Pure Michigan Business Connect Matches PPE Needs With Suppliers

ANN ARBOR - Bobby Chasnis, director of the Pure Michigan Business Connect program, and Colin Dillon talks about the Pure Michigan Connect PPE matchmaking efforts, plus announced a new ad campaign called Michigan’s Arsenal of Innovation. PMBC matches those in need of Personal Protective Equipment with those that supply PPEs. PMBC is offering a procurement

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Researchers Develop Cloth For Face Mask That Could Inactivate COVID-19

DETROIT - Researchers are working to develop cloth that could inactivate or repel coronaviruses—ideally including the one that causes COVID-19—and other pathogens. People can transfer infectious particles to their hands if they touch the front of a mask during use or when they remove gowns or other PPE, according to Chandan Sen, director of the

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With Michigan Reopening For Business, Where Does COVID-19 Contagion Stand?

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown updates the level of COVID-19 spread in Michigan now that the state is reopening many of its businesses. Michigan has kept the pandemic under control since March. But what about the future? Watch this video to learn more. Brown’s expertise includes: • COO – Leading Health Big

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COVID 2020 App Can Predict Where Virus Will Spread

ANN ARBOR - Chris Malter from COVID 2020 talks about his new app that can be used to predict where the next virus hotspots will break out. He is interviewed by infectious disease expert Fred Brown, who worked on teams that helped find treatments for Ebola and AIDs.   About the COVEX 2020 App: 

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Soter Creates Device To Detect COVID-19 In Seconds To Reopen Sports/Entertainment Venues

ANN ARBOR - Ari Reuben, and Larry Shattuck from Soter Technologies explains how their new screening device - similar in size to an airport metal screener - can measure in seconds four vital indicators on whether a person is infected with COVID-19. It has the potential to reopen shuttered sports and entertainment venues. If someone

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Canada’s 3DQue Systems Uses Software To Create Moldless Products

ANN ARBOR - Stephanie Sharp, CEO of 3DQue Systems, pivoted from 3D printing auto products to Personal Protection Equipment for Canadian first responders and healthcare workers. Her company's wrinkle is they use software to craft these products in large quantities, rather than molds. 3DQue Systems Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, produces automated digital manufacturing systems

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Guardhat Adds Software For COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring, Contact Tracing

DETROIT—Officials at the Detroit-based workplace safety equipment developer Guardhat announced a partnership with the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based facial recognition security software firm Oloid. Guardhat officials said the partnership will empower organizations to operate under the recommendations of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for social distancing and elevated body temperature scanning by integrating a

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Covid-19 Update: Smart Coronavirus Adapting To Tests, Treatments

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown tells you what to do should you want to fly on a commercial aircraft flight to avoid catching COVID-19 and giving it to anyone else. President | Chief Operating Officer Fred Brown Management Consulting, LLC C-suite strategy and operations consulting to healthcare providers, insurers and suppliers. •

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Windsor’s Harbour Tech Pivots To Making PPE Machines

WINDSOR, Ontario - Harbour Tech answered the Canadian government's call to shift from making precision machinery for the auto and nuclear industries to making Personal Protective Equipment such as N95 masks and hospital gowns. HARBOUR TECHNOLOGIES LTD. is a third generation, family run company with over 45 years of manufacturing experience, specializing in custom

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Epidemiologist Fred Brown: COVID-19 Testing Update

ANN ARBOR - If you want to know more about the status of testing for COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus, Epidemiologist Fred Brown provides all the details in this video interview. You are going to want to watch. Connect with me using: [email protected] LION | LinkedIn Open Networker. Business-builder experienced in all aspects of

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