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LTU President Tarek Sobh Announces New College Of Health Sciences

SOUTHFIELD - Lawrence Technological University President Tarek Sobh joins MITech TV to announce the formation of a fifth college within the university—the College of Health Sciences. Dr. Sobh said the decision reflects the university’s addition of several healthcare education programs over the past six years, with more to come. LTU introduced a Bachelor of Science

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MCWT College Scholarship Deadline Midnight Jan 31

ANN ARBOR - Kathleen Norton-Schock returns to update all things Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Joining her is new MCWT President Jill Maiarano who reminds college-bound women that the deadline to apply for the MCWT Scholarship program is Midnight Jan. 31. Details at MCWT.Org https://youtu.be/231LyrfIIhY

LTU’s New College Of Health Sciences, Dokidokon Anime And Gaming, MCWT’s New President

On MITech TV Jan. 30, Dr. Sobh, LTU President, talks about new college of Health Sciences. Then Jason Reynolds promotes the Dokidokon Anime and Gaming Convention Returns to Kalamazoo this July. Kathleen Norton-Schock introduces Jill Maiorano, 2023's NEW MCWT President. You can view previous shows at www.mitechnews.com      

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Pawl Steps Down As Chief Mobility Officer, Managing Director Named Interim

LANSING – On Friday the Whitmer Administration announced Kathryn Snorrason has been named Interim Chief Mobility Officer and head of the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification after now former Chief Mobility Officer, Trevor Pawl, stepped down Jan. 27. “I want to thank Trevor for his service to Michigan and his comprehensive vision for mobility

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Quarterhorse, the Air Force’s Next Hypersonic Aircraft, Has Taken an Epic Leap

WASHINGTON DC - Few planes ignite the awe-inspiring passions of aviation nerds quite like the SR-71 Blackbird. From its stealthy design to its secretive history, the Blackbird simply screams cool—and it also helps that it’s the fastest air-breathing (a.k.a. “not a rocket”) crewed aircraft in human history. Aviation company Hermeus successfully demonstrated mode transition between turbojet and

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Teaching Cybersecurity: Handbook for Teaching the Cybersecurity In A Conventional Classroom

ANN ARBOR - Teaching Cybersecurity: Handbook for Teaching the Cybersecurity in a Conventional Classroom is Tamara Shoemaker's new book on Amazon. Her co-authors are her husband Daniel Shoemaker and Ken Sigler. Shoemaker co-founded Cyber Patriots, a volunteer organization that provides cybersecurity training and competitions for middle and high school students. She's looking for cybersecurity professionals to

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Cyber Patriot, Tesla Road Trip, Four20 Post, ChatGPT

Tamara Shoemaker from Cyber Patriot joins us to talk about her new book on Amazon, "Teaching Cybersecurity: A Handbook for Teaching the Cybersecurity Body of Knowledge in a Conventional Classroom. Rachel Konrad a former Detroit Free Press auto writer is now an avid Tesla EV proponent. She wants to discuss the pros and cons of

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Tesla 1200 Mile Road Trip With Former Freep Auto Writer Rachel Konrad

ANN ARBOR - One of the knocks on Electric Vehicles is they aren't good for long road trips. Not true says Rachel Konrad, former Detroit Free Press auto writer, and now a California venture capitalist. Rachel and her family drove from the San Francisco Bay area to New Mexico in a Tesla Model Y, 1,200

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Four20 Post Successor To Michigan Marijuana Report

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Marijuana Report has officially become Four20 Post. Dan Keelan, the co-founder, joins Mike Brennan, his business partner in that cannabis business project, to explain why and how the collection of websites, streaming video shows, educational components and even cannabis tourism can help both cannabis companies and ancillary general businesses that want

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