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Stock Options, IPOs and Acquisitions Accelerate Cybertalent Divide

LANSING - Everywhere you look, cybersecurity is booming. There are the scary, dark sides of this story, with data breaches being reported almost daily, foreign actors trying to influence our elections and smart cities needing more protection. But there are also huge professional success stories with companies and people working in cybersecurity that are making national headlines. Here are two examples

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From Critical Infrastructure to Elections to Autos: Management of Cyber-Risk Takes Center Stage

LANSING - At a Cyber Summit in NYC this past week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that they are establishing a new joint center to provide a centralized home for collaborative, sector-specific and cross-sector risk management efforts to better protect critical infrastructure. The fact sheet regarding this new DHS Center can be seen here.

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SmartOne – Auto Dealership Local Marketing Guarantees Sales Results

BIRMINGHAM, MI – What if I told you SmartOne is a advanced digital local marketing auto dealership program with proven results that increase a dealership’s awareness among local active vehicle buyers. What if I told you this program SmartOne also is co-op compliant with OEMs, and that it increases service center appointments and profits as

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Sustainability, Lifestyle and Meeting Market Demand in Today’s Automotive Industry

MILAN, Italy - A pop-culture figure reportedly once said, “It’s not easy being green.” As a multinational corporation on a mission to conduct its business sustainably, Alcantara would reply, “it may not be easy, but it is rewarding!” As a material, Alcantara® does not fit into any existing product categories. It is an innovative material,

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The Power Of Technology In Next-Gen Manufacturing

PHOENIX - From lightbulbs to thermostats to doorbells, the items in our homes are increasingly connected and computerized. A similar trend is happening in factories with industrial machines and hardware: The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT for short, is ready to transform the world of manufacturing. IIoT may involve cutting-edge technology, but it's much

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Five Innovation Drivers That Will Change Automotive Braking

DETROIT - Five innovation drivers are producing new competencies, technologies and competitors that will transform a brake-system value chain that has existed for decades. These five innovation drivers will have a major impact on how vehicles operate and how automakers and brake-system suppliers do business. Cooperation is one of the models that will allow companies

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A Look At Digital Transformation

SOUTHFIELD - Digital transformation is the insightful evolution of business, organizational activities, processes, and business flows to fully leverage the benefits of digital technologies and their positive and strategic impact.  Digital transformation is a trek with the end goal of continual efficiency across processes, business units and the entire ecosystem to not only streamline operations

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How Do You Secure Your Data With Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security – Red Level’s Dreyer Explains How

ROYAL OAK – How do you secure your data with Microsoft’s EMS? Listen as Mark Dreyer, a senior consultant with Red Level, explains all this and more on this segment of M2 TechCast. As a leader in security, how would you handle security if you already knew it would be affected? Your employees need to

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World Cup Bracket Challenge Draws Competitors From 40 Countries

EAST LANSING – Are you as excited about the World Cup as the rest of the planet? Supported Intelligence LLC—the Michigan-based company behind SmartBracket—sure is, and signed up early adapters from 40 countries within the first 48 hours of opening it up.  “After an incredibly successful March Madness season, with our one-click bracket placing in

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Automotive Leak Testing Enters The 21st Century

SYRACUSE, N.Y. - INFICON has published an e-book in response to requests for help in replacing antiquated leak-test processes. For example, more than 80 percent of all automotive leak testing relies on outdated pressure-decay or water-bath leak-detection methods. Auto manufacturers and suppliers create and integrate some of the most sophisticated products in the world, yet

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