Skilled Laborers Brigade Making PPEs For Healthcare Professionals Battling COVID-19

ANN ARBOR - Shannon O'Hara has cobbled together 500 tailors in metro New York to sew washable hospital gowns to protect healthcare professionals from COVID-19. She's looking to connect with tailors nationwide to join her brigade. She's also looking for tailors to join her brigade in Michigan.  

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Pandemic Meets Robotics In LTU Student’s Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

SOUTHFIELD - It’s certainly hard to find any fun in the many precautions demanded by the Coronavirus pandemic. But a computer science student at Lawrence Technological University has managed to come up with one for youthful robot builders. Joe Schulte has designed a robot that automatically dispenses hand sanitizer. He said the robot took him

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DetroitSewn Shifts To Stitching Hospital Masks To Meet COVID-19 PPE Shortage

PONTIAC - DetroitSewn is joining a lot of Michigan companies pivoting production to meet the healthcare Personal Protective Equipment needs for hospitals triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of sewing custom and industrial apparel, owner Karen Buscemi has her staff sewing cotton washable reusable hospital masks. Last week she had eight people stitching twill-tie and

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COVID-19 Update: U-M Seeks PPE Gear Donations For Workers, Patients

ANN ARBOR - Right now, health care workers at the University of Michigan’s hospitals and clinics have the gear they need to protect themselves and others as they care for patients with COVID-19. But with the number of COVID-19 patients rising daily, leaders at Michigan Medicine are asking for the community’s help in donating supplies

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Canadian Doctor Turns One Ventilator Into Nine With DIY Mechanics – Impresses Elon Musk

ONTARIO, Canada - A Canadian doctor has rigged up a ventilator with do-it-yourself mechanics to treat nine patients instead of one. Dr Alain Gauthier, an anesthetist at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital in Ontario, has a PhD in respiratory mechanics According to CBC News, the physician got the idea after watching YouTube videos created by two

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Infectious Disease Expert Fred Brown: Coronavirus – Policy Recommendations

ANN ARBOR - In my experience of being directly involved managing outbreaks in the past – H5N1 and AIDS – the COVID 19 outbreaks will get worse and last longer than most in the U.S believe today.  I wrote my first communication 20 days ago on March 2, 2020 because I am concerned that people

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Infectious Disease Expert Fred Brown: What Governments Need To Do To Stem Pandemic, Repair US Economy

ROYAL OAK - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown tells governments what they need to do to not only stem the COVID-19 Pandemic, but also rebuild the U.S. Economy. Brown is Chief Operating Officer for Fred Brown Management Consulting. Brown's expertise includes: • COO - Leading Health Big Data Company supplying integrated systems development and

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Petoskey Plastics To Make Isolation Gowns For McLaren Health Care

PETOSKEY - Petoskey Plastics, a Northern Michigan manufacturing company, has begin manufacturing 10,000 gowns per day to supply McLaren Health Care hospitals across the state.  "This urgent, proactive action by Petoskey Plastics will help maintain the safety of thousands of patients and staff across the state of Michigan," said Todd Burch, chief executive officer of

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