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Industry 4.0 Pitch Competition and Conference Dec 7

SOUTHFIELD - Manu-Tech Pitch Competition 2022: Catalyzing Sustainability in Domestic Manufacturing. Scott Phillips, manufacturing expert in residence at Lawrence Technology University, provides details on the Manu-Tech Pitch Competition Dec. 7. It is focused on Industry 4.0 technologies. To register, click on https://pmbc.connect.space/manu-tech-2022/agenda https://youtu.be/WvW9cu6NQQA

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Continental Receives $1.6 Billion Order For Semi-Dry Brake System

FRANKFURT, Germany - Continental reported it has received a major award in the third quarter for the series production of its semi-dry brake system (also known as Future Brake System, FBS), valued about $1.6 billion. This success increases the liftetime sales to more than $2 billion for this new system. The start of series production

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Report: Michigan Life Sciences Businesses Grow At Rate Higher Than National Average

ANN ARBOR - Michigan's biosciences industry statewide grew 22 percent in 2021 to include 2,429 companies. The information is contained in  Biotechnology Innovation Organization tenth biennial report “The U.S. Bioscience Industry: Fostering Innovation and Driving America’s Economy Forward” with new employment and economic impact data (through 2021) for the nation’s biosciences industry The report, produced

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NASA Study: Sea Level Along U.S. Coastlines Could Rise 12 Inches By 2050

WASHINGTON DC - A new NASA study indicates that the sea level along U.S. coastlines could rise more than a foot by the year 2050, at the high end of previous estimates, a development with potentially serious consequences. NASA's Sea Level Change Team analyzed nearly three decades of satellite observations before reaching this conclusion. While

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5 Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most From Social Media

Getting the most from social media is one of the ways through which businesses can build a successful brand. This is because social media is crucial when it comes to content promotion and interaction with customers. As a business owner, you need to make sure that you have identified a strategy that works for yourself

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More Tech Innovation Needed In Cannabis, Hemp Industries

ANN ARBOR - Thomas Lavigne, the managing partner of Cannabis Counsel, one of the oldest Cannabis-focused law firms in the country, says the Michigan technology industry needs to innovate in the cannabis and hemp sectors to produce products that serve public needs. For instance, he says in Hemp, the non psychoactive part of the marijuana

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CitySideVentures Offers Funding, Investment Opportunities

BIRMINGHAM - If you are a tech startup looking for seed funding, or if you are someone with a lot of money tied up in your retirement plan, you need to watch this interview with CitySideVentures Director David Weaver. CitySideVentures has a $10 million pre-seed fund that already has invested in dozens of tech startups.

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Motor City ISSA Nov. 17: Using A CSF To Create Policy Documents

SOUTHFIELD - Running an information security organization is often very reactive. As you fight your way through the jungle of chaos, you realize that you need rules, regulations and controls to build a fortress to shelter your valuable against risks and threats. But how do you get and keep everything under control? With your information

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Hydrogen Separation Technique Recovers Clean Energy From Unrecyclable Waste

MANCHESTER, UK - A team of experts at The University of Manchester led by Dr Amir Keshmiri have received government funding to work with Powerhouse Energy Plc - a world-leading UK company specialising in treatment of unrecyclable wastes - to help recover hydrogen for clean energy use. This project will develop and validate a novel and inexpensive game-changing

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