The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is the only statewide and state-based association that focuses solely on serving the needs of Michigan’s small business community. We have been successfully serving small businesses like yours in all 83 counties of Michigan since 1969. We’re located in Lansing, just one block from the Capitol.

Gov. Whitmer Announces State Will Open To Full Capacity June 22

LANSING - Governor Gretchen Whitmer Thursday accelerated the end of all COVID-19 epidemic orders on gatherings and masking as COVID-19 cases continue to plummet following increased vaccinations. Beginning June 22, capacity in both indoor and outdoor settings will increase to 100% and the state will no longer require residents to wear a face mask. “Today

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Small Business Summit With Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist

LANSING - While strong economic growth is predicted in Michigan over the coming months, sustaining and growing small businesses, which are the lifeblood of our communities, must remain a top priority. You are invited to join Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Lt. Governor Garlin Gilchrist II on Wednesday, June 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

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COVID-19 Response & Preparedness Plan

LANSING - SBAM has developed a COVID-19 preparedness and response template, consistent with recommendations by MIOSHA. Version 10 of this template, available below, contains amendments to reflect the allowance of in-person work effective May 24. SBAM has also created the complete Small Business Owner’s Guide to Remote Work, also available for download. Download your COVID-19

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Why Michigan’s Next 13-Seat Map Won’t Look Anything Like The Last One

LANSING - Back in the 1910s and 1920s, Michigan was sitting where it's going after the next election. It had 13 congressional seats. From 1914 to 1930, the map looked the same. Detroit essentially had its own district, Oakland anchored its own district, stretching into Genesee and Ingham counties. Macomb anchored its own district with

Michigan In-Person Work Expected to Resume May 24

LANSING – Governor Gretchen Whitmer today announced that 55 percent of Michiganders have received their first dose of the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. The announcement marks the first milestone of the ‘MI Vacc to Normal’ plan, which would enable in-person work to resume across all employment sectors on May 24. Governor Whitmer released a

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Bill Extends Foreclosure Avoidance To Commercial Property

LANSING - When given a chance to catch up on delinquent property taxes or lose their land to foreclosure, 90% pay, according to Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner. At least that has been the experience of treasurers using foreclosure avoidance agreements for residential property. Now, Rep. Kelly Breen (D-Novi) is proposing to extend the program to

Tax Credit Available For COVID-19 Vaccinations

LANSING - The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) allows small and midsize employers, and certain governmental employers, to claim refundable tax credits that reimburse them for the cost of providing paid sick and family leave to their employees due to COVID-19, including leave taken by employees to receive or recover from COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Small Biz, Infrastructure, Kids Mark Gov’s Priorities For Federal COVID Money

LANSING - Michigan will ultimately receive $18 billion in federal funding through the latest COVID-19 relief plan and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is taking a different approach on how to spend it. Rather than creating a supplemental spending plan and tossing it to the Legislature to act, Monday she announced her general priorities and is looking to

Whitmer Waiting For ‘Full’ COVID-19 Plan From Lawmakers

LANSING -The Michigan House passed a $3.5 billion COVID response plan made up of mostly federal dollars, but Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is looking for a "full plan" that uses the rest of the $2.5 billion the federal government has set aside to Michigan for the recovery. Whitmer spokesperson Bobby Leddy said the governor's office can't speculate

State Projecting July-August Vaccination Start For ‘Everyone Else’ Category

LANSING - If you’re not a senior, a frontline essential worker or someone with a health issue, you may not get a COVID vaccine until July or August at the earliest, according to the state’s interim timeline for its vaccination campaign. However, Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun said the calendar is an interim one, and it’s based

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