Ann Arbor Savings App’s Deposits Hit $400,000

ANN ARBOR—Plinqit, a brandable savings app that pays users for engaging with content, has exceeded $400,000 (and growing) in total deposits by users since launching last year. Supporting this rapid increase in deposits, Plinqit is creating substantially higher user engagement (55 percent on average) compared to other savings apps, which average an engagement rate of

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LLamasoft Names Chief Product Officer

ANN ARBOR–LLamasoft, a developer of supply chain design and decision-making software, announced the appointment of Karthik Mani as executive vice president and chief product officer. In this new role, Mani will lead LLamasoft’s global product development organization to define the company’s product strategy and road map and to deliver an expanded product offering that enables

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Airfoil Group Report: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning To Transform Michigan Businesses

ROYAL OAK - Most trends focus on the year ahead, but truly transformative technology takes time to take hold.  In Airfoil Group’s Tech Trends Report, the strategic communications company shares insights on the emerging and maturing technologies that will transform businesses and markets in the years to come.  Highlights include: The Battle Between "Smart" &

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TrialAssure Offers Software-As-A-Service Anonymize Clinical Trial Tool

CANTON – TrialAssure, which developers clinical trial software tools, has released a new product, Anonymize DS, a Software-as-a-Service application that allows sponsors to anonymize clinical trial data automatically. TrialAssure Anonymize DS: ·         transforms original data into anonymized data using industry-standard techniques that can be reused and customized for each dataset ·         assigns a risk score

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Tech 248 Update: Apprenti Program, Augmented Reality Manufacturing At the Speed Of Light

ROYAL OAK - Oakland County’s Greg Doyle talks about some technology initiatives available including the Apprenti program that teaches tech skills at Oakland Community College to prepare them for on-the-job training at an Oakland County tech employer. The funding comes from Workforce Development Network, costing employers zero dollars. The introduction was held on Feb. 13.

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Saitz Named Chief Marketing Officer For Plex Systems

TROY – Robin Saitz has been named Chief Marketing Officer for Plex Systems, which develops cloud-based ERP and MES for manufacturing. Saitz most recently served as CMO of cyber security solutions provider Avecto. “We are thrilled to welcome Robin to the team and to benefit from her deep experience marketing global technology brands,” said Bill

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MSP Red Level Acquires MSP C/D/H To Provide Statewide IT Services

NOVI - Two Michigan Managed Services Providers have combined to offer custom application development, business analytics and collaborative tools across the state and beyond. Novi-based Red Level acquired Grand Rapids-based C/D/H on Feb. 1. The announcement was made Feb. 5. “C/D/H has an outstanding reputation for providing the best IT services and consulting throughout Michigan

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Plex Systems Rolls Out Enhancements For Manufacturing Management Software

TROY – Manufacturing Management Software Developer Plex Systems announced updates and enhancements to its software products that the company says will  improve inventory management, enable manufacturers to access and contextualize more data, and support a mobile workforce. The winter 2019 product release is now available to Plex customers, which run more than 2,000 plants in 22 countries

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Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari Outlines New Features Of MySQL 8

ROYAL OAK - Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari outlines the new features of MySQL 8 and Oracle Database 18c in this interview on M2 Techcast. Ahmed Alomari  To listen, click on More information at

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