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Growing The Number Of Students In The National CyberPatriot Program

DETROIT - Michigan’s IT professionals already know about the crucial shortage of properly trained and educated Cybersecurity professionals.  In fact, you can’t open a newspaper, or a browser, without seeing an article publicizing the critical shortfall of Cybersecurity workers. Worse, the gap shows no sign of diminishing because there are still far too few students

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Strategic Communication For A Marijuana Microbusiness

MUSKEGON - The need for communication (aka marketing or public relations) might seem like something to do when you get close to opening your marijuana microbusiness. But waiting to plan and prepare will leave you scrambling and behind the competition. You need to work on creating a communication plan and tactics as you go through

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Still More Electronic Device Security Concerns

LANSING - ASE regularly reports on electronic communications policy concerns and developments so our members can maintain their best policy and practices as well as make adjustments to their policies when necessary. In a recent survey conducted by communications archiving provider Smarsh, it reports that 77% of the IT professionals surveyed said texting by workers

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Website Performance and Technology Strategy For 2020

As we head into 2020, many changes have taken place in the world of digital marketing and website performance. These include separating your website’s services, designing with 5G in mind, user experience (UX), user interface (UI), creative design, and security. 2020 websites are going to undergo an evolution in this fast-changing industry. You will find

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Top Programming Frameworks and Languages to Master for 2020

LONDON, United Kingdom - Coding is quickly becoming an essential skill in today’s modern world. You don’t have to work as a programmer to find coding useful as a skill. The different aspects of coding – including the logical thinking, problem-solving, and structured analysis – are skills that will help you perform well in other

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Enbridge Disputes AG Nessel’s Claim Taxpayers Could Pay For Oil Spill Cleanup

ANN ARBOR - Enbridge is disputing Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s suggestion that state taxpayers “could be left holding the bag” for cleanup costs if the Candadian-based company’s twin Line 5 oil and gas pipelines were to rupture in the Straits of Mackinac. “The bottom line is Enbridge will take full responsibility and pay for

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Boost Your Business With A Customer Relationship Manager

Living under a rock won’t bring customers to your doorstep. The only way to attract the business you need is to get online, harness the digital age and make it work for you. Stop working against technology - it isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the digital revolution is rapidly evolving and growing, and you can

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More Business Are Switching To Kanban For These 4 Reasons

Project management is an indispensable part of modern business operations. Workflows inside every business on the market today are actually a series of projects executed to achieve a common goal. As the market becomes more competitive, the complexity of projects that modern businesses need to complete becomes higher as well. More businesses nowadays are switching

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