Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM is designed to integrate STEM subjects and the art of design in the classroom. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their mathematics and science base.

Empowering Women In Technology Ann Arbor Meet Up May 2

ANN ARBOR - The Michigan Council Of Women in Technology offers women the opportunity to get plugged into key Information Technology decision makers in Michigan with a myriad of events, including golf outings, executive summits, galas and more. Updating all these events is Kathleen Norton-Schock, who help found the organization 20 years ago. The next

LEAD Prep Academy, Washtenaw CC Sign Agreement To Educate Student-Athletes

ANN ARBOR – Washtenaw Community College and LEAD Prep Academy have signed a multi-year agreement for WCC to become the preferred educational partner of LEAD Prep Academy. LEAD Prep Academy, powered by the L.E.A.D Foundation and the Legacy Center Sports Complex, will open in May at the state-of-the-art sports complex in Brighton, 15 minutes north

Scholarships Available For Black Women In STEM

DETROIT - On average, Black women in STEM earn salaries that are 45% lower than their highest-paid peers. BestColleges is committed to breaking down barriers for students in underrepresented communities, who desire careers in the most competitive fields. This year, we'll be giving away five $6,000 scholarships to Black women who are currently pursuing careers

MCWT Offers Program For Female First-Line To Middle Managers Seeking To Elevate Their Success

SOUTHFIELD - ELEVATE is an Michigan Council of Women In Technology member benefit for current and former first-line to middle managers. This 6-week program is uniquely combined with peer group exchanges and senior leader speakers to support career development and professional networking. MCWT is seeking the first-line to middle managers who want to elevate their

First Robotics 2024 Competition Opens At Lawrence Tech

SOUTHFIELD - On Jan. 6, high school students participated in a complicated, musically themed contest in which robots must move plastic rings called “notes” around a basketball-court-sized game field, with bonus points for depositing them in receptacles called “amplifiers” and guiding their robots to star on a central “stage,” is the FIRST Robotics 2024 competition

Marburger STEM Center Seeks STEM Teachers To Support

SOUTHFIELD - The Marburger STEM Center is devoted to meeting the demands of a rapidly changing world. As technology continues to advance, developing innovative STEM education will become increasingly important for society. Executive Director Jay Jessen joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on MITech TV to talk about the center and how it works with

Stonehenge Ancient Solar Calendar Linking UK To Egypt

LONDON - The mystery of Stonehenge may finally have been unravelled by researchers who say it's a giant solar calendar that may link the UK to ancient Egypt. Professor Timothy Darvill, from Bournemouth University, concluded that the site was created based on a solar year of 365.25 days to help people keep track of days,

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Michigan Council Of Women In Technology Year In Review

SOUTHFIELD - Kathleen Norton-Schock returns for to provide a year in review for the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. In this video interview on MITechTV she recaps some of the major events of 2023 and looks ahead to more in 2024. MCWT has several major fund raisers each year that include golf outings in

Leaders And Innovation In STEM Celebrated At DAPCEP Real McCoy Awards

DETROIT – The Real McCoy Awards, DAPCEP’s signature event presented by DTE Energy, took place Thursday, September 28. The much-anticipated annual awards were presented to individuals in traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) industries as well as leaders in medicine and teaching. A highlight of their year, DAPCEP students also received Jr. Real McCoy

Software Topic In The Casino Industry: Interview With Shannon Atkins From JohnSlots

The online casino industry thrives on innovation. Technological advancements, especially in software, have revolutionized players' engagement with their favorite games. Yet, few understand the intricacies and importance of software selection better than Shannon Atkins. Today, we spotlight the renowned casino software writer Shannon Atkins from JohnSlots to gain deeper insights into the casino software world.