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Should I Reduce My Marketing Budget Due To Coronavirus? Spoiler Alert: NO

LONDON, England - With the events and hospitality industry on its knees, and millions of businesses forced to operate remotely and the economy in decline, the coronavirus has a lot to answer for. Yet, despite rightful concern, the biggest issue for the business community is mounting fear. Whether that’s fear as to how the virus

Infectious Disease Expert Fred Brown: Coronavirus – Policy Recommendations

ANN ARBOR - In my experience of being directly involved managing outbreaks in the past – H5N1 and AIDS – the COVID 19 outbreaks will get worse and last longer than most in the U.S believe today.  I wrote my first communication 20 days ago on March 2, 2020 because I am concerned that people

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Kevin Williams Hired As CEO Global Automotive Alliance

DETROIT - Many elected officials and business elite gathered last Tuesday to celebrate Kevin Williams becoming CEO of Global Automotive Alliance. Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist was one of the first to make a speech, and in it, he also applauded the work and dedication of Executive Chairman Bill Pickard. He said that he had made

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Opinion: Coronavirus Outbreak Will Have Human, Economic Impact In U.S.

LANSING - The coronavirus outbreak is, first and foremost, a human health crisis. With tens of thousands of world citizens sickened and over two thousand confirmed dead, the first dimension of this tragedy is human. The second dimension is also human, and it involves the millions of people in China and other countries — including

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Optimism Surrounds The Michigan Cannabis Market

LANSING- Although Michigan’s sales of recreational cannabis have lagged behind Illinois’ cash register totals, a leading expert on investments predicts Michigan’s market to be stronger in the long term. Similarly, a recent census reveals a dramatic loss of jobs in the cannabis industry as MMFLA rules were enacted- but a well-known industry figure says that

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What Will We Learn from the Iowa Caucus App Fiasco

LANSING - Sometimes, it takes an unexpected headline story with perceived crisis-level impacts to get the world’s collective attention and action on an important matter. This point has been made (and repeated) many times by well-known people in various ways and circumstances across different generations. Remember the line: “A crisis is a terrible thing to

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Technology Roadmap: Intelligent Mobility Technologies

ANN ARBOR - The automotive and transportation industries are undergoing extraordinary changes in direct response to recent advancements in automation technologies, data analysis, and wireless communication.  A major trend in the past ten years has been an emphasis on improving driver safety and efficiency. These new trends and advancements have motivated automakers and their tier

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Third Annual Michigan CyberPatriot Celebration

DETROIT - While the January weather might be cold, the folks at the Michigan CyberPatriot program ( are warming up by planning our big annual celebration. We are focusing in on the April date for our 3rd annual award and celebration event. Our members will determine the perfect date to celebrate the achievements of our

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