Survey: Nearly All Michigan Small Business Impacted by Coronavirus

LANSING - A new survey shows 92% of Michigan small employers are negatively impacted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a continued escalation from 76% of small employers reporting negative impacts 10 days earlier. About 3% are positively impacted. These firms are likely experiencing stronger sales due to a sharp rise in demand for

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Coronavirus Could Accelerate US Cannabis Legalization

WASHINGTON DC - As the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic piles up, U.S. cities and states are set to face significant lost revenue given the loss of business activity. But, as DataTrek Research’s Jessica Rabe writes in a note, “there’s a simple and effective solution for states and cities to help cover their huge budget shortfalls after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides:

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Study: COVID-19 Could Cost $7 Trillion, Sending Unemployment Skyrocketing

MUNCIE, Indiana – Extreme social distancing occurring in the United States is more than sufficient to create a recession as mass layoffs cause unemployment to exceed 10.5 percent nationally, says a new report from Ball State University. Within 90 days, the economic downturn caused by governmental efforts to mitigate the novel coronavirus will cause unemployment

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Former Nurse With Traumatic Brain Injury Used Cannabis To Relieve Pain

ROYAL OAK - Cannabis Educator and Advocate Nikki Lawley talks about how using cannabis helped her relieve pain from a traumatic brain injury she received from a patient. To view this video, click on

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Businesses Can Get Cash Now To Weather COVID19 Pandemic

DETROIT - Businesses that need cash now to expand, buy equipment or get a bridge loan to stay afloat, third generation banker Bob Moore may be able to help. Moore can help all businesses types with purchase order and invoice financing, just to name a few of his financial tools. Moore said businesses of all

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MRA Issues Emergency Rules To Allow Home And Curbside Delivery Via Online Sales

LANSING - The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency on Monday issued Emergency Rules in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that lets licensed provisioning center and adult-use retailer to provide home delivery services through online sales.  However, the MRA must approve the delivery procedure used by the designated licensed facility or adult-use establishment. The bulletin that

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Congressional House Veterans Affairs Committee Passes Cannabis Legislation

WASHINGTON DC - The House Veterans Affairs Committee said Thursday that it passed two pieces of legislation concerning cannabis policy. The initial bill, HR 712, the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2019, would direct the Veterans Administration to start research on marijuana in regards to service-related issues. The second bill, HR 1647, the Veterans Equal Access Act of

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The Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Detroit Postponed Due To Coronavirus

DETROIT - Due to the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus, the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Detroit, originally scheduled for April 1, has been postponed. New dates will be announced within the next couple of days. “Because of concerns from the World Health Organization over this pandemic, we are placing a priority on the health

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MITechNews Acts On Coronavirus Threat

ANN ARBOR - MITechNews.Com is offering special pricing through June 30 to cannabis, technology and business companies, including service providers impacted by lower sales due to the coronavirus business impacts. MITechNews sponsorships provide ads on its website (, in its Monday eNewsletter to 4000 subscribers, on its MITech TV videocasts ( plus another 10,000 plus social

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