary standard for safety testing. The project comes after two highly

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Mobility, Auto Industry To Create 100,000 Jobs – Six Times More Than College Graduates

DETROIT – Self-driving and electric cars will help create more than 100,000 mobility industry jobs in the United States in the coming decade, including up to 30,000 jobs for engineers with degrees in computer-related subjects. The demand could be as much as six times the expected number of such graduates, exacerbating the industry’s already significant

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65 Mobility Startups To Showcase Products, Services At NAIAS – Detroit Auto Show

DETROIT – Sixty five mobility startups from 10 countries will be exhibiting during the press preview and industry days at the North American International Auto Show – aka Detroit Auto Show – at the 3rd annual AutoMobili-D exposition, Jan. 14 – 17, 2019. AutoMobili-D is a 150,000 square-foot exhibition featuring a wide range of automakers, suppliers, investors and

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