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Want To Redeem The Deposits On Those Bottle And Cans In Your Basement?

LANSING – Michiganders seeking their 10-cent deposit on bottles and cans will soon have more options for redeeming their deposits, according to the Michigan Department of Treasury. With the beginning of “Phase 2” on Oct. 5, 2020, all grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers with reverse vending machine must reopen their

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Detroit Aerotropolis Seeks To Expand Development Around Metro, Willow Run Airports

DETROIT - The Detroit Region Aerotropolis is a four-community, two-county, public-private economic development partnership driving corporate expansion and new investment around Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports. The Aerotropolis is the premiere location for greenfield expansion in Southeast Michigan, offering 6,000 acres of development-ready land centered in a world-class network of transportation infrastructure. With two

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Michigan House Bill Wants To Ban EV Automakers From Doing Business In State

LANSING - Michigan politicians are trying to block new electric vehicle manufacturers from doing business in the state. Although carefully worded to include any type of auto manufacturing company, the Michigan “Motor Vehicle Franchise Act” was created specifically to block Tesla from doing business there, an obvious favor to the dealerships. The law already includes

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Record-Setting 2.1 Million Michigan Absentee Ballots Requested So Far

LANSING - To date, 2.1 million voters had requested absentee ballots for the Nov. 3 general election, eclipsing a record set during the August primary of 2,065,000 requests for absentee ballots, according to the Secretary of State’s office Thursday morning. “We do expect that we again will have record setting turnout,” said Jake Rollow, spokesman

MPSC Publishes Map Of Wi-Fi Hotspots For Families That Lack Home Internet Access

LANSING - The Michigan Public Service Commission is reminding Michigan families about the State of Michigan and Connected Nation Michigan’s statewide map of Wi-Fi hotspots for families who lack internet access at home.  For many Michigan schoolchildren, this is back-to-school week, with the COVID-19 pandemic leading many school districts to educate children remotely from home.   That’s particularly difficult for households that lack

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1,434 Small Businesses in Southwest Michigan Get Small Business Restart Grants

KALAMAZOO - Southwest Michigan First announced 1,434 small business recipients are receiving average grant awards of $5,000 each as part of the state’s Michigan Small Business Restart Program. Grants must be used for expenditures made between March 1, 2020 and December 30, 2020 for necessary disbursements incurred due to the public health emergency with respect

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State Leaders Urge Customers Struggling Financially To Seek Help With Energy Bills

LANSING - The Michigan Public Service Commission and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services are urging customers to be proactive in seeking help if they find themselves unable to pay their energy bills and to not wait to receive a shut off notice or are almost out of propane or fuel oil.   As

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Report: State Cash Reserves Sufficient For Now

LANSING - State government has built up enough cash reserves over the last decade to get Michigan through the COVID-19 pandemic-caused recession as long as policymakers respond responsibly to the economic downturn, according to a Citizens Research Council report. Some banana peels state leaders will want to avoid include draining the remaining $800 million from

MPSC Approves Settlement Agreement To Reduce DTE Gas Increase By 46 Percent 

LANSING - The Michigan Public Service Commission today approved a $110 million rate increase for DTE Gas Co., the result of a settlement agreement that reduced by more than 46 percent the increase on the utility’s 1.2 million residential and commercial customers. DTE Gas in November 2019 sought a $203.8 million rate increase, a request the company later reduced

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Grant Funds Still Available For Farms, Agricultural and Food Processors

LANSING - Funding is still available for farms and agricultural processors with employees of 10 or more through the Michigan Agricultural Safety Grants program, as well as for small farms with fewer than 10 employees through the MEDC Small Farm Safety Grant program. These funds aim to help both large and small Michigan farms, as