Securatech Installs COVID-19 Monitoring Stations To Prevent Virus From Entering Your Business

ANN ARBOR - Rudy Patros, CEO of Securatech, a physical security company, describes one of his fastest selling products - a facial monitor that measures a visitor's temperature and makes sure they are wearing a face mask before they are allowed to enter your business. More information at   Securatech is offering a

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U-M Economists See US Growth Slowing Until COVID Vaccine Broadly Available

ANN ARBOR - University of Michigan economists expect a rebound in economic activity, falling unemployment and life returning to “close-to-normal” by the end of next year in the United States as the nation and world recover from the pandemic. Gabriel Ehrlich Still, the researchers say, the ride out of the COVID-19-induced recession affords them far

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Priority Health Offers Employer Discounts Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

GRAND RAPIDS—Officials at Priority Health will provide financial support to all large, fully funded active employer groups amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The company plans to offer premium credits to employer groups in their February 2021 invoices. Priority Health previously announced in May its plans to return any revenue above the company’s 10 percent administrative

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Securatech Offers COVID-19 Monitor That Bars Entry If Visitor Not Wearing Mask Or Has High Temperature

FARMINGTON HILLS - Securatech is offering a high-tech solution for not only cannabis companies, but also any business to comply with COVID-19 healthcare restrictions and prevent those who ignore mask mandates from entering. Securatech President Rudy Patros calls it the Temperature and Mask Monitoring Center. “You don’t want to see your operation go down because

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COVID-19 Health Update: Now 2 Vaccine Candidates

ANN ARBOR - Fred Brown, our epidemiologist, discusses the two COVID-19 vaccine candidates that have been introduced in the past week. The Moderna Therapeutics candidate may be able to get into mass production faster than the candidate developed by Pfizer, he said. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Fred has been on the discovery, development

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Pfizer Vaccine Could Be Available For High Risk People In January

ANN ARBOR - Fred Brown, an epidemiologist who works with states, nations and transition teams, evauluates not only the Pfizer vaccine announced earlier in November, but also 170 plus other vaccines in development. He remains optimistic high risks Americans will be able to get their shots in January. Brown has been working with a number

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State Of Michigan Offers Free COVID-19 Tracing App

LANSING - The state of Michigan has developed a free exposure notification app to for COVID-19 tracing called MI COVID Alert. The anonymous, no cost and voluntary app, piloted in Ingham County and on the campus of Michigan State University last month, lets users know whether they may have recently been exposed to COVID-19.  Users

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COVID-19 Health Update: Michigan Getting Hit Hard by Pandemic

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown joins us again to update what's happening to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video interview he shares slides that show the contagion is accelerating in Michigan. Brown has been working with a number of states and countries to develop models for how the virus will spread. With everyone in

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7 Transitions To A Successful COVID-19 Containment Program

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown has been advising governments, US states and both US political parties on how to contain COVID-19. He shares those 7 transitions in this video interview. With COVID spiking around the US and world, government and health care professionals need to take his advice seriously. Lives and economies are at

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How Will COVID-19 Impact US Elections Nov. 3?

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown offers a slide show he prepared for one of the two major US political parties that predicts how the pandemic could impact in-person voting. More than two-thirds of the states now are experiencing steep peaks for COVID-19 contagion levels. President | Chief Operating Officer , Fred Brown

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