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PSC: Providers Should Have Adequate Electricity Supplies For Future

LANSING - Michigan electric customers during the years 2022 and 2023 should enjoy an adequate supply of power, according to the Public Service Commission. Commission officials said Thursday that all electric providers in the state successfully demonstrated to the PSC they had adequate supplies to customer needs in the 2022-23 planning year. The commission annually

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$87 Million Spent On State Government Advertising In 2018

LANSING - Besides dodging potholes and orange barrels, Michigan drivers this summer may also find themselves encountering several raccoons staring down at them from billboards beside the road. But these raccoons aren't hawking any particular wares for purchase. They want you to recycle properly. They serve as mascots of a $2 million state ad campaign

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$500 Million Plus In Expansions, Renovations Get State Aid

LANSING—Projects expected to generate more than $500 million in total investment received support from the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced today. Besides the massive $80 million redevelopment of a former paper mill in Vicksburg (see story), the following projects were announced: Knauf Insulation North America Inc. received a $204,000 million Michigan Business

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Democrat Presidential Candidate Biden Blasts Medicare For All

DEARBORN – Former Vice President Joe Biden - in Michigan to attend an NAACP political event - blasted the "Medicare for All" platform backed by several of his rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination, saying some of the candidates are living in a "fantasy world" as they peddle the idea that people can keep their

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Health Marketplace Insurance Rates Drop Substantially For 2020

LANSING - Persons seeking health insurance via the federal marketplace could see a major decrease in what they pay starting next year. The Department of Insurance and Financial Services announced the proposed 2020 rate change requests Wednesday. Of the 11 issuers in the individual market, seven reported a rate decrease ranging anywhere from 0.1 to

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Control Of Public Service Commission Will Flip To Democrats, Sustainability Activist

LANSING - Control of the Public Service Commission will flip to a 2-1 Democratic majority later this summer following the appointment Wednesday of environmental sustainability advocate Tremaine Phillips who will take over a vacant seat. Environmental groups were enthusiastic in their initial responses to Governor Gretchen Whitmer's pick of Phillips, who has worked within the energy

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DTMB Releases State’s Long-Term Job Outlook

LANSING - The Department of Technology, Management and Budget released the latest long-term regional employment projections to a crowd of state policy and decision makers at the Michigan Occupational Outlook Conference. Based on the projections, the annual Career Outlook publication provides information for careers that will be in the highest demand by education group through

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Parker Named Deputy State Treasurer

LANSING  – State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks announced that Joyce Parker has been selected as the Michigan Department of Treasury’s new deputy state treasurer over state and local government finance programs. In her position, Parker will lead program areas within the state Treasury Department that provide financial services and bonding to local communities and school districts

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Michigan House Bill To Create 5-Year Moratorium On Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Tech

LANSING - A bill from Rep. Isaac Robinson introduced Wednesday would create a five-year moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement. HB 4810, which was sent to the House Judiciary Committee, would prevent the use of facial recognition software to obtain warrants or otherwise enforce the law. "Research has already shown that

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Michigan Health And Human Services Department Pegs IT Deficit At $45 Million

LANSING- A structural shortfall in what the Department of Health and Human Services spends on information technology compared to what it has available will result in $45 million in overspending by the close of the current fiscal year, the department has advised top lawmakers. During the spring, DHHS had acknowledged the shortfall and began taking

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