MEDC Provides $275,000 Grant To Promote Industry 4.0 In Northern Michigan

TRAVERSE CITY — Awareness and use of the latest manufacturing technology is getting a boost in northwest lower Michigan from a $275,000 Michigan Economic Development Corporation grant. The Northwest Industry 4.0 Consortium received the grant to further the awareness and integration of Industry 4.0 practices in the region. The Consortium members are the Alliance for

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Alexa Gets New Name And New Masculine And Celebrity Voices

SEATTLE - The digital assistant I've always called Alexa has a new name option -- Ziggy -- and a new, masculine-sounding voice to either pair with "Ziggy" or not. You're free to mix -- and remix -- those options however you want, since there are separate settings for voice and wake word (and one isn't linked

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Samsung’s New Foldables Smart Phones Arrive Unpacked Aug. 11

SAN FRANCISCO - Samsung's ready to update its foldable devices. The company on Tuesday said it will host a virtual Unpacked event on Aug. 11, where it's expected to show off less expensive foldables that aim to move the devices beyond niche products. The company sent invites to reporters, saying its virtual keynote will take

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Olympic Coverage Starts Friday On Comcast’s Xfinity

ANN ARBOR - The summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, start Friday and Comcast's Xfinity will be offering 7000 hours of coverage for all the sports, awards, and record breaking performances. Comcast Heartland Senior Public Relations pro, Rob Ponto, joins Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to provide all the details.

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Event: Data Privacy Rules For Selling Internationally Aug. 3

DETROIT - Did you know that the European Union’s comprehensive data privacy rules, the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, can apply to U.S. companies and that your company could be subject to investigations or fines, even if you don’t think you’re doing business in the EU? Join the International Trade Administration’s U.S. Commercial Service and Ann Arbor

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Automation Alley 2021 Tech Report Available On Redesigned Website

TROY - Automation Alley’s 2021 Tech Report, now available, was prepared with support from Automation Alley’s Industry 4.0 academic and corporate partners and highlights several real-world Industry 4.0 success stories and features executive summaries and action items on the most pressing Industry 4.0 topics for small and medium-sized enterprises, including: Holistic Industry 4.0 Adoption AI,

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T-Mobile Provides West Michigan Towns With 5G Service

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Officials at the wireless carrier T-Mobile announced areas in and around the city of Bangor and the village of Decatur, both located in southwest Michigan’s Van Buren County, have access to 5G service. The Michigan towns were among 81 cities and towns across the country that received 5G service. T-Mobile said the new service

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New Intelligent Material Offers Many Potential Uses From Drug Delivery To Energy Storage

SINGAPORE - Intelligent materials, the latest revolution in the field of materials science, can adapt their properties depending on changes in their surroundings. They can be used in everything from self-healing mobile phone screens, to shape-shifting airplane wings, and targeted drug delivery. Delivering drugs to a specific target inside the body using intelligent materials is

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Electrifly Detroit Augmented Reality Show Courtesy BrandXR

ANN ARBOR - Electrifly Detroit is an Augmented Reality series that makes a half dozen murals painted around the Motor City jump out in a 3D experience using a smart phone app created by BrandXR. Co-found Moody Mattan joins MITech TV co-hosts Matt Roush and Mike Brennan providing the back story. MORE at

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How Shape-Shifting Magnets Could Help Build Lower-Emission Computers

ANN ARBOR - Researchers at the University of Michigan, collaborating with chip-maker Intel, have created a new iron alloy that could be a major feature of magnet-based computers of tomorrow. Their work was published recently in Nature Communications. Their alloy acts as a magnetostrictor. That means it relies on the fact that when you plunge a magnetic material,

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