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Five Innovation Drivers That Will Change Automotive Braking

DETROIT - Five innovation drivers are producing new competencies, technologies and competitors that will transform a brake-system value chain that has existed for decades. These five innovation drivers will have a major impact on how vehicles operate and how automakers and brake-system suppliers do business. Cooperation is one of the models that will allow companies

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A Look At Digital Transformation

SOUTHFIELD - Digital transformation is the insightful evolution of business, organizational activities, processes, and business flows to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies and their positive and strategic impact.  Digital transformation is a trek with the end goal of continual efficiency across processes, business units and the entire ecosystem to not only streamline operations

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How Do You Secure Your Data With Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security – Red Level’s Dreyer Explains How

ROYAL OAK – How do you secure your data with Microsoft’s EMS? Listen as Mark Dreyer, a senior consultant with Red Level, explains all this and more on this segment of M2 TechCast. As a leader in security, how would you handle security if you already knew it would be affected? Your employees need to

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World Cup Bracket Challenge Draws Competitors From 40 Countries

EAST LANSING – Are you as excited about the World Cup as the rest of the planet? Supported Intelligence LLC—the Michigan-based company behind SmartBracket—sure is, and signed up early adapters from 40 countries within the first 48 hours of opening it up.  “After an incredibly successful March Madness season, with our one-click bracket placing in

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Automotive Leak Testing Enters The 21st Century

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - INFICON has published an e-book in response to requests for help in replacing antiquated leak-test processes. For example, more than 80 percent of all automotive leak testing relies on outdated pressure-decay or water-bath leak-detection methods. Auto manufacturers and suppliers create and integrate some of the most sophisticated products in the world, yet

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RIP HeadHunters?

SARASOTA, FL. - Mike Brennan, astute journalist that he is, sensed a controversial story in an email he received predicting the demise of headhunters with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. So he contacted us, Executive Search Partners, to get the input of a nationally recognized Headhunter. The premise is that artificial intelligence will eliminate the

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Cybernoor Corporation – An Oracle Platinum Partner

SOUTHFIELD - Cybernoor Corporation, a leading provider of Oracle platform systems and solutions, has shown continuous growth since its inception, serving customers with some of the largest Oracle implementations in the world. Cybernoor has been recognized by Oracle as a driving force in the creation of innovative technology solutions and featured in Oracle Magazine as

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BHTC Combats Distracted Driving Through Advanced HMI Technology

FARMINGTON HILLS - Combatting distracted driving through intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology is the goal of Behr-Hella Thermocontrol GmbH (BHTC). Our company is a global leader in air conditioning controls and HMI components for the automotive industry, including our latest innovations allowing us to expand into e-mobility. BHTC engineering teams have developed technologies that

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Financial Wellness Plans For Employees – Everything Employers Need To Know

SOUTHFIELD - Lisa Zimmer is a partner in the Southfield office of Warner Norcross + Judd LLP where she concentrates her practice in employee benefits law. She advises employers on the design, implementation and compliance of retirement programs such as 401(k) plans, pension plans and increasingly on employee wellness plans. In this Q&A, Zimmer provides

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Freudenberg Offers A Broad Range Of Innovative Technologies That Meet The Needs Of Today’s And Tomorrow’s Global Automakers

WEINHEIM, Germany - Freudenberg, a global supplier to the automotive industry, develops and delivers innovative solutions for internal combustion, hybrid, electric and fuel-cell powered vehicles focused on the challenging future of mobility. During Detroit’s 2018 auto-show preview days, the company showcased a new online “automotive mobility” platform designed to share future industry forecasts and observations,

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