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Editor-in-Chief at The Social Revolution.org Owner-Operator at Owner, Midwest Multi Media Management Worked at Planet Green Trees TV Worked at MILegalize Former Editor in chief at Editor, The Compassion Chronicles Worked at Repeal Today - Committee for a Safer Michigan Worked at Editor in Chief, Michigan Medical Marijuana Magazine

Cannabis News With Rick Thompson, March 1 Edition

FLINT - Michigan NORML Executive Director Rick Thompson provides the latest cannabis business news. Stories include nearly $60 million from cannabis taxes given to cities and counties that have opted into cannabis sales, nearly $52,000 per dispensary....with Ann Arbor getting $2 million alone. More info at Four20Post  https://youtu.be/slGJw8bG-e4

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Michigan NORML’s Rick Thompson With Cannabis News Jan 25 Edition

ANN ARBOR - Michigan NORML Executive Director Rick Thompson gives you the top cannabis news from Michigan and beyond in this video update on Four20 Post Live, streaming video interviews with Michigan’s business cannabis leaders. Email him with your news tips at [email protected] https://youtu.be/WOySJRSGKkg

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Cannabis Headlines With Rick Thompson

ANN ARBOR - Michigan NORML Executive Director Rick Thompson provides cannabis headlines on Four20 Post Live. Alpena bans provisioning center from curbside delivery and Judge concurs Irish Parliament flirts with adult use cannabis, but would limit it to 7 grams Michigan NORML hires MRI to do a survey with Michigan residents to modify the Medical

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‘Don’t Look Up’: UM Scientists Comment On Movie’s Climate Message

ANN ARBOR - In the new Netflix movie “Don’t Look Up,” two actors playing fictional Michigan State University astronomers discover a comet on a collision course with Earth and struggle to convince people to take them seriously. The film is a satire about society’s inability to cope with climate change. Below, several real-world scientists from

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Cannabis Headlines From Rick Thompson Executive Director Michigan NORML

ANN ARBOR - Rick Thompson, executive director of Michigan NORML, provides the latest cannabis headlines, including Kalamazoo Valley Community College to offer cannabis training programs; the Pot for Plasma drive that offers free pre-rolls for blood donations; how big will cannabis reform be nationally in 2022; and excavations in China shows the Tang Dynasty rulers

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1000 Turkey Giveaway – Rick Thompson From MINORML Explains

FLINT - Rick Thompson, Executive Director of Michigan NORML, was on hand Saturday for the 1000 Turkey Giveaway in Flint at the LightnUp Provisioning Center. The event was co-sponsored by NORML and Heroprojectusa.Org, a non-profit that works with the cannabis and hemp communities to provide funding to Veteran Service Organizations. Hero works through the Canna

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Rick Thompson Provides Latest Michigan Cannabis News Updates

ANN ARBOR - Cannabis Advocate Rick Thompson, co-host of Jazz Cabbage Cafe, provides the Four20Post Michigan Cannabis news on Sept. 9. Rick co-hosts Four20Post each Wednesday at 1 pm. You can find archived video interviews at www.mimarijuanareport.com. https://youtu.be/ZVUbMxYUiUo

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Optimism Surrounds The Michigan Cannabis Market

LANSING- Although Michigan’s sales of recreational cannabis have lagged behind Illinois’ cash register totals, a leading expert on investments predicts Michigan’s market to be stronger in the long term. Similarly, a recent census reveals a dramatic loss of jobs in the cannabis industry as MMFLA rules were enacted- but a well-known industry figure says that

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Advocates Force Change In Controversial Michigan Anti-Cannabis Campaign

LANSING- Consumer outrage over an anti-cannabis campaign has seemingly forced its removal from social media outlets. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) produced a series of six videos which, according to a spokesperson, were intended to discourage youth use of cannabis. Released in December, the video campaign was recently discovered by cannabis

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