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XlerateHealth In Flint Seeks Applicants For July Health Startup Cohort

ANN ARBOR - Sabastian Alvim from Flint's XlerateHealth said his accelerator is seeking applicants from healthcare startups and early stage companies to participate in its July cohort. Only six companies will be selected. But here are some of the details: Calling all Flint and Genesee county healthcare entrepreneurs, innovators and startups! Apply for the 2021

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VibeTech Partners With Metal Components To Make Portable Vibration Therapy Device

ANN ARBOR - Jeff Leismer, the CEO of VibeTech, a Wisconsin-based vibration rehabilitation therapy, is now working with Metal Components of Grand Rapids, MI., to build a portable version of its therapeutic device that can help people with leg injuries regain bone and muscle mass. VibeTech Enterprises LLC has cut a deal with Grand Rapids-based

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Wisconsin Medical Device Company Cuts Deal With Grand Rapids-Based Metal Components

SHEBOYGON, WI – VibeTech Enterprises LLC has cut a deal with Grand Rapids-based Metal Components to make a strength and mobility-improving medical device for seniors. VibeTech is a NASA spin off company that develops and commercializes state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment incorporating therapeutic vibration. As part of this arrangement, Metal Components will help VibeTech gain market traction

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XLerateHealth Incubator In Flint Seeks Applicants For Its 2021 Startup Cohort

FLINT - XLerateHealth, a healthcare accelerator, is starting to recruit for its 2021 Flint Startup Cohort. Sebastian Alvim from XLerateHealth will be on MITech TV at 2 pm Feb. 15 to discuss. But here are some of the details: Calling all Flint and Genesee county healthcare entrepreneurs, innovators and startups! Apply for the 2021 XLerateHealth

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MMS Contract Pharma Researcher Joins Healthcare Alliance

CANTON TWP.–MMS Holdings, a contract research organization for the pharmaceutical industry, has joined the Decentralized Trials and Research Alliance, an organization launched in December to unite healthcare companies, regulators, patient groups and research organizations to make clinical trial participation widely accessible by advancing policies, research practices, and new technologies in decentralized clinical research. “As a

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Report: 29 Percent Of US Broadband Households Very Likely To Purchase a Connected Health Product in the Next 12 Months

DALLAS – Twenty-nine percent of US broadband households plan to buy a connected health product over the next 23 months a new report indicates. The study, by Parks Associates, also shows US broadband households increased from 15 percent in 2019 to 41 percent in 2020. "The COVID-19 pandemic caused a massive increase in telehealth and

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Scientists Closer To Developing ‘Smart’ Stem Cells From Human Fat

SYDNEY, Australia - A new type of stem cell—that is, a cell with regenerative abilities—could be closer on the horizon, a new study led by an Australian University shows. The stem cells (called induced multipotent stem cells, or iMS) can be made from easily accessible human cells—in this case, fat—and reprogrammed to act as stem cells. The results

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Stryker Acquires Florida-Based Sensor Technology Maker

KALAMAZOO — Stryker Corp. acquired Dania Beach, Fla.-based OrthoSensor Inc., a producer of sensor technology for musculoskeletal care and total joint replacement. OrthoSensor’s technology advancement, said in a press release, when “coupled with expanded data analytics and increasing computational power, will strengthen the foundation of Stryker’s digital ecosystem.” “Smart devices and implants will play a big role in

COVID-19 Update: Post Thanksgiving Pandemic Surge Just Before Xmas

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown, who works with nations and states as an unpaid epidemiologst, warns that a surge of COVID-19 will probably be manifested by Thanksgiving gatherings, just in time for the late December holidays. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams of

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UM Professor Named To MichBio Board

ANN ARBOR—Officials at MichBio, the state’s life sciences industry lobbying group, announced the addition of Lola Eniola-Adefeso, university diversity and social transformation professor of chemical engineering at the University of Michigan, to its board of directors, completing a term expiring in December 2022. The diversity and social transformation professorship was awarded to an inaugural group

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