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True North Collective Hires Kelly Garety, Jamie Cooper For Director Positions

ANN ARBOR - True North Collective, a grower and processor, has made a couple of executive hires, Kelly Garety as Director Of Sales and Strategic Development and Jamie Cooper as Director of Marketing. Kelly previously worked for ABKO Labs; and Jamie will continue to serve as Michigan manager for Sensi Magazine. More Information at True North

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Dunegrass Seeks To Bring Cannabis Tourism To Northern Michigan

ANN ARBOR - Dunegrass Cannabis operates a half dozen dispensaries in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Now Dunegrass hopes to make its dispensaries part of its effort to generate cannabis tourism way up north. Dunegrass' Brian Buchanan provides details in this video interview on Four20 Post Live. Check out Dungrass

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Michigan Cannabis Tourism, Featured On Four20 Post Live

ANN ARBOR - Our theme for June 8 was cannabis tourism. We had Brian Buchanan from Dunegrass Co. in Northern Michigan on to talk about the new cannabis tourism advertising campaign Dunegrass has launched to attract visitors to its provisioning centers. We also had Jessica Jackson from Copper House Detroit on the show. She opened

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Dutch Group To Open Large-Scale Hemp Processing Facilities In Indiana

OUDE PEKELA, Holland - Dun Agro Hemp Group, Inc., the American corporation of the leading Dutch hemp company, said it will set up North American headquarters and build its first U.S.-based processing facilities in Indiana. The lack of large-scale hemp processing has slowed the growth of the crop that can be used for more than

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Traverse City’s Dunegrass Launches Campaign Promoting Cannabis Tourism

TRAVERSE CITY - Cannabis is now an industry emerging alongside tourism in Northern Michigan.  One company working hard to combine both is Dunegrass Co. “I reside in Traverse City and genuinely appreciate all our area has to offer," said CEO of Dunegrass Co., Nick Piedmonte. "Dunegrass has six locations across Northern Michigan and U.P. and

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Study: Can Hemp Fiber Be Used In Auto Industry?

NASHVILLE, TENN. –The Hemp Alliance of Tennessee is leading a study on the feasibility of the production of hemp fiber in the state. The organization, comprised of hemp-industry colleagues who support, educate, and collaborate for a successful industry, partnered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to fund the research that will be conducted by the

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Detroit Finally Awards First Recreational Marijuana License To Grower

DETROIT - Doghouse Farms, a grow operation on Detroit’s east side, received the license and soon will be selling marijuana on the recreational market. The business invested roughly $4 million in a 25,000-square-foot cultivation facility that it hoped would be able to grow for the adult-use market long before this, MJBizDaily reported. Michigan launched recreational

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Four20 Post Live: Abracutdabra And CannaBashFest

ANN ARBOR - On Four20 Post Live, Connie Sparrow will update her CannaBashFest July 9 in Muskegon and also give away some free tickets. Shelby Infante from Abracutdabra will explain what her company does: According To Shelby, Abracutdabra “fulfills your cannabis needs from seed to sale with passion, positivity, and expertise. We offer trimming, defoliation, planting, packaging, pre-rolls, growing

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Four20 Post Live: ICON Processors, Center For Compassion CBD Products

ANN ARBOR - On Four20 Post Live, ICON processors co-founders Christina and Fabio Rodi talks about winning two Hempie awards last week at the Midwest Hemp and Cannabis Expo and their award winning CBD products. Also on the show is Michael Thue, owner of the Center for Compassion, who will discuss his CBD products that were at

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Kalkushka Lounge & Midwest iHemp Expo Details On Four20 Post Live

ANN ARBOR - On Four20 Post Live, Erin Newcomb, Director of Retail Operations, for Botanical, updates the company’s new consumption lounge opening June 1. Dave Crabill, president of iHemp Michigan, tells cannabis folks why they should attend the Midwest Hemp and Cannabis Conference Friday and Saturday at the Lansing Center. He is joined by Laurie

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