Michigan NORML’s Rick Thompson With Cannabis News Jan 25 Edition

ANN ARBOR - Michigan NORML Executive Director Rick Thompson gives you the top cannabis news from Michigan and beyond in this video update on Four20 Post Live, streaming video interviews with Michigan’s business cannabis leaders. Email him with your news tips at [email protected]

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Four20 Post Successor To Michigan Marijuana Report

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Marijuana Report has officially become Four20 Post. Dan Keelan, the co-founder, joins Mike Brennan, his business partner in that cannabis business project, to explain why and how the collection of websites, streaming video shows, educational components and even cannabis tourism can help both cannabis companies and ancillary general businesses that want

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CRA Webinar: Financial Services Guidance From Four20 Post, SBAM

LANSING - The Cannabis Regulatory Agency is hosting a webinar at 10 am Thursday Jan. 26 with Four20 Post and the Small Business Association of Michigan to help cannabis businesses get financial advice during the market consolidation roiling the Michigan adult-use market. Are you a cannabis business looking for financial advice? If you have questions

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Rick French, CEO Of French/West/Vaughan, Explains Why He Purchased Birmingham-Based Millerschin Group

ANN ARBOR - Mobility and transportation focused Millerschin Group was acquired by French/West/Vaughan, an independently held PR, advertising and digital marketing agency. Terms were not announced. Joining Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on MITech TV is Erin Millerschin, the daughter of automotive and business journalist David C. Smith, former editorial director at Ward’s Auto and

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As Russia Destroys Homes, Ukrainian Hemp Builder Builds More

LIEV, Ukraine - Before Russia launched its senseless and brutal war on Ukraine, builder Sergiy Kovalenkov was well into a mission to bring environmentally friendly, healthy hempcrete living spaces to Ukrainian citizens. With the war destroying homes in many parts of the country, Kovalenkov now finds that mission heightened as more and more Ukrainians are

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If You Are Planning Michigan Cannabis Events, Sparx & Recreation Wants To Help You Promote Them

ANN ARBOR - If your company is developing Michigan cannabis events for the first half of 2023, we want to hear from you at Sparx & Recreation. We are planning our second edition of the digital magazine that will feature cannabis events through June 30, and perhaps beyond. These events can be indoors or out.

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Michigan’s Growing Cannabis Tourism Industry

ANN ARBOR - In any given year, tourism in Michigan ranks as the second or third largest industry, vying with agriculture for the No. 2 spot. Automotive remains king. Since December 2019 when adult-use cannabis became legal in Michigan, it has become a rapidly growing tourism sub sector generating sales this year from both people

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Tom Crawford Named CFO At Ann Arbor SPARK  

ANN ARBOR — Ann Arbor SPARK announced that Tom Crawford has been contracted to serve as chief financial officer. Crawford brings to the organization a deep knowledge of financial strategy, human resources, and IT services in both the municipal and private sectors. As a senior member of the executive team, Crawford reports directly to CEO

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FDA May Enact CBD and delta-8 THC Regulatory Recommendations Within Months

WASHINGTON DC - Food and Drug Administration officials said they are taking steps to announce a plan for how to regulate cannabis-derived products like CBD and delta-8 THC in the coming months. This comes as the agency is also leading a review into marijuana’s scheduling status. Congressional Cannabis Caucus co-chairs Reps. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Dave Joyce (R-OH), 

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Retirement Reforms, Marijuana Changes Meet Veto Pens

LANSING - Lame duck legislation that mostly tightened public employee retirement options or made tweaks to the state's marijuana's law were among the 11 bills vetoed by the Gov. Whitmer. Several of the bills would have pushed an annuity product to state employees as an alternative to a retiree health care benefit, like HB 4265 , which

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