Canada To Open Border For Vaccinated Americans Aug. 9

OTTAWA, Canada - Fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents will be allowed to enter Canada for non-essential travel beginning Aug. 9, Canadian government ministers announced Monday. The announcement marked the first step toward opening the country's border for all international tourists. Non-essential travel to Canada has been banned since March 2020, and Canada's public safety

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MMS Holdings Selected To Support COVID-19 Data Alliance Initiative

CANTON - Health Data Research UK has selected Canton-based MMS Holdings – a data-focused clinical research organization – to support the International COVID-19 Data Alliance initiative, providing data engineering services to support a globally coordinated, health data-led research response to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. MMS was selected from a pool of some of the world’s

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Survey: 43 Percent Of US Workers Question Need To Return To Workplace

NEW YORK -More and more offices plan to reopen their doors in the coming months, but will their workers show up? Amid higher productivity, 43 percent question the wisdom of returning to the workplace at all. The new survey by The Conference Board reveals a notable shift in employees’ greatest return-to-work concerns. Once dominant fears

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J.D. Power: Business Happy With Broadband

TROY–Business broadband customer satisfaction remains high even as most businesses are returning to normal in the wake of the pandemic, according to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Business Wireline Study. The study also reveals that, while email is the preferred communication channel, communicating by phone yields higher satisfaction. “As restrictions ease, business customers continue to

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June 9 Virtual Detroit Town Hall Focuses On COVID Vaccination Education For Persons With Disabilities

DETROIT – On June 9, the Detroit Urban Solutions will present a virtual Town Hall about COVID vaccination education and information aimed at persons with disabilities. The 12:15 pm zoom event was created by the City of Detroit Public Health Department (City of Detroit Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair, Christopher Samp, Director of Disability

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MPSC’s Summer Energy Appraisal: Pandemic’s Impact On Energy Demand  And Prices Continues To Drive  Uncertainty   

LANSING - As restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are eased and economic activity rebounds, Michiganders can expect higher gas prices in summer 2021 than they were a year ago, but overall projections on energy supply and demand remain uncertain as the state continues to adjust to the impacts of the pandemic. Higher expected gasoline prices are

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Pfizer Vaccine Approved For Teens – Fred Brown Updates

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown, in his final video interview, updates the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine that now has been approved for teenagers. He also talks about whether you should wear a mask inside and outside. Brown has taken a position with a government agency that does not want him to release his studies ahead

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Why IT Is Important For You To Get A COVID Vaccination

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown returns to MITech TV to talk about why it is so important to get vaccinated for COVID-19. He also provides details on treatments available should you get the COVID virus. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams of 27 major pharmaceutical,

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Nearly $11 Billion In COVID-19 Relief Funds Available For Michigan

LANSING - The Biden administration on Monday opened up its request line for some $350 billion in funds to help state, county and local governments recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly $11 billion available for Michigan and its communities. "With this funding, communities hit hard by COVID-19 will able to return to a semblance of

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COVID Update: Michigan Battling Virus Surge – New Normal Not Until Fall

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown updates his latest COVID-19 models that take into account the surge in COVID-19 cases in Michigan and warns that the new normal may not begin until fall, rather than by the Fourth of July. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams

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