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How Small Businesses Can Support Employees Working From Home

ANN ARBOR - The last few months have brought about unprecedented challenges for America’s small businesses. Between the need for people to stay home and the general economic downturn, these businesses are having to make difficult decisions about how to move forward. In some cases, relief efforts have provided some help. We wrote an article on

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How To Build IT Career Using Exam-Labs Exam Dumps For Microsoft 70-764 Exam?

DETROIT - Do you often feel the urge to be more productive? There are plenty of hours in a day and just so much that you can do within this period. But if you dedicate most of the time to work, then it might be difficult to accomplish your personal plans and live a fulfilling

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Michigan Teachers The Real Unsung Heroes In Fight for Cybersecurity

DETROIT - In the last five years I have been working to increase the number of Michigan students in the CyberPatriot program.  During that time, I have run into teachers that go so far and beyond their normal teaching duties it leaves me speechless.  Let me explain. CyberPatriot  is an annual afterschool program from October

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G.D.P. Doesn’t Credit Social Distancing, But It Should

ANN ARBOR - The United States is in a deep recession, but the official numbers are missing something big. They don’t reflect the immense value of the sacrifices being made by millions of people who have stayed at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Because we don’t charge one another for saving lives,

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Future Mobility: Limiting The Spread Of Disease Through Bacteria, Virus Resisting Materials

ANN ARBOR - The future of personal mobility likely includes a greater reliance on shared transportation (ride-hailing, ride-sharing, carsharing). However, the COVID-19 health crisis has intensified the debate on the health risks in the shared mobility world. The interior of light-duty vehicles is an excellent example of the necessary combination of predisposing factors for cross-contamination.

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Cyber Patriot Summer Camps Still Scheduled For Late July, August

DETROIT - We are all in this together and we pray you are all safe and healthy. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will follow guidance from public health officials and government agencies, so we can continue to support our Michigan Cyberpatriot program. Many of you have emailed or phoned asking whether

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Should I Reduce My Marketing Budget Due To Coronavirus? Spoiler Alert: NO

LONDON, England - With the events and hospitality industry on its knees, and millions of businesses forced to operate remotely and the economy in decline, the coronavirus has a lot to answer for. Yet, despite rightful concern, the biggest issue for the business community is mounting fear. Whether that’s fear as to how the virus

Infectious Disease Expert Fred Brown: Coronavirus – Policy Recommendations

ANN ARBOR - In my experience of being directly involved managing outbreaks in the past – H5N1 and AIDS – the COVID 19 outbreaks will get worse and last longer than most in the U.S believe today.  I wrote my first communication 20 days ago on March 2, 2020 because I am concerned that people

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