Climate Change

Climate change is a long-term shift in global or regional climate patterns. Often climate change refers specifically to the rise in global temperatures from the mid-20th century to the present.

Climate is the average weather in a place over many years. Climate change is a shift in those average conditions.

The Earth is now in a period of rapid climate change, with global temperatures rising because of human activities, such as the burning of coal, oil, and gas.

Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Jan. 17 – Intersection Of Food and Climate

GRAND RAPIDS - Join Michigan Sustainable Business Forum January 17 at 10am for a conversation on the intersection of the food system and climate action. Food systems are both impacted by climate change and major contributors to climate change. They have been recognized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as an important

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Tapping Geothermal Energy Drilling World’s Deepest Holes Could Solve Energy Crisis

CAMBRIDGE, MA--The heat miles beneath our feet—deep geothermal energy—could provide more than enough clean, renewable energy to meet world demand as we transition away from fossil fuels, according to a presenter at the inaugural TEDX Boston Planetary Stewardship Event held November 13-14. Timed to align with the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, the TEDX Boston event was “designed

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DTE Energy Retires Two Coal Plants On Carbon-Free Goal

DETROIT - DTE Energy Thursday announced the retirement of two coal fired power plants, bringing Southeast Michigan closer to a carbon-free future with more affordable and reliable energy. DTE is also retraining displaced workers for jobs elsewhere in the company. The retirement of the Trenton Channel and St. Clair coal power plants marks a significant milestone

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Supercomputer Predicts World Could End By 2050

LONDON, UK - A supercomputer that uses an advanced algorithm has predicted that the end of the world could be upon us, with a theory suggesting that life could end as we know it 'by 2050' The eerily precise machine made the alarming prediction and is designed to foretell patterns in human civilisation. It was created

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Internet Outages Could Spread As Temperatures Rise

SAN FRANCISCO - Climate change is hitting us at an ever faster pace. 2022 is expected to be the sixth-hottest year on record as average temperatures reached 1.57 degrees Celsius above the 20th century average. We're on track to normalize that temperature gain every year, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicted last year, and it

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Study: Humanity Has Only Nine Years To Avoid Catastrophic Global Warming

DETROIT - The world has almost used all its remaining carbon budget. In less than a decade, it will be over — unless we do much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by then, the world is heading causing the world to pass a critical warming threshold, a new study shows. If this threshold is

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New Material Scrubs CO2 From Power Plants Before It Is Emitted

WASHINGTON DC - Scientists have discovered a reusable material that can capture carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants and prevent the greenhouse gas from entering the atmosphere. A team from the National Institute of Standards and Technology claim that the aluminum formate material, known as ALF, lacks the shortcomings of other proposed carbon filtration methods and

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Michigan Sustainable Business Forum Tour Of Schupan Recycling Plant

WIXOM - Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will host a free tour of the Schupan Recycling Wixom Facility on Thursday, December 1, from 1 pm to 2:30 pm. Michigan residents have recycled 96 percent of carbonated beverage containers since Michigan’s Bottle Bill inception, with a vast majority processed at just two facilities in Wixom and Wyoming.

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Shocking Video Shows What Earth Would Look Like If All The Ice Melted

DETROIT - People have been left divided over shocking footage which has revealed what will happen if all the ice on Earth melts. Watching David Attenborough's Frozen Planet on a Sunday evening is the perfect way to get yourself into a sombre and depressed state, perfectly prepared for work on a Monday morning. However, if you needed a

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Study: Web-Based Tools Can Help Great Lakes Region Plan For Potential Influx Of Climate-Change Migrants

ANN ARBOR - Communities in the Great Lakes region need to start planning now for a future that may include “climate migrants” who leave behind increasingly frequent natural disasters in other parts of the country. And user-friendly web-based tools can be a central part of that planning process. Map of social and natural risk

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