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Our Life Without Internet: An Inconvenience for Some, But a Reality for Many 

LANSING - I want you to take a second to imagine how you would move through today’s world if you did not have access to the internet.  How would this affect your day-to-day operations? How would this alter your job? How would this change the way you communicate with your family? How would this disrupt

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Do You Have The 6 Markings Of A Successful Entrepreneur?

SOUTHFIELD - Running an Accelerator I have found that it is crucially important to pick the right companies to work with as clients.  After all…your Accelerator is only as successful as your clients.  While it is equally important to assess potential clients on the strength of their technology, IP position, uniqueness of their business model

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IIOT Driving Michigan’s Global Footprint

DETROIT - The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is a technological evolution which is going to enable the expansive imagination of a generation of new internet-based technologies. Driven by human, societal, and economic influences, IIOT  will be an active enabler to connect different communities across the world for a cohesive generation of new technologies. The

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The Necessity of Virtual Private Networks

Internet became one of the most innovative technologies introduced in the 20th century. It gave people an opportunity to access various content from different places. When the user navigates in the internet, he hardly thinks he is in danger due to the seeming anonymity. However, he is. The hackers today can easily get the information

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China’s Largest eTailer Posts 20 Percent First Quarter Earnings Gain

BEIJING, China - First quarter earnings for, China’s largest online retailer, exceeded expectations, prompting Principle Investor Zhang Jindong and Founder and CEO Richard Liu to renew the platform agreement they have with Tencent Holdings Ltd, one of the world’s most successful technology companies. The online Chinese-based China retailer is backed by Walmart and Alphabet

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Blockchain Set to Change the Way We Trade Gold

Before understanding how blockchain can change the way we trade gold, one must first understand how it can impact global commodity trading. 'How Is Blockchain Changing the Commodity Trading Industry?' Trade Finance Global notes that the process involved in global commodity trading is slow, because of the need for the physical exchange of pertinent documents.

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The Man Behind China’s Battery Vehicle Boom Wants To Do The Same For Fuel Cells

BEIJING, China - It took only a decade for China to build the world’s largest battery-powered electric vehicle market. Now the architect behind it, Wan Gang, wants to do the same for hydrogen-powered electric vehicles. “The fuel cell is the future development direction,” said Wan Gang on Wednesday (April 17) on the sidelines of the

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SBAM President Calley: Thanks Michigan Supreme Court For Scheduling Oral Arguments On Minimum Wage, Sick Leave

LANSING - Small Business Association of Michigan President Brian Calley praised the decision by the Michigan Supreme Court to hear arguments on the constitutionality of the state’s minimum wage and paid sick time laws. Brian Calley “We are thankful that the court has agreed to take up the question as to the constitutionality of PA 368

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Rehmann To Host Free Cyber Security Threats And Best Practices Forum May 9

TROY – Rehmann announced Friday that they will host a Cyber Security Threats & Best Practices Forum at the Detroit Marriott Troy Hotel in Troy on May 9. The conference is presented in partnership with The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and WatchGuard Technologies. The forum will feature a live hacking demo and keynote presentation by

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