MITech TV: MCWT Update, Power Outage Investigation, SIM Swapping, LTU Headlines

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV today at 2 pm, Kathleen Norton-Schock returns to update happenings with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Nick Dodge from the Michigan League of Conservation Voters will discuss his organization’s demand for an investigation into power outages by DTE and Consumer’s Energy. Dan Lohrmann provides background on his

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MPSC Chair Talks DTE, Consumers Energy, Clean Energy Jobs, Fall For A Veteran, America’s Back Office

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV at 2 pm today, Michigan Public Service Commission Chair Dan Scripps will talks about the problems DTE and Consumers Energy have in keeping electricity flowing to homes and businesses. Also on the show, Cory Connolly, Vice President at Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, talks about Michigan Clean Energy Jobs

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Manufacturing Training, Sustainable Business, Electric Vehicle Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV today at 2 pm, Rob Luce, VP of the SME Education Foundation, will explain how his group will use $6 million from the state of Michigan for its PRIME initiative, which offers education and career-readiness opportunities to high school students. Daniel Schoonmaker, LEED ❘ Executive Director West Michigan Sustainable

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5G Phone Expansion, Cybersecurity Institute, iPhone Software Anti-Privacy, Cyber Patriot

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV Aug. 9 at 2 pm, Mike Eddy, VP of Corporate Development at Resonant, will talk about the rapid acceptance of 5G mobile technology worldwide. Doug Miller, director for the Upper Peninsula Cybersecurity Institute, will explain what Northern Michigan University is doing to help fill the cybersecurity job gap in

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Four20 Post: MCWT Update, SPARK Gets $2.4 Million For Broadband, Detroit Internet Exchange, Innovation Hub Finalists

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV July 26, Kathleen Norton-Schock talks about Diva Tech Talk and MCWT. Jared Mauch, a board member for the Detroit Internet Exchange, announces  its new Non-Profit Status. Phil Santer from Ann Arbor SPARK explains the $2.4 million in Federal money awarded to build 20 miles of underground fiber optic cable,

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Motor Bella, Russian Hackers Go Dark, Xfinity Olympic Coverage, Angel Investing Update

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV July 19, Kathryn Snorrason from the MEDC discussed Motor Bella, a mobility competition. Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann examined why Russian-based ransomware sites suddenly went dark last week. Rob Ponto from Xfinity provided details on Xfinity’s Olympic coverage. David Weaver updated the Angel Investing landscape in Michigan this summer. MITECH

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MITech TV: US Response To Russian Cyber Attacks, Buy Michigan Now Update, Best CIO Jobs

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV July 12, Richard Stiennon provides his thoughts on what responses Biden needs to punish Russians. Then Lisa Diggs provides news and updates on BuyMichiganNow website. July is craft beer month.  Gary Erickson provides list of top CIO jobs in his inventory and what it takes to rise to the

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MITech TV: MCWT, Auto Tech Update, Cyber Patriot Camps, Hero Project Helps Vets

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 28, Kathleen Norton-Schock updated what’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Michelle Krebs from Auto Trader provided the latest details on the chip crisis and electric vehicles. Tamara Shoemaker from Cyber Patriot talked about summer cyber camps.  Anton Harb Jr., a disabled Iraqi war veteran,

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MITech TV: Segway CEO, Hemp For Michigan Farmers, Automation Alley Update

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV June 21 at 2 pm, Kathleen Norton-Schock interviews Segway CEO John E. Smith. Then two executives from the Industrial Hemp Association of Michigan (iHemp) talks about the 20,000 uses of Hemp and how Michigan farmers can benefit. Then Tom Kelly, CEO of Automation Alley, updates what’s happening with the

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Industry 4.0, Healthcare Bootcamp, Electrifly Detroit, Hero Project, Four20 Academy

ANN ARBOR - Dan Randomski updates that latest news from the Lawrence Technological University’s Centrepolis Accelerator. Brandon Roderick Tucker provides details on a new four-week healthcare course at Washtenaw Community College. Moody Mattan co-founder of BrandXR provides deep dive into Electrif;y Detroit. Dan Keelan, a partner in Hero Project, explains how it will benefit Veterans.

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