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Can You Be Fired For Off Duty Marijuana Use Even Where It’s Legal?

DETROIT - Marijuana is becoming legal in many states around the country. It is still illegal on a federal level, however. Although many companies are relaxing their drug testing for marijuana, not all of them are. Employers are free to fire anybody that is found to be under the influence of marijuana while at work.

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Expert Guide to Online Casino for Beginners

DETROIT - The gambling industry has undergone rapid development in recent years. Thanks to mobile technology, casinos now offer Internet-based services where users can place online bets on a game of chance in real-time. New technology has successfully propelled gambling into the digital age leading to a gradual rise in popularity and competition. As of

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How Can I Avoid The Most Common SEO Marketing Mistakes?

DETROIT - There are over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, and if you own a site, you’re up against some very tough competition. Hitting the right audience requires skilled search engine optimization (SEO). If you’ve been trying your hand at SEO marketing, but your site doesn’t seem to be progressing the way you’d expect

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Streamline Your Business Finances and Significantly Increase Profitability

DETROIT - Every successful and professional business owner knows and truly understands that there is nothing more important and worthy of investing significant time in than the state of their company finances. Continue reading to discover how to streamline your business’s finances and subsequently significantly increase profitability and cash flow. Invest In Employee Training Courses

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Top 8 Tips to Make Product Packaging That Turns Heads

DETROIT - Packaging is more than just storage for a product. It’s the first impression of a product. For this reason, packaging is an important marketing tool; it presents the qualities of your product to a consumer. If you have created an exceptional product, why not show that off to consumers? Photo credit Jess

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Calvin Ayre: When Craig Wright Speaks, You Listen

DETROIT - Calvin Ayre, founder of global investment firm Ayre Group Ventures and blockchain conglomerate CoinGeek,  has always said, “When Craig Wright speaks, you listen.” And this is demonstrated in the second episode of Hashing it Out with Becky Liggero when the Bitcoin creator and author of the Bitcoin white paper Dr. Craig S. Wright

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5 Reasons to Consider WebRTC When Building a Proctoring Platform

DETROIT - Even before the global epidemiological crisis, the adoption of educational technologies was growing at a fast pace. But when in early April 2020, the number of students affected by school closures hit almost 1.5 billion worldwide, online learning has quickly become all the rage, pushing the need for reliable remote proctoring to the

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Secrets To Success In Ecommerce

DETROIT - Do you have an ecommerce business but struggle to find success? This is becoming increasingly common as more and more entrepreneurs start their own online stores, which has turned the industry fiercely competitive in recent times and can make it extremely challenging for these smaller stores to compete, particularly when going up against

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Healthcare Software Development Companies Compared

DETROIT - Choosing a Healthcare Software Development company can be so overwhelming. There are just so many companies out there that claim to offer quality services. But which of them should you opt to trust with your idea? In this article, we'll examine the key criteria to consider before selecting a Healthcare Software Development Company.

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