DTE Grant To Revitalize Wetlands, Strengthen Fisheries, Advance Urban Environment, Fund Conservation Fellowship

DETROIT – The DTE Energy Foundation today announced it has awarded $1 million to The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to fund several significant environmental programs throughout Michigan that will preserve, protect and enhance the state’s treasured natural habitats and species. This latest grant to TNC will be used to fund the Healthy Cities program in Detroit,

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68 Percent Of SMBs Say Gas Price Spikes Have Hurt Their Business

BOSTON, MA - Spikes in gas prices have already taken a toll on small business owners trying to bounce back from the pandemic, inflation, labor shortages, and other challenges. In fact, Alignable's Gas Price Poll of 6,439 small business owners surveyed from 3/13/22 to 3/27/22 showed that 68% say gas price spikes have had a "very significant" negative

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Antarctic Ice Shelves Are Shattering. How Fast Will Seas Rise?

WASHINGTON DC - All scientist Erin Pettit could see when she looked at the satellite photos of the ice shelf in front of the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica was the giant crack that stretched across most of the image. Two years before, when she and her colleagues were deciding where to put their research

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Scientists Accidentally Stumble On ‘Holy Grail’ Of Batteries For Electric Vehicles

PHILADELPHIA - Scientists have come across an unexpected way to commercialize a breakthrough form of battery technology, opening up the possibilities for a new generation of long-range robots and electric vehicles. Engineers at Drexel University in Philadelphia accidentally stumbled upon the technique while working on another solution to improve the viability of lithium-sulfur batteries, which are

Shyft Group To Unveil Electric Delivery Vehicle In March

NOVI - The Shyft Group announced it will reveal its all-new electric delivery vehicle on their Class 3 EV chassis at the NTEA Work Truck Week trade show in Indianapolis from March 8-10. “Unable to find a viable EV chassis option in the market, we decided to build our own,” said Shyft Group CEO Daryl

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Study: Carbon Footprint Gap Between Rich And Poor Expanding

LONDON, England - Wealthy people have disproportionately large carbon footprints and the percentage of the world’s emissions they are responsible for is growing, a study has found. In 2010, the most affluent 10 percent of households emitted 34 percent of global CO2, while the 50 percent of the global population in lower income brackets accounted

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Meijer To Reduce Absolute Carbon Emissions By 50 Percent By 2025

GRAND RAPIDS - Meijer is looking to outpace science-based climate targets by making a big sustainability pledge. The retailer announced an ambitious goal to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2025. "At Meijer, we believe in taking responsibility for the well-being of the world around us," Meijer President and CEO Rick Keyes said.

Consumers, GM Plan To Power Auto Plants With 100 Percent Clean Energy

JACKSON—Consumers Energy and General Motors today announced a new pledge to power Michigan automotive plants in Flint, Burton and Wyoming with clean energy, partnering to build the next generation of vehicles in Michigan, where both companies are headquartered. “We’re thrilled to see General Motors pledge to use 100% clean energy that Consumers Energy will provide,

Tesla Could Get 15 Percent Bump In Range From New Batteries

DETROIT - Tesla has spent several years hyping its next-generation batteries and it appears that its partner, Panasonic, is getting ready to put them into production, which could mean as much as a 15 percent increase in range for Models S, X, 3 and Y. Tesla’s new 4680 battery cell could extend the range of

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Voltaiq Integrates Data Across Battery Lifecycle To Optimize Performance

ANN ARBOR - Eli Leland, co-founder and CTO, Voltaiq, joins MITech TV co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to explain how his company is developing, manufacturing, and operating high-quality battery-powered products requires a deep understanding of battery behavior in real-world application settings. Voltaiq is the first and only enterprise-class solution purpose-built to ingest data from

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