Ohio Marijuana Growers, Processors First To Operate In Rec Market

COLUMBUS - Facilities that grow marijuana and create cannabis products will receive priority when the state doles out certificates of operation ahead of recreational sale in Ohio. A total of 14 dispensaries, five cultivators and six processors in this region have received provisional dual-use licensing as of this week. A few final steps remain before

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New Breathalyzer Can Detect Recent Cannabis Use In Michigan

DETROIT - A Breathalyzer designed to determine whether someone is currently under the influence of cannabis is being used by employers in Michigan and is now offered at several medical centers around the state. The device developed by California-based Hound Labs Inc. is among the first to detect recent marijuana use, distinguishing it from other

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Ohio Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries One Step Away From Sales

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control has given provisional licenses to 110 dispensaries so they can sell both medically and recreationally once they receive final approval. Of the 110, Northeast Ohio has 36. Southwest Ohio has 29, and Central Ohio has 18. Franklin County has the most with 12, Cuyahoga with 11 and

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56 Cities In Ohio Have Opted Out Of Cannabis Recreational Sales

COLUMBUS – Despite Ohioans voting to legalize recreational marijuana, dozens of municipalities in the state have passed bans with varying lengths on adult-use cannabis businesses. In November, Ohio voters passed Issue 2, which legalized recreational marijuana use for individuals 21 and older. Applications for medical dispensaries to convert to dual-use opened on June 7, and they’ll receive licenses

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80 Ohio Cannabis Dispensaries Nearly Ready For Recreational Sales

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Division of Cannabis Control had issued provisional licenses to 80 cannabis dispensaries looking to sell both medical and adult-use marijuana, including 26 in Northeast Ohio. But those dual-use licenses are just placeholders, and don’t allow them to start selling it. There’s still more regulatory legwork before they get the green light to

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Ohio Approves Dual-Use Recreational Marijuana Sales Licenses

SANDUSKY, Ohio — In a historic move, Ohio's Division of Cannabis Control has approved the first provisional dual-use recreational marijuana sales licenses. Consequently, these new dual-use recreational marijuana sales licenses will enable authorized retailers in Sandusky to begin offering both medical and recreational cannabis products to adult consumers. Moreover, the approval of these pioneering licenses

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Will Biden’s Shaky Debate Performance Affect Cannabis Reform? Trump Return Could Reshape Marijuana Policy

WASHINGTON DC - President Joe Biden's shaky debate performance this week is stirring doubts among Democrats about his viability for reelection.As doubts about the president's electability circulate, questions around federal cannabis reform anticipated under Biden's administration are also swirling. How would a return of Donald Trump to the White House influence the future of cannabis legalization? Trump And

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Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency Moves To Ban Diluting Agent Used In Vape Carts

LANSING - Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency is moving to ban a diluting agent used in vape pens that could be harmful to consumers. Starting Oct. 1, the cannabis oil used in vape pens will have to be tested for MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil before those products make it to store shelves, according to a Thursday

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Where You Can Buy Legal Cannabis In Columbus – Perhaps Within Days

COLUMBUS - Ohio has started doling out its first recreational marijuana licenses, revealing where Ohioans may soon be able to make their first purchases. Why it matters: The regulatory process has been moving quickly since applications opened on June 7. Some in the industry are speculating sales could begin in a matter of days. How it works: The new dual-use licenses will

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