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What Would The Earth Look Like If All The Ice Melted?

WASHINGTON DC - Even as activists continue to face opposition—and even disdain—from climate deniers for attempting to raise awareness about the danger our planet is in, mounting scientific data shows that the world's ice is melting at a rapid pace. According to a study published earlier in 2021, global ice loss has increased rapidly over the past

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Brits To Test Emergency Alert System In Nationwide Test To Mobile Phones April 23

LONDON, UK - The government has launched a new emergency alert system that will send a siren-like alert to mobile phones. The system will give the government and emergency services the ability to send a message directly to mobile phones when there is a risk to life. When your device receives the alert it will vibrate

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Gates Predicts ChatGPT Will Become White-Collar Worker To Help You

SEATTLE - In the future, ChatGPT will be like having a "white-collar worker" as an assistant, Bill Gates said in a blog post Tuesday. The billionaire businessman and philanthropist published a detailed post on what he thinks the future of generative AI systems like OpenAI's ChatGPT holds, including their use cases, benefits, and risks. "Although humans are still better

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Ford CEO Channels Musk And Says Next Electric Truck Will Drive Itself While You Sleep

DEARBORN,- In Elon Musk-like fashion, Ford CEO Jim Farley made bullish claims about self-driving tech and said the automaker's next electric pickup will drive itself. In a new interview with Bloomberg published Friday, Farley upped his company's pressure on Tesla, saying the company's next electric truck set to debut in 2025 is a "breakthrough product." "On the highway on

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Harvard Astronomer Believes Meteorite That Exploded Was An Alien Probe

LONDON, UK - A Harvard physicist has launched a $1.5 million mission to prove that a meteorite that exploded over the Pacific Ocean in 2014 was an alien probe. Avi Loeb spent years working closely with the US military to pin down the impact zone near Papua New Guinea and is now ready to embark on an expedition to

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Anti-Cancer Drug Derived From Fungus Shows Promise In Clinical Trials

OXFORD, UK - A new industry-academic partnership between the University of Oxford and biopharmaceutical company NuCana as found that chemotherapy drug NUC-7738, derived from a Himalayan fungus, has 40 times greater potency for killing cancer cells than its parent compound. Oxford University researchers have worked in collaboration with industry leaders NuCana to assess a novel

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Drones Will Be Used To Deliver Prescriptions In Washtenaw County

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Medicine has announced its plans to begin drone delivery of prescriptions to patients in Washtenaw County in 2024. The delivery service will employ Zipline’s new platform that uses electric drones to provide quiet, fast, and precise autonomous delivery directly to homes. According to Zipline, the drones are designed to sound like

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ABB To Expand Robotics Factory In Auburn Hills

AUBURN HILLS - ABB strengthened its commitment to one of its largest customer markets – the US – with construction starting on the expansion of its existing North American robotics headquarters and manufacturing facility in Auburn Hills. The project is expected to be completed in November 2023 and represents an investment of $20 million. The

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U-Detroit Mercy’s Master’s In Health Services Administration Earns 3-Year Accreditation

DETROIT—The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) Board of Directors approved the initial accreditation of University of Detroit Mercy's Master of Science in Health Services Administration (MHSA) program for a three-year term. “This accreditation represents the diligence of our team at University of Detroit Mercy, MHSA, to create a curriculum to prepare graduates

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W. Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, Meijer Host Luncheon April 10 On Sustainable Agriculture In Great Lakes Region

GRAND RAPIDS - Sustainable agriculture is a way of farming that meets our food needs without compromising the ability for future generations to do the same. It has a strong focus on locality, highlighting local growers and manufacturers. This can help businesses and communities lower their carbon footprint while supporting the local economy. West Michigan

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