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Founder of Michigan News Network, and serves as CEO, as well as Editor & Publisher of MITECHNEWS.COM. Brennan has worked since 1980 as a technology writer at newspapers in New York, NY, San Jose, CA., Seattle, WA., Memphis, TN., Detroit, MI., and London, England. He co-founded and served as managing editor of Pacific Rim News Service (SEATTLE), which developed a network of more than 100 freelance journalists in 17 Asia-Pacific countries.

Kalkushka Lounge & Midwest iHemp Expo Details On Four20 Post Live

ANN ARBOR - On Four20 Post Live, Erin Newcomb, Director of Retail Operations, for Botanical, updates the company’s new consumption lounge opening June 1. Dave Crabill, president of iHemp Michigan, tells cannabis folks why they should attend the Midwest Hemp and Cannabis Conference Friday and Saturday at the Lansing Center. He is joined by Laurie

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Cannabis Banking Expands With BankMichigan

ANN ARBOR - It's tough to find a bank that will work with you if you're in the Cannabis and Hemp business in Michigan. But now BankMichigan has expanded its reach into both business sectors with commercial loans and more. To find out what is now available, watch this short video interview with Aaron Ambinder

Ann Arbor To Install 80 EV Charging Stations At Seven Parking Structures

ANN ARBOR – The City of Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations, in collaboration with the Downtown Development Authority, is working to expand public electric vehicle charging in downtown parking facilities. “We are excited to see this significant expansion of EV charging infrastructure in our downtown and are thankful for the collaboration with the

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Climate Limit Of 1.5C Close To Breaking Signaling Drastic Global Changes

LONDON, UK - The probability of one of the next five years surpassing the limit is now 50 percent, up from 20 percent in 2020. The year the world breaches for the first time the 1.5C global heating limit set by international governments is fast approaching, a new forecast shows. The probability of one of

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MIT Makes Seawater Drinkable With Press Of A Button

BOSTON - Researchers have made a spectacular breakthrough after making a device that can change seawater into clear, drinkable water at the press of a button. The exciting technology can rid the water of salt molecules, bacteria and viruses by zapping it with electricity. This means there is no need for replacement filters or high-pressure

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New Battery Type Provides Low-Cost, Long-Term Energy Storage

DETROIT - A new battery design could allow for more affordable, long-term energy storage, a press statement from Imperial College London reveals. The Imperial team of engineers and chemists developed a polysulfide-air redox flow battery (PSA RFB) with two membranes. This dual membrane design provides a workaround for some of the issues with PSA RFB, meaning it could

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Michigan Council Of Women In Technology Update With Kathleen Norton-Schock

ANN ARBOR - Kathleen Norton-Schock returns in May to interview co-host Mike Brennan who attended the Michigan Council of Women in Technology Executive forum last week to get his reaction to the event. She also shares some of the scheduled summer events - including golf outings in Southeast and Southwest Michigan - that help fund

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Report: Recession Worries Loom Even As Economic Indicators Stable

GRAND RAPIDS - A report contends while economic indicators remain stable or are even on the rise, worry over interest rates, inflation and continued supply chain issues have many leaders and economists predicting a recession. Brian G. Long, director of Supply Management Research in the Seidman College of Business, said multiple factors create talk of

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Auto Expert Michelle Krebs Updates EVs, Insane Auto Prices

ANN ARBOR - Michelle Krebs from Cox Automotive, which publishes AutoTrader.Com and KellyBlueBook.Com, joins Matt and Mike to talk about auto trends. Electric Vehicles, EVs for short, dominate automakers plans worldwide. She also discussed new and used auto prices that have soared because of supply chain problems couple with huge demand. The average new vehicle

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Deadline To Apply For $100K Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest May 12

DETROIT – For entrepreneurs seeking funding to open a retail storefront in Detroit, Highland Park, or Hamtramck, the deadline is fast approaching to enter the 2022 Comerica Hatch Detroit Contest in hopes of winning $100,000 from Comerica Bank. Interested applicants with a retail concept looking to open a brick-and-mortar location can submit their business plans

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