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State Creates Industrial Hemp Agriculture Pilot Program

LANSING—Farmers, processors and institutions of higher learning who are interested in Michigan’s newest agricultural crop, industrial hemp, will now have an opportunity to test the waters under the state’s new Industrial Hemp Ag Pilot Program. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced the State of Michigan’s Industrial Hemp Ag

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Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist To Deliver Keynote At IoT Tech Connect Conference

DETROIT - Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist will deliver the IoT Tech Connect lunch keynote address at the Michigan Science Center on April 29, 2019 to discuss the administration’s interest in using technology to expand economic opportunities and streamline governance to make Michigan a home for opportunity. “The Michigan technology community is eager to hear when the

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Michigan House Fiscal Agency: Revenues Coming In Under January Estimates

LANSING - General Fund and School Aid Fund revenues from the state's major taxes are below the January projections for March 2019, the Michigan House Fiscal Agency said Friday, pointing to negative business tax collections and lower-than-expected sales tax collections. The General Fund brought in $298.6 million in March 2019, HFA said, and year-to-date is

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Michigan Colleges, Universities Invest $1 Billion In Capital Improvements In Past Decade

LANSING - Privately-funded building and infrastructure projects at Michigan’s independent colleges and universities have a powerful economic effect on communities throughout the state according to a report issued by Michigan’s Independent Colleges and Universities. During the past decade independent, non-profit colleges and universities have invested over $1 billion directly into capital improvements supporting nearly 6,500

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Whitmer Appointments Reshape MEDC Executive Committee

LANSING - Gov. Gretchen Whitmer made appointments Friday to 11 spots on the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's Executive Committee, reshaping the 20-member committee. Among the appointees, which are not subject to advice and consent of the Senate, are members designated to represent businesses, public entities and philanthropy. Gretchen Whitmer  Appointed for terms expiring April 5,

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Whitmer Scholarship Proposals Net Business Support

LANSING - Scholarship program plans unveiled last month by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her State of the State address for increasing access to postsecondary education picked up the backing of multiple business groups Thursday. Business Leaders for Michigan, the Detroit Regional Chamber, the Grand Rapids Chamber and the Small Business Association of Michigan announced they supported the

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Judge Blocks Upcoming Deadline For Unlicensed Medical Cannabis Shops To Close

LANSING - The saga of unlicensed medical marijuana facilities continues this week as a judge blocked the state's upcoming March 31 deadline for an estimated 50 provisioning centers to close. At least six provisioning centers, some of which were denied licenses by the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board and are going through or plan to go

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Study: Most Of Michigan Faces Unaffordable Insurance Rates

LANSING - Though insurance rates in Detroit have long been a target of reform proponents, nearly the entire state faces rates deemed unaffordable under federal standards, a report from the University of Michigan Poverty Solutions said. The U.S. Department of Treasury Insurance Office says insurance rates of more than 2 percent of median annual income for a

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Nessel Pulls State From Lawsuit On Obama-Era Water Rule

LANSING - Michigan will no longer be one of the plaintiffs challenging a rule initiated during the administration of President Barack Obama regarding the regulation of bodies of water in the United States after Attorney General Dana Nessel pulled the state from the litigation. The import of the case has diminished now that the U.S. Environmental Protection

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Whitmer Sets Up New Marijuana Agency, Axes Medical Licensing Panel

LANSING -  The much-criticized Medical Marihuana Licensing Board's days are numbered after an executive order Governor Gretchen Whitmersigned Friday eliminating it and creating the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to handle medical and recreational pot moving forward. Through the order, Whitmer eliminates the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation and replaces it with the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to handle both

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