Smart Mobility Today – EVs, AI, Drones, Autonomous Mobility

DETROIT - In the last episode of Smart Mobility Today, we focused on Detroit’s automakers, space, industry 4.0, machine computing, and fishing with a drone. This week's show includes news about EVs, autonomous mobility, drones, AI and horses, plus a new mobile power grid and cars that remember where they’ve been in order to decide

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LTU Hosts Students Of Self-Driving Car Tech From Around Nation

SOUTHFIELD—Eight students from around the country have arrived on the campus of Lawrence Technological University to begin a summer of advancing the state of the art in self-driving cars. The students are at LTU through a three-year, $281,712 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates program. The grant will fund three summers

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Paul Eisenstein From The Detroit Bureau Updates EVs

ANN ARBOR - Five years ago, Paul Eisenstein founder of The Detroit Bureau, was hard pressed to write a couple of electric vehicle-related stories each week. Today, he's hard-pressed to write stories that don't involve electric vehicles. Paul joins Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to talk about the $500 Billion that is getting invested in

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Center For Automotive Research: See Who’s Really Driving

ANN ARBOR - COVID-19 reshuffled future mobility priorities for everyone, from automakers to government/transportation policy makers. The world's major cities have set out to leverage new technologies to realize their vision of a more sustainable future. If you take a closer look at today’s debate on future mobility concepts, it’s cities for humans first, and

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Michigan Central Hub Of State’s Mobility Evolution

ANN ARBOR - In February, Michigan Central – a mobility-focused innovation district connecting innovators with Fortune 500 companies, government entities and others – announced new commitments with the state of Michigan, the city of Detroit and tech leader Google to continue creating a hub for mobility innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and community development. In this video

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Ford, Google, City of Detroit, State Of Michigan Partner To Build Mobility Center In Cork Town

DETROIT – Michigan Central is launching a public-private partnership with the state of Michigan and the city of Detroit, and Google is joining Ford Motor Company as a Founding Member of the pioneering mobility innovation district headquartered at the renovated train station in Cork Town. These critical partnerships will enable Michigan Central to advance its

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Report: Annual Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales in North America Will Grow 30 Percent Annually Through 2030

BOULDER, Co. – A new report from Guidehouse Insights estimates plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption in the US and Canada on national, state/province, and sub‑state/province levels by examining electric vehicle (EV) technology innovations, incentives, policies, and vehicle availability. A variety of factors are contributing to accelerated electrification trends in the North American automotive industry, including

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Report: Robotaxis, Lithium-Metal Batteries, Bandgap Power Electronics Top EV Trends

CAMBRIDGE, UK - Electric vehicle start-ups have moved from obscurity into some of the world’s most valuable companies, most traditional automakers have committed to an electric future, drivers have been caught sleeping at the wheel of self-driving vehicles, and flying electric taxis have started to leave the pages of science fiction. The rapid pace of change

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In 2021: Mobile Users Spend More Than $350 Million Daily On Games And Apps

DETROIT - Consumers continue to spend more on various mobile apps and games as the smartphone ecosystem expands. The spending on apps has mainly earned inspiration from the changing consumer behavior. Data presented by Burga indicates that consumers globally are projected to spend $133 billion on mobile apps and games in 2021 for both Google

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