Traverse Legal Expands Practice To Detroit With Focus On Autonomous Vehicles

ROYAL OAK - Traverse Legal founder Enrico Schaefer announces he has opened an office in Detroit to serve the rapidly growing market for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle startups, as well as commercial drone users.   To listen, click on More at

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Priva Provides Door-To-Door Mobile Office For Hire

ROYAL OAK - Invest Detroit Venture’s Tember Shea interviews Priva co-founder Dagan Mishoulam. The company seeks to transform regional mobility with door-to-door private, connected, mobile office service to cities as far away as Toronto and Milwaukee. Tember Shea To listen, click on More at

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Report: Self-Driving Cars Make Mistakes Because Of Limited AI Training Situations

DETROIT - Self-driving cars are still prone to making mistakes, in part because the AI training can only account for so many situations. Microsoft and MIT might just fill in those gaps in knowledge -- they've developed a model that can catch these virtual "blind spots," as MIT describes them. The approach has the AI compare a human's

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U-M Teach-Out Throughout February To Focus On Self-Driving Cars

ANN ARBOR - The race is on to get self-driving cars on the road, with Waymo, BMW and Volkswagen recently announcing plans to further invest and experiment with autonomous vehicle technology. Along with these headlines, however, are many unresolved considerations surrounding the technological, legal, societal and equitable implications of this potentially revolutionary advancement in mobility

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P3 North America’s Goldsmith Describes Winning Michigan Mobility Challenge Project

ROYAL OAK - Colin Goldsmith, Managing Partner, P3 North America announces his company’s involvement with Amazon Alexa Auto. P3 also was selected by the Michigan Mobility Challenge to serve as the project lead, in partnership with MUVE Canada, to build a ride-share platform in the central Upper Peninsula. It will serve seniors, the handicapped and others

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