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Augusto Joins Alliance To Advance Healthcare Interoperability

GRAND RAPIDS - Augusto reports it is the first West Michigan-based software company to join InterOp.Community, a new nation-wide alliance offering open source sandboxes to advance healthcare Interoperability. A sandbox is a virtual environment that accelerates developers’ ability to create and test software applications for the healthcare industry. Augusto’s participation will produce faster-to-market applications that

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Almost 6 Billion Accounts Affected By Data Breaches In 2021

DETROIT - The year 2021 was record-breaking in terms of the sheer size of data breaches. According to the data collected and analyzed by the Atlas VPN team, 5.9 billion accounts were affected by data breaches throughout 2021. Atlas VPN has retrieved and calculated the numbers of breached accounts based on multiple publicly available sources.

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Centaris Acquires Rochester Hills VisiCom Services 

STERLING HEIGHTS - Centaris, formed in 2021 through a merger between the Center for Computer Resources and Business Communication Systems, has acquired Rochester Hills-based VisiCom Services, Inc. Centaris, which serves more than 1,500 businesses nationwide and is headquartered in Sterling Heights, made the acquisition of the Oakland County firm official on December 22, 2021. VisiCom’s

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Will Russian Cyber Attacks On USA Come After Ukrainian Invasion?

ANN ARBOR - When Russia invades the Ukraine in the next week or so, according to US Intelligence Reports, will the US response provoke Russia into attacking the US power grid? Richard Stiennon, founder of IT-Harvest, and author of the Book, "There will be Cyberwar," weighs in on that question in this video interview. Already

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How The Pandemic Has Changed Executive Searches: Executive Search Partner’s Gary Erickson Explains

ANN ARBOR - The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the pace of business and companies with superior technology capabilities are winning the race, says Executive Search Partners' Gary Erickson. Now companies are looking for CIOs (Chief Information Officers) with business improvement track records, and not just technological expertise, he says. If you are looking for

Battery Breakthrough Provides Five Times The Driving Range Of Lithium-Ion At A Lower Price

ANN ARBOR - Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new battery technology that could create electric vehicle batteries with five times the capacity of the industry-standard lithium ion batteries used today. A network of aramid nanofibers, recycled from Kevlar, can enable lithium-sulfur batteries to overcome their Achilles heel of cycle life—the number

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The Russians Are Coming, Pandemic Rewards Companies With Best Tech, TerryWorldWide Moving Into Detroit Cannabis

ANN ARBOR – The Russians are coming! Well expect Russian-backed black hats to continue their attacks on the Ukraine, and possibly turn their focus on America once the invasion begins, warns cybersecurity experts including Richard Stiennon of IT-Harvest in Birmingham. Richard will be featured Jan. 17 on MITech TV starting at 2 pm. Also on

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CitySide Ventures Launches $10 Million Angel Fund By Investing In Three Start-Ups

BIRMINGHAM – CitySide Ventures has launched its $10 million Great Lakes Angels Fund by investing an undisclosed amount of money in three start-up companies. David Weaver, CitySide Chief Investment Officer, said more early-stage capital is available to keep new companies in Michigan and grow the Michigan ecosystem. “We don’t see any lack of exciting early-stage

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Marburger STEM Center AT LTU Update With Sibina Collins

ANN ARBOR - Sibrina Collins, Executive Director of the Marburger STEM Center at Lawrence Technological University, updates what the program she leads will be offering students this year. She also introduces STEM Ambassador Daniel Kagan, a duel major in Architecture and Civil Engineering. You can find out more at www.ltu.edu/Stem-Center https://youtu.be/94Geo0mSrCM

New Small Business Applications Hit Record In 2021, Expected To Continue In 2022

WASHINGTON DC –  Small business formations hit record numbers in 2021, a trend expected to continue in 2022 as many Americans pursue their dream of owning their own business, according to meta-data analysis by SCORE, mentors to America’s small businesses and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration. New small business applications steadily

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