Conversation With Exec. Recruiter, Diva Tech Talk And MCWT, Concrete Toboggan Team, MI Pure Med Greenhouse

ROYAL OAK – On MITech TV Jan. 27, Gary Erickson from Executive Search Partners kicks off a new monthly series “Conversations with an Executive IT Recruiter.” Kathleen Norton-Schock updates Diva Tech Talk and MCWT. Chris Bragg from LTU’s Engineering College describes the Concrete Toboggan team. Michigan Pure Med CEO Mike Elias provides details on his

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MITech TV: Data Driven Reform, Cyber Patriot, Smart Bracket, Cannabiz Connection

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist will discuss his latest column on MITechNews.Com, “Driving Data to Drive Reform.” Tamara Shoemaker, head of Michigan’s  Cyber Patriot program, will interview Detroit-Mercy’s cybersecurity chair Dr. Gregory Laidlaw, Patrick Anderson will explain how he uses his AI platform to power Smart Bracket, a tool to

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MITech TV: Benzinga, Entry Point, Xfinity Advanced Security

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast - now MITech TV - Jan. 13 Jason Raznick, the Founder of Benzinga, talks about what’s in store for his FinTech publication this year.  Molly Theis, formerly with the Michigan Venture Capital Association, talks about her new role as community engagement manager for Entry Point. Rob Ponto from Comcast

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2019 In Review, Tech, Ransomware – 2020 Predictions For Tech, Cannabis Jobs

ROYAL OAK – On the first M2 videocast of 2020, Dan Lohrmann will discuss the top cybersecurity stories of 2019, including the rise of ransomware attacks on governments. Rick Thompson will speculate on what will happen in the Cannabis business market in 2020. Gary Baker will predict top trends in Information Technology, including 5G, Artificial

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M2 Techcast: Cyber Patriot, Tech Law, LTU History Project, Supported Intelligence

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity professional Tamara Shoemaker explains her Cyber Patriot program for kids. Attorney Enrico Schaefer updates the latest in tech law. Lawrence Tech History Professor Jason Barrett discusses the Grand Challenge Research Competition. Supported Intelligence COO TK Eppley outlines what he brings to the Artificial Intelligence company. M2 Techcast is live Monday’s from

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MITech TV: MCWT, Diva Tech Talk, Cybersecurity, Hemp Processing, Tech248

ROYAL OAK - Matt Roush returns Monday Dec. 9 as co-host of MITech TV. Our guests include Kathleen Norton-Schock who will talk MCWT and Diva Tech Talk end of year wrap. Richard Stiennon returns to scare us all with cybersecurity hacks. Dale Hermiller will announce his Hemp processing facility for farmers. While Greg Doyle will

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Cannabis Update: Vape Ban, Physical Security, Hemp Law, Recreational Sales Begin

ROYAL OAK - Cannabis is again the focus of M2 Techcast - now MITech TV - as Michigan allowed recreational cannabis sales on Sunday. Today’s show begins with Penny Milkey from Northern Specialty Health in Houghton - who has not yet received her recreational sale license - will talk about the prohibition on Vape sales

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Cannabis Legal Group, Industry Association, Stock Predictions, Jungle Control

ROYAL OAK – Barton Morris, founder of the Cannabis Legal Group, will discuss the roadside oral fluid testing pilot program. Ryan Basore has launched a line of cannabis products called Redemption, and helped launch the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. Ken Harrell, Michigan’s most notable cannabis stock market expert, will discuss the 2020 Cannabis stock outlook. Finally Mike

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Supported Intelligence, Cyber Patriot, Great Lakes Hemp Supplements, MILegalize

ROYAL OAK – On M2 Techcast Nov. 4 – Now MITech TV – Economist Patrick Anderson will announce his Artificial Intelligence company, Supported Intelligence, has been awarded a patent. Chris Sorensen will explain the Cyber Patriot program. Michael Thue of Great Lakes Hemp Supplements updates his Traverse City CBD products. Finally, Jamie Lowell, a Board

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Cannabis Expert Rick Thompson To Co-Host M2 Techcast In November

ROYAL OAK – M2 Techcast, a live Internet TV show focused on business, technology and now the Cannabis business, will have a guest host in November – Rick Thompson, owner of the Cannabis Business Development Group, and radio show host of Jazz Cabbage Café. Rick Thompson Our regular co-host, Matt Roush, formerly editor of the

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