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An Ancient Tomb Revealed A Potent Surprise: 17th Century Bones Contained THC

NEW YORK - Marijuana was popular enough centuries ago that it became part of peoples’ bones. And now there’s scientific research to prove it. Researchers in Italy recently detected traces of Delta-9 THC and CBD—both from the cannabis plant—in bone samples dating back to the 1600s. “This study reports the first physical evidence of cannabis use

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January Michigan Cannabis Sales Top $242 Million, Big Drop From Record-Breaking December

LANSING - Michigan January cannabis sales totaled $242,812,694, according to the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, with $240,289,360 for adult-use sales, and just $2,523,333 sold to medical marijuana patients. The January total represented a big drop from the record-breaking $280 million sold in December, but still higher than the $207 million sold in January 2023. Michigan collected

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C3 Industries Opens Its First Cannabis Dispensary In New Jersey

ANN ARBOR - Ann Arbor-based C3 Industries announced it is expanding its operational footprint with the opening of its first cannabis retail location in New Jersey, High Profile Lakehurst, and its 24th dispensary nationwide. The new dispensary location began serving cannabis consumers 21 years and older daily in-store and through its convenient online ordering, drive-thru

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Scientists Develop New Method To Test For Recent Marijuana Use With 96 Percent Accuracy

WASHINGTON DC - Scientists say they’ve identified an alternative way to test for recent marijuana use that’s significantly more accurate than standard THC blood tests that sometimes misrepresent a person’s potential impairment depending on frequently they use cannabis. And they’re actively working to build on that research with an expanded study. The initial study, which

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11 Cloud Cannabis Dispensaries Acquired By Stash Ventures

MOUNT PLEASANT - Stash Ventures has acquired the dispensaries of Troy-based Cloud Cannabis Co. in what is the first notable acquisition in the sector of 2024. Financial terms of the deal, which closed late last month, were not disclosed. Stash Ventures takes control of Cloud’s 11 dispensaries in Michigan — Ann Arbor, Detroit, Muskegon, Traverse

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Michigan Cannabis Dispensary Gets $212,000 Fine After CRA Inspectors Find Pot In The Attic

VASSAR, MI - Inspectors found a black garbage bag containing nearly 20 pounds of untagged, untracked marijuana in the attic of a marijuana shop in Tuscola County’s Vassar. That’s one of the seven violations Michigan marijuana regulators cited in a Jan. 25 statement announcing Premier Provisioning, operated by 664 Vassar LLC, must pay a $212,000

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Product Review: Ray’s Infused Lemonade

LANSING - Infused beverages are big in many states where adult-use cannabis is legal. Now one of those beverages is coming to Michigan in mid February. Ray's Infused Lemonade, in five flavors, will be on select dispensary shelves around Feb. 15, so says Anthony Freed, owner of Farm Assist LLC. Anthony works to cross sell

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Michigan December Cannabis Sales Nearly Top $280 Million, $3.08 Billion For 2023

LANSING - Michigan December cannabis sales totaled $279.9 million, up 7.5 percent from November and 26.2 percent from December 2022, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency reported. For calendar year 2023, cannabis sales generated $3.08 billion. Considering the average cost of an ounce of marijuana plummeted to $80.16 in January 2023, a steep decline from over $500

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HIBnb Seeks To Work With Cannabis-Friendly Lodging In Michigan

ANN ARBOR - If you're looking for cannabis-friendly lodging allows you to smoke cannabis without getting hassled check out The company lists homes, cabins, rooms, and much more throughout Michigan where you can rent a place and even get your pre-ordered cannabis delivered courtesy of some Michigan-based brands. In this interview, HiBnb CEO Elizabeth

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Sparx & Recreation Now Features Infused Cannabis Cooking

DETROIT - Chef Marjorie Harvey, who has been working since 2010 as a Detroit-based caterer, explains in this video interview she now spends most of her time cooking infused cannabis meals for her clients. Chef Marjorie also kicks off our new coverage at Sparx & Recreation of cannabis chefs not only in Michigan, but also

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