March Michigan Cannabis Sales Record $289 Million, 16 Percent Higher Than 2023

LANSING - Michigan’s cannabis sales in March soared to a monthly record $289 million, a 15.7 percent increase compared to March 2023’s total sales of $250 million. According to Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency statistical report, the dynamics of adult and medical cannabis sales between March 2023 and 2024 underwent notable shifts. Adult-use cannabis sales leaped from approximately $239.9

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Hemp Composite Featured In New Electric Bike From Harley-Davidson-Owned Manufacturer

MILWAUKEE - A Harley-Davidson-owned electric motorcycle producer is using hemp-based composite in the fenders of a newly introduced model. Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based LiveWire Group, Inc. said it introduced hemp and other sustainable materials in key components for the first time in developing the new electric cruiser, named S2 Mulholland. The fenders were supplied by C2 Renew,

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Down On The Farm Offers Food Certifications For Hemp, Cannabis, Fruits And Vegetables

MUSKEGON - If you want to get your products whether edibles or smokables as certificated safe to consume, you need to get as General Manufactured Products or Good Agricultural Collection Practice, you need to work with Blain Becktold, who worked for the US Department of Agriculture for nearly three decades. Bechtold now owns Down on

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Biden Administration To Loan $1.5 Billion To Restart Shuttered Palisades Nuclear Plant In Southwest Michigan

COVERT TOWNSHIP  - The Biden administration on Wednesday announced a $1.5 billion loan to restart a Michigan nuclear power plant. The loan, made through the Energy Department’s Loan Program’s Office with Inflation Reduction Act funds, will allow Holtec to restart the Palisades Nuclear Plant in Covert Township. The restoration, if approved by the Nuclear Regulatory

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Shape the Future of MITechNews: Your Opinion Matters

Welcome to our MITechNews community survey! We are on a mission to ensure our website serves as a dynamic, insightful hub for technology enthusiasts like you. Your perspectives and preferences are crucial in guiding the evolution of our content, features, and overall user experience. This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and

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Stellantis To Fire 400 White-Collar Workers To Remain Competitive In EV Market

OAK PARK - A mechanical engineer knew something was wrong when the rumor mill at work began to spin: layoffs were incoming.  They had begun to trickle into the office a couple of weeks ago. Then, around 8 p.m. on Thursday, about 400 workers at Stellantis got an email telling them not to come into the office on

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Michigan February Cannabis Sales $261.1 Million, Up 10 Percent From January

LANSING - Michigan cannabis sales in February totaled $261.1 million, up nearly 10 percent from the $242.8 recorded in January. Total includes both adult-use and medical sales. Adult-use sales were $257.9 million, and medical only $2.2 million. For medical cannabis the average ounce sales price was $102.16 and for adult-use $91.94, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency reported.

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DEA Officials At Odds With Biden Admin Over Marijuana Rescheduling Push

WASHINGTON DC - Officials with the Drug Enforcement Administration are reportedly resisting calls to reschedule marijuana, creating tension with the White House as President Joe Biden continues to tout his role in directing the cannabis review. That’s according to an article published by The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, with the report citing “people familiar

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Public Service Commission Approves $92 Million Consumers Energy Rate Increase

LANSING - The Michigan Public Service Commission approved a more than $92 million increase in rates for electric customers of Consumers Energy Co., including significant emphasis on investments needed to improve reliability (Case No. U-21389). The $92,009,000 increase is 57.4% lower than the $216 million rate increase the utility sought in its initial application. Consumers

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