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Texas To Host Largest Solar Project In United States

CHICAGO - Invenergy, a global developer and operator of green energy generation and storage, announced a 1,310-megawatt solar farm in northeastern Texas - the largest in the US upon completion. The solar farm is currently under construction. The Samson Solar Energy Center, as it’s called, will support five major consumer brands and supply power to

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MPSC Report: Demand For Home Heating Fuel To Rise Due To COVID-19 Work From Home

LANSING - Despite a long-term forecast for a comparatively normal Michigan winter, demand for home heating fuel is expected to rise as more Michiganders continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the MPSC’s 2020-2021 Winter Energy Appraisal.   The continued impact of the pandemic has thrown a curveball to forecasting, given unknowns about

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Study: 1.3 Million Jobs, $82 Billion In Wages Tied Directly To Great Lakes

ANN ARBOR—The Great Lakes support more than 1.3 million jobs that generate $82 billion in wages annually, according to a new analysis of 2018 economic data by Michigan Sea Grant. The coastal counties of the eight Great Lakes states produce 21% of the gross domestic product in the region and 5.8% of the U.S. GDP,

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ITC Names New VP, Deputy General Counsel

NOVI—ITC Holdings Corp., the nation’s largest independent electricity transmission company in the United States, has named Jenny D’Anna as vice president and deputy general counsel, legal services. In this role, D’Anna is responsible for the legal services group within ITC’s legal department. That group is composed of the regulatory and legislative, development, corporate and securities, real

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DOE Provides $7 Million To Michigan Cybersecurity Company To Protect Grid, EVs

YPSILANTI -The U.S. Department of Energy announced more than $7 million in funding for Michigan-based cybersecurity company, The Dream Team, to develop a first-of-its-kind infrastructure that protects the electric grid from cyber-attacks on electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging systems. Once developed, testing of the electric roadways and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology will be conducted at

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Hydrogen At Tipping Point – $11 trillion Market On Tap

NEW YORK - After decades of false starts, hydrogen technology is poised to take off as falling production costs, technological improvements, and a global push toward sustainability converge, according to Bank of America. The firm believes this will generate $2.5 trillion in direct revenue — or $4 trillion if revenue from associated products such as

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MPSC To Develop Power Plan That Reflect Governor’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets

LANSING - Michigan Public Service Commission Chair Dan Scripps last week asked MPSC Staff and stakeholders in its MI Power Grid initiative to develop recommendations for updating utility integrated resource planning requirements to reflect reduced greenhouse gas emissions targets set by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration to achieve economy-wide carbon neutrality no later than 2050.  Gov.

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14 New Solar Farms To Be Built In 8 Michigan Counties To Provide 500MW Of Electricity

ASHVILLE, NC – Pine Gate Renewables and Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P. announced their first wave of solar energy projects into Michigan - 14 new solar farms in eight counties constructed as part of a larger initiative to bring more than 500MW of renewable energy projects to the state through 20-year Power Purchase Agreements. The

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Michigan House Bill Wants To Ban EV Automakers From Doing Business In State

LANSING - Michigan politicians are trying to block new electric vehicle manufacturers from doing business in the state. Although carefully worded to include any type of auto manufacturing company, the Michigan “Motor Vehicle Franchise Act” was created specifically to block Tesla from doing business there, an obvious favor to the dealerships. The law already includes

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Ford To Build All-Electric Vehicle Plant At Rouge Center, Add 300 Jobs, Electrify F-150

DEARBORN - Ford Motor Co. announced Thursday it will build a new, 500,000-square-foot electric vehicle manufacturing operation at the historic Ford Rouge Center that will create 300 new jobs to support battery assembly and production of hybrid and battery-electric versions of its popular F-150 pick-up truck. Ford hopes to roll out the electrified F-150 in

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