MSU Professor: Transparent Solar Is Wave Of The Future

EAST LANSING — See-through solar materials that can be applied to windows represent a massive source of untapped energy and could harvest as much power as bigger, bulkier rooftop solar units, scientists report in a recent issue of the scientific journal Nature Energy. Led by engineering researchers at Michigan State University, the authors argue that

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Renewable Energy Policy: Americans Support Net Energy Metering

ANN ARBOR - About three out of every four Americans support hotly debated net energy metering policies, which allow residents with wind turbines and solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid at retail rates, according to a national poll by University of Michigan researchers. The poll, conducted by the National Surveys on

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Saving Lives And Money: The Potential Of Solar To Replace Coal

HOUGHTON - By swapping solar photovoltaics for coal, the United States could prevent 51,999 premature deaths a year, potentially making as much as $2.5 million for each life saved, so says a study by Michigan Technological University. The study - Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews (DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2017.05.119) - was conducted by a team from MTU that

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Michigan Tech Research: Solar Can Aid Military Security Affordably

HOUGHTON — Vulnerabilities in the power grid are one of the most prevalent national security threats. The technical community has called for building up the resiliency of the grid using distributed energy and microgrids for stabilization. Power production from multiple sources increases the difficulty of triggering cascading blackouts, and following an attack or natural disaster,

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Sustainable Business Forum June 20 Spotlights Renewable Energy Challenges

GRAND RAPIDS - The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum’s June 20 meeting will feature a spotlight on renewable energy challenges and success stories, and the 2016 annual membership meeting at The B.O.B. in downtown Grand Rapids. Renewable energy has historically proven a significant challenge for organizations due to financial and regulatory constraints. However, the environment for

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Michigan Generates 87,000 Clean Energy Jobs – Led By Greener Automotive Industry

CHICAGO - A new report published this week says Michigan represents the Midwest’s evolution from traditional manufacturing and automotive jobs toward advanced transportation and clean energy technology. With more than 87,000 clean energy jobs, Michigan has the second highest percentage of clean jobs in the Midwest, marked by a diverse workforce with specialized training. What's more,

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Current Motor Wins Michigan MobiPrize Competition

DETROIT – Current Motor Company, a privately held electric motorcycle and solar charging station maker, won the second annual Michigan MobiPrize competition Thursday and a cash prize of $5,000, plus mentorship and networking opportunities. In addition to electric motorcycle and solar charging station applications, Current Motor has developed a mini-fleet-in-a-box technology comprised of four electric

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Utility-Scale Solar More Beneficial Than Rooftop, Study Says

LANSING - Rooftop solar generation costs are nearly twice as high as large- or utility-scale installations and utility-scale projects emit about 50 percent less carbon emissions than an equivalent amount of rooftop capacity, a study has found. The study was prepared for and commissioned by a solar group, First Solar, with support Edison Electric Institute,

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