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5 Reasons Why Every Call Center Should Use Voice Analytics

DETROIT - Voice analytics is one of the fastest growing areas that contact centers are utilizing across the globe. By taking advantage of advanced voice analytics software, businesses can be provided with powerful insights into call handling and customer insights, all from previously incomprehensible data. Using progressive analytic tools, such as real-time and emotional analytics,

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PlanetM Virtual Mobility Meetup: Reuben Sarker, CEO, American Center for Mobility

YPSILANTI TOWNSHIP - Rueben Sarkar, President and CEO, American Center for Mobility, joined the PlanetM Virtual Mobility Meetup to discuss everything mobility-related since the last meetup and what may lay ahead for the industry. If you missed the meetup, catch up on the full conversation here. Reuben Sarkar

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A Secure And Fast Way To Trade – ROFX Review in Detail

ANN ARBOR - ROFX advertises itself as a revolutionary forex trading platform that is guaranteed to make a lot of money for its users. It’s based on a neural network that allows users with little to no trading experience to be successful. ROFX was started in 2009 by a team of highly skilled forex traders

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One Simple Photo Leads To Memories Of A Distant World One Year Ago

What a difference a year can make. Factor in a 100-year pandemic and the toll on business, politics and communities here has been downright staggering. As if I needed any confirmation, a Facebook “anniversary” photo popped up this week and brought it all home. Taken a little over a year ago, it showed Oakland County Executive

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Could The Election Be Hacked? Election Security Now Top Priority

LANSING - Back in the spring of 2016, this blog asked the rhetorical question, “Could the election be hacked?” The response: most people, including industry experts at the time, either ignored, mocked or laughed at the suggestion.  But after the events of the past few years, no one is laughing now at the potential for

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Book Reading Techniques That Can Supplement Practice Tests in Cisco CCNA Exam Revision

DETROIT - Today, Cisco is the largest distributor of routers and switches, boasting about 51 percent of global market share. On ethernet switches alone, the percentage rises to 59 percent. For this reason, Cisco comes out as a leading internet solutions provider, but it is not the only their achievement. To professionalize the industry, in

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Rick Snyder Column: Navigating A Path In An Accelerating World

ANN ARBOR - Last week, I presented at Campus Party Digital 2020 on “Navigating a Path in an Accelerating World.”  I picked this topic because many people, particularly young adults, are feeling very stressed about how to engage in the world today and in the years ahead.  I have been studying this issue for decades,

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How Small Businesses Can Support Employees Working From Home

ANN ARBOR - The last few months have brought about unprecedented challenges for America’s small businesses. Between the need for people to stay home and the general economic downturn, these businesses are having to make difficult decisions about how to move forward. In some cases, relief efforts have provided some help. We wrote an article on

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