Diva Tech Talk, MCWT, Plante Moran, Cybernoor, CloudTVNetwork Focus Of M2 Techcast

ROYAL OAK - On Feb. 18, Kathleen Norton-Schock returns for her monthly update of Diva Tech Talk and the Michigan Council of Women In Technology. Rajiv Das, the former chief information security officer for the State of Michigan, will talks about his new job as head - head of the cybersecurity practice at Plante Moran.

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Tech 248 Update: Apprenti Program, Augmented Reality Manufacturing At the Speed Of Light

ROYAL OAK - Oakland County’s Greg Doyle talks about some technology initiatives available including the Apprenti program that teaches tech skills at Oakland Community College to prepare them for on-the-job training at an Oakland County tech employer. The funding comes from Workforce Development Network, costing employers zero dollars. The introduction was held on Feb. 13.

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CAVita’s Einsig Outlines CAV Track At IoT TechConnect.Com

ROYAL OAK - CAVita Principle Barry Einsig joins Matt and Mike to talk about the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle track at IoT TechConnect, a full-day conference on everything about the Internet of Things that is scheduled for April 29 at the Michigan Science Center. CAVita and its parent company, Econolite, are sponsoring the three-hour track

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Invest Detroit Ventures Portfolio Company Alerje Offers Low-Cost Epinephrine Pens

ROYAL OAK - Invest Detroit Ventures Tember Shea interviews portfolio company Javier Evelyn, Founder & CEO of Alerje, which is developing a low-cost epinephrine pen that is housed on the back of a smart phone. The healthcare startup has raised $300,000 so far and hopes to raise another  round in seven figures this summer. Javier

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BullsEye Telecom’s New CEO To Transform Company, Upgrade Staff Tech Skills

ROYAL OAK - Tom Tisko, BullsEye Telecom's New CEO, joins Matt and Mike on M2 Techcast to talk about how he plans to transform the nearly 20 year old Southfield, MI., based company and upgrade the technology skills of its more than 200 employees. Tom Tisko To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e158-tom-tisko-bullseye-telecoms-new-ceo

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BullsEye Telecom CEO, Invest Detroit Ventures, CAVita And IoT TechConnect, Tech248 Update

ROYAL OAK - BullsEye Telecom’s new CEO Tom Tisko talks about the changes he is making. Invest Detroit Ventures Tember Shea interviews portfolio company Javier Evelyn, Founder & CEO of Alerjea. CAVita Principle Barry Einsig explains why his company is sponsoring the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle track at IoTTechConnect. Tech248’s Greg Doyle updates what’s happening

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Project Raven – US Mercenaries Working For UAE To Hack Enemies – Stiennon Tells All

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity experts Richard Stiennon takes a deep dive into Project Raven - a team of American mercenaries hired by the United Arab Emirates to hack its enemies. The story is non-fiction, but sounds like a fictionalized cyber spy novel.  He also updates other scary cyber threats like the Apple Facetime bug that

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MISBDC New State Director Collins Talks Helping Michigan’s Small Businesses Grow

ROYAL OAK - J.D. Collins, the new State Director for the Michigan Small Business Development Center, introduces himself and explains what the MISBDC does to help entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. J.D. Collins To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e157-jd-collins-state-director-misbdc

Michigan Marijuana Report To Cover Business Of Cannabis Sales In Michigan

ROYAL OAK - Long time media personality Dan Keelan announces on M2 TechCast that he's a partner in a new publication that will focus on the business of Legalized Marijuana in Michigan. M2 TechCast co-host Mike Brennan is his business partner. The publication will include not only guest columns from Marijuana business experts, but interviews

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