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Breakthrough Boost for Solar-Powered Fuel Made by Splitting Water

CHICAGO - Hydrogen is an incredibly powerful fuel, and the ingredients are everywhere—in plain old water. Researchers would love to be able to use it widely as a clean and sustainable energy source. One catch, however, is that a considerable amount of energy is required to split water and make hydrogen. Thus scientists have been

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$4,500 Electric Car Outselling Tesla’s Model 3 In China By Almost Two To One

BEIJING, China - State-owned Chinese automaker SAIC Motor is reportedly massively outselling Tesla in the country with its electric vehicles that sell for just 28,800 yuan ($4,465). SAIC Motor sold 25,778 Hong Guang Minis in China in January, compared to 13,843 sales of Tesla's Model 3, the BBC reported, citing data from the China Passenger Car

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Consumers Energy Buys 166 Megawatts Of Wind Power From Crescent Wind

JONESVILLE—Officials at Consumers Energy announced that it had taken ownership of the 166-megawatt Crescent Wind farm in Hillsdale County, which is now producing clean, renewable energy for residents and businesses in Michigan. Said Dennis Dobbs, vice president of enterprise project management, engineering and services for Consumers Energy: “It’s amazing to consider the addition of Crescent Wind

Startup Backed By Bezos And Gates Seeks To Use Nuclear Fusion To Make Nearly Unlimited Clean Energy

CAMBRIDGE,  Ma. - After Brandon Sorbom graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles in 2010, he decided to take the “couple of thousand dollars” he had saved and his credit card (he had 0% interest for a year) and fly to Boston. Sorbom wanted to get his Ph.D. in nuclear fusion but had been rejected

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MPSC, EGLE Join 11 States To Plan For Power Grid Transition To Clean, Distributed Energy

LANSING - Michigan joined 11 states across the country in exploring the comprehensive electricity planning that will be required for states to create a more optimized grid that’s also more affordable for customers. The Michigan Public Service Commission and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy participated in the nationwide Task Force on

West Michigan Sustainable Biz Forum Feb. 8: Solar Power In Sustainable Business

GRAND RAPIDS - West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will host a discussion on the evolving role of solar power in sustainable business, focusing on co-benefits, development considerations, and lifespan of solar technology. Panelists include: • John Kinch, Executive Director of Michigan Energy Options • Tyler Kanczuzewski, Vice President of Marketing & Sustainability at Inovateus Solar

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DTE Energy Partners With Ann Arbor, Roseville Schools To Deploy Six Electric Buses

DETROIT — DTE Energy has partnered with Ann Arbor and Roseville schools to deploy six zero-emission electric school buses. As COVID-19 has delayed in-person learning for some schools, the new electric buses will be used to deliver meals to school children through federal food assistance programs in addition to student transportation. DTE Energy, Ann Arbor

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Michigan Grants Enbridge Key Permits To Build Line 5 Tunnel Under Straits

LANSING - Enbridge Energy is one step closer to building a tunnel to transport petroleum beneath the Straits of Mackinac, after Michigan environmental regulators approved key permits for the Line 5 project. The decision by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy comes months after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer ordered the pipeline to shut down

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SkySpecs Expands Wind Energy Asset Management Portfolio, Full-Time Employment

ANN ARBOR–Officials of SkySpecs, the provider of asset management for the wind energy industry, now has almost 100 full time employees engaged in automating renewable energy operations and maintenance using unmanned aerial vehicles, software, and operational expertise. “While we were initially cautious about how the pandemic would affect our business and our customers’ operations, we feel

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VinFast Launches Three Self-Driving SUVs With Artificial Intelligence Features

HANOI, VIETNAM - VinFast has launched three new self-driving electric SUV models that use Artificial Intelligence including many smart features, marking a milestone along the Southeast Asian companies goal of becoming a global smart electric vehicle company.  After three  years in operation, VinFast has developed VF31, VF32, VF33, SUVs multi-purpose vehicles, with high-chassis design, capable of

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