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How eSports Created A New Kind Of Athlete

DETROIT - When people think about athletes, they generally think about people in tremendous physical shape with unattainable bodies and astounding strength. However, the growth of eSports has helped to turn that perception on its head. There is no specific physical trait that typically identifies an eSport athlete. The closest thing most eSports athletes have

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Three Ways Technology Can Help You Produce A Much Less Wasteful Production Line

DETROIT - The busiest production lines get through huge piles of raw materials every day to create a large number of products during every minute of operation. You might think that this large number of items produced means a large chance of turning a profit as you have even more products to tell. The only

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Lexus Holds World Premier of LF-Z Electrified Car

TOYOTA CITY, Japan – This week, Lexus held the world premiere of “LF-Z Electrified,” conceptual BEV that incorporates driving performance, styling, and technologies. By 2025, Lexus plans to introduce 20 new or improved models, including more than 10 electrified models such as BEVs, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles(PHEVs), HEVs, in line with the needs of each

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Seven Tips for Mac Users Working From Home for the First Time

DETROIT - According to Buffer’s study ‘State of Remote Work’, where they interviewed nearly 2,500 remote workers, nearly 99% said that they would like to continue work remotely.  Cut to 2020, and everyone that could work from home was working from home.  Working from home is here to stay and will likely continue for the

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Legislators Push to Bypass Auto Dealers For Direct EV Sales

OLYMPIA, Wa. - Washington State House is currently assessing a bill - HB 1388 - that would grant electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers permission to steer around dealerships and handle public sales directly. The bill applies to auto makers that exclusively produce zero emissions cars, including the likes of Lucid and Rivian. If passed, eligible companies

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6 Steps For Setting Up A New Business From Home

DETROIT - Becoming an entrepreneur is a popular option for business-inclined individuals, and especially if they can start and run their new business from home. It’s an appealing choice for a dedicated career path which can see you having the flexibility of starting your new company from the comfort of your own space. When setting

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4 Reasons Why Every Company Needs to Use Absence Management Software

DETROIT - Businesses are all about productivity and when some unplanned occurrences hamper this, it can interfere with how the business works. Some of these occurrences include common examples like sick days, injury and stress leaves. These occurrences can affect your business' productivity and also affect your team's morale as a whole. However, it is

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