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Report Suggests Tax Credit To Boost Broadband Access

LANSING - A tax credit to ease the cost of broadband internet service is among the recommendations of a state task force examining the status of broadband use in the state and ways to increase access. The report, the product of the Michigan Consortium of Advanced Networks, created through an executive order from Governor Rick Snyder,

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State: Michigan Voting Machines Protected From Vulnerabilities In Report

LANSING - Public Citizen has called on Election Systems and Software to stop selling some of its voting machines because they group said they are vulnerable to hacking but Department of State officials said the company's machines used in Michigan are protected from those vulnerabilities. The group said the versions of the ESS machines that

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Pfizer Taps New State Incentive With $465 Million Investment At Portage Campus

PORTAGE — Pfizer Inc. is the first manufacturer to take advantage of the Good Jobs for Michigan incentive program signed into law a year ago by Gov. Rick Snyder. The pharmaceutical giant said today it will invest $465 million into a two-story, 400,000-square-foot building at its Portage campus, which will serve as a sterile drug manufacturing facility.

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Gongwer Elections App Updated With New Analysis

LANSING - Gongwer News Service has updated its 2018 Michigan Elections app, available for iOS and Android devices, with new analysis for most races for state and federal offices where there is competition in the primary. The new analysis reflects the latest developments in those races as endorsements and reports of candidate activity continue to pour

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EPA Inspector Cites EPA, MDEQ For Slow Action To Solve Flint Water Crisis

LANSING - Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality failed to comply with the federal Lead and Copper Rule and were too slow to react when problems were found with the Flint water system, an EPA Office of Inspector General report released Thursday said. The report found that the DEQ, in

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New State Report: Line 5 Spill Would Be Huge Disaster For Great Lakes

LANSING — Michigan state agencies have released for public comment a draft independent analysis of the impacts of a potential oil spill from Enbridge Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac. A team led by Michigan Technological University and directed by professor Guy Meadows of Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center submitted the draft report

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Congress Upset Not Told Immediately About Spectre, Meltdown Vulnerabilities

WASHINGTON DC - The US government wishes it had gotten the memo on Spectre and Meltdown sooner. On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation held a hearing on cybersecurity issues related to the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, which left hundreds of millions of computer chips open to attacks. The Spectre and Meltdown flaws were

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Video Studio In The Cloud Coming To MITechNews.Com This Summer

ROYAL OAK - Video Meeting will be rolling out this summer, taking traditional video conferencing to the next level, what co-founder David Simon calls Video Conferencing on steroids, aimed at small businesses and creators. It will have enhanced ability to link to most major social media platforms and include eCommerce capabilities for paid events. Also

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Controversy Looms Over FCC Net Neutrality Comments Submitted With Stolen IDs

SAN FRANCISCO - Net neutrality may be dead, but questions remain about how seriously the Federal Communications Commission considered comments from the public. The FCC's system for submitting those comments was a hot mess. Two million of the 22 million comments submitted used stolen identities, some for people who were dead, including actress Patty Duke, who died in

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Snyder Signs Marshall Plan For Talent To Pair Students With In-Demand Careers

MUSKEGON – Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday signed into law the framework of the Marshall Plan for Talent designed to connect employers with educators to pair students with in-demand careers. The Marshall Plan encourages apprenticeships and mentorships with an educational focus on certifications and occupational licensing. “As I travel throughout the state of Michigan, the question

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