MITech TV: Segway CEO, Hemp For Michigan Farmers, Automation Alley Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 21 at 2 pm, Kathleen Norton-Schock interviews Segway CEO John E. Smith. Then two executives from the Industrial Hemp Association of Michigan (iHemp) talks about the 20,000 uses of Hemp and how Michigan farmers can benefit. Then Tom Kelly, CEO of Automation Alley, updates what’s happening with the

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Industry 4.0, Healthcare Bootcamp, Electrifly Detroit, Hero Project, Four20 Academy

ANN ARBOR - Dan Randomski updates that latest news from the Lawrence Technological University’s Centrepolis Accelerator. Brandon Roderick Tucker provides details on a new four-week healthcare course at Washtenaw Community College. Moody Mattan co-founder of BrandXR provides deep dive into Electrif;y Detroit. Dan Keelan, a partner in Hero Project, explains how it will benefit Veterans.

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MITech TV: Low-Cost Broadband, Russian Ransomware Branded Terrorism, Amazon Prime Day Strategy, Hemp Frisbees

ANN ARBOR - Great guests lined up for MITech TV Monday June 7 at 2 pm led by Lt. Gov. Gilchrist who will provide details on a new state program to provide low-cost broadband to those in need. Dan Lohrmann will discuss Russian ransomware attacks and an appropriate response to Vladimir Putin by President Biden.

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MITech TV May 24: MCWT, Cyber Patriot, Smart Factories, Michigan Celebrates Small Biz

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV May 24 at 2 pm, Kathleen Norton-Shock returns to update all the latest news and events with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and her podcast, Diva Tech Talk. Tamara Shoemaker provides details on the Cyber Patriot program for grade school students to become cybersecurity pros. Jennifer Deamud

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LTU’s Artificial Intelligence Degree, Should You Wear A Face Mask To Battle COVID?

ANN ARBOR – On MiTech TV May 17, LTU Provost Tarek Sobh joins Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on MITech TV to provide details on Lawrence Tech’s new Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree. Epidemiologist Fred Brown weighs into the controversy about when someone should wear a face mask to protect them and others

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MITech TV: Ransomware, Digital Platforms, COVID Vaccines And More

ANN ARBOR – On MiTech TV May 10, Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann broke down the Colonial Pipleline ransomware attack. IndensifyDigital CEO Joe Tori updated his new platform that lets companies deploy Social Media campaigns. Epidemiologist Fred Brown updated the massive COVID massive outbreak in India and what that means to the world. You can watch

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Social Equity Fund, MCWT, Diva Tech Talk, COVID Variant Update 

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV May 3, Connie Maxim-Sparrow announces the Social Equity Fund. Kathleen Norton-Schock updates the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and Diva Tech Talk. Fred Brown provides details about the COVID-19 variants sweeping the world. MITECH TV is live on Facebook Monday’s from 2 to 3 pm. To watch click here. You also

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MITech TV: Social Media Trends, MCWT News, COVID-19 Vaccines Updates

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV at 2 pm April 26, Melih Oztalay updates the latest social media trends and techniques. Kathleen Norton-Schock updates what’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and her own podcast, Diva Tech Talk. And Fred Brown, an epidemiologist who works with states and nation states, updates the

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MITech TV: STEM Internship Reimbursement, Russian Hack Update, COVID Cases In Michigan Accelerate

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV April 19 at 2 pm, Bill Mayer from Ann Arbor SPARK will provide details on a STEM internship salary reimbursement program. Richard Stiennon from IT-Harvest will update what we have learned about Solarwinds hack and the impact President Biden’s retaliatory sanctions on Russian cyber companies will have. Fred Brown,

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Cyber Insurance, $500 Million Detroit Rock Financial Donation, COVID Pandemic Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV March 29, Terry Bean talks about the cyber insurance he's offering. Laura Grannemann from Rocket Community Fund provides back story on $500 million donation to Detroit.  Epidemiologist Fred Brown updates COVID vaccine distribution progress, how US and Michigan are coping with pandemic. MITECH TV is live on Facebook Monday’s

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