Streaming MITech TV: Social Media Ads, Hospital Gown Pivot, When Will Lock-Downs Ease?

ANN ARBOR - MITech TV is going virtual today to do the show online only. At 2 pm Melih Oztalay from Smart Finds Marketing will explain why businesses need to advertise during the coronavirus pandemic and how they can use relationship marketing to pull it off. At 2:15 Shannon O’Hara, a fashion tailor in New

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Google Branding, COVID-19 Testing App, Curbside Cannabis Delivery, Coronavirus Mitigation Scorecard

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV March 23, Justin Thomas from Google will explain how to get your brand to stand out on the Internet. Russell Schindler from SampleServe will discuss his test sample app that can now provide chain of custody for COVID-19 health professionals. Penny Milkey from Northern Specialty Health will report on

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Coronavirus Mitigation, Lightening Strike Tech, Cannabis Health, Battle Creek Grow Facility

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV March 16, Coronavirus Expert Frederick Brown will discuss steps that need to be taken now to mitigate the pandemic. Victor Koppang from EMPDefense will describe his technology that provides lightening protection in stadiums. Nikki Lawley, Cannabis Advocate and Educator, talks about how traumatic brain injury stole her joy, but

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Davenport College, US Signal, American Center For Mobility, Michigan Tech Expo

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV March 2, Davenport President Richard Pappas announces his college is the recipient of the 2020 Michigan Performance Excellence Award. Carrie Borchers and Amanda Regnerus from US Signal discuss the Grand Rapids company’s new Southeast Michigan data center. Dawn Thompson from the American Center for Mobility updates details on ground

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Hemp Farm Financing, How To Find Exec Jobs, CyberPatriot Update, Cannabis Tourism

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV, Bob Moore will talk about financing options for Hemp farms and CBD producers. Gary Erickson will explain the process of finding an executive-level job. Tamara Shoemaker will explains the CyberPatriot season. Charlie Strackbein will update the Monroe Street Fair and provide details on his Cannabis Tourism & Hospitality Facebook

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AndCan Index, SmartBracket, Warmilu, Healthcare Referral, Medical Consulting

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV Feb. 17, Patrick Anderson will update the latest AndCan Index on recreational cannabis sales and announce the opening of SmartBracket to help you crush your office NCAA basketball pool. Laura Curdy will provide details on a healthcare referral program for nutrition. Grace Hsia from Warmilu will update her company

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MCWT Scholarship, Green Wolverines, Iowa Caucus App, Industry 4.0 Accelerator

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV Monday Feb. 10, Jane Sydlowski, MCWT outgoing 2019 MCWT president, will provide details on a new MCWT scholarship fund for women. Dan Lohrmann will explore the question What Will We Learn from the Iowa Caucus App Fiasco? Adam Rosenberg, Executive Director of Green Wolverine, will announce a new educational

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STEAM Education, STEAM Network, Cannabis Outlook, Security Yearbook

ROYAL OAK - Heidi Raubenolt, Executive Director of Mercy Education Project, provides details on a $100,000 grant from Verizon For STEAM education for women in Detroit. Kate O’Hara will announce the STEAM Network for Entrepreneurs. Jamie Lowell from JazzCabbage Cafe will predict the top Cannabis news for 2020. Richard Stiennon will bring copes of his

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Conversation With Exec. Recruiter, Diva Tech Talk And MCWT, Concrete Toboggan Team, MI Pure Med Greenhouse

ROYAL OAK – On MITech TV Jan. 27, Gary Erickson from Executive Search Partners kicks off a new monthly series “Conversations with an Executive IT Recruiter.” Kathleen Norton-Schock updates Diva Tech Talk and MCWT. Chris Bragg from LTU’s Engineering College describes the Concrete Toboggan team. Michigan Pure Med CEO Mike Elias provides details on his

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MITech TV: Data Driven Reform, Cyber Patriot, Smart Bracket, Cannabiz Connection

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast, Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist will discuss his latest column on MITechNews.Com, “Driving Data to Drive Reform.” Tamara Shoemaker, head of Michigan’s  Cyber Patriot program, will interview Detroit-Mercy’s cybersecurity chair Dr. Gregory Laidlaw, Patrick Anderson will explain how he uses his AI platform to power Smart Bracket, a tool to

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