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22 State Attorneys General Call On Congress To Pass Marijuana Banking Bill That’s Heading To Senate Floor

WASHINGTON DC - A bipartisan coalition of 22 state attorneys general, including Michigan AG Dana Nessel, has  called on Congress to pass a marijuana banking bill that cleared a key Senate committee on Wednesday. In a letter sent to congressional leaders on Tuesday, the top law enforcement officials of nearly half the states in the U.S. said

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Michigan Cannabis Pioneer Rick Thompson Passes, Business Partner Jamie Lowell Provides Video Tribute

FLINT - Rick Thompson, one of the founding lights in cannabis legalization in Michigan, was extinguished on Monday Sept. 18 from colon cancer. His long-time friend and podcast partner, Jamie Lowell, reflects on the contributions Dale Richard Thompson made as not only the Executive Director of Michigan NORML, but also as a pioneer in the

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Survey: Athletes Report Using Cannabis Products To Promote Exercise Recovery

NEW YORK - Those who engage in regular exercise frequently report consuming cannabis products to assist in recovering from physical activity, according to data published in the Journal of Cannabis Research. Researchers affiliated with Kent State University in Ohio surveyed over 100 subjects who reported using cannabis and regularly engaging in aerobic and/or resistance exercise. Investigators summarized their

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With No Other Bidders, Tropics Wins Right To Buy Skymint Pending Court Approval

LANSING - Skymint’s primary lender, Tropics, LP, submitted the winning bid to purchase Skymint at the Aug. 8 auction held by the Receiver Gene Kohut, according to Kohut in an interview with Four20Post.Com. A hearing before Ingram County Circuit Court Judge Joyce Draganchuk scheduled for Aug. 23 to approve the purchase by Tropics was rescheduled

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Michigan’s Cannabis Industry Top Market Per Capita In Nation

DETROIT - Michigan is now the top marijuana market in the country — based on per capita spending. Through the first seven months of the year, Michigan's marijuana industry sold $1.7 billion worth of product ($58.8 million in medical marijuana and $1.644 billion in recreational), according to data from the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency. Michigan weed

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UM Study: Record Numbers Of Adults Getting High And Binge Drinking

ANN ARBOR - Binge drinking and the use of marijuana and hallucinogens among adults ages 35 to 50 reached an all-time highs in 2022 Marijuana use and vaping reached record highs among adults ages 19 to 30. The 2022 findings are part of the most recent installment of the Monitoring the Future study. Funded by the National

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Michigan Cannabis Sales Set Monthly Record In July Topping $275 Million

LANSING - Cannabis legal sales in Michigan in July leaped 6.1 percent from June to a record $275.7 million, putting cannabis sales in 2023 on a $3 billion run rate. Another impressive stat released Friday by the Cannabis Regulatory Agency is on a day-by-day basis, sales increased by 2.7 percent. Taking a closer look at

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Take Your High On A Cannabis Vacation In Michigan

DETROIT - We are blessed to have the Great Lakes, Detroit River, and the forests of the Upper Peninsula in our own backyards. Of course, you can appreciate these waterfalls, lakes, and dunes when you’re not high, but smoking a fatty from a hammock surrounded by trees and lakes makes us feel more grounded. So

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Federal Cannabis Legalization Won’t Happen Soon, Analyst Predicts

WASHINGTON DC - Further consolidation of the cannabis industry and more cross-border transactions and listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange are likely over the next 18 months, but full U.S. legalization is not, cannabis analyst Pablo Zuanic said Monday. “We do not expect major breakthroughs at the federal level in the U.S. before the third

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Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s THC-Infused Sparkling Water Brand Raking In $750,000 Monthly

SAN FRANCISCO - The cannabis industry is rolling out the red carpet for actress-turned-wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow, who is quietly "dominating" California's market alongside other stars after backing an increasingly popular THC-infused sparkling water brand. Cann sells cannabis-infused sparkling waters in a number of unique flavors including blood orange cardamom – a favorite with nearly 160

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