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Proposed Change Would Expand Allowable e-Bike Operation

LANSING - Operation of Class 1 electric bicycles on state park-managed nonmotorized trails open to bicycles would expand under a proposed Michigan Department of Natural Resources land use change that could go into effect as early as this spring. Under current Michigan law, only Class 1 e-bikes – e-bikes that are pedal-assisted and can go

Japanese Electric Pickup Takes Aim At Ford’s F-150 Lightning

TOKYO - A new Japanese all-electric EV pickup is set to hit global markets, and it’s not a Toyota. A new Japanese all-electric EV pickup is set to hit global markets, and it’s not a Toyota. Isuzu will unveil its first 100% electric pickup truck, the D-MAX BEV, later this month. The rugged-looking 4X4 EV

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ITC Holdings VP of Regulatory Affairs Discusses Support for Women in Energy

NOVI – In the March 18 episode of MITech TV, we spoke with Purvi Patel, vice president of regulatory affairs for ITC Holdings. In light of Women’s History Month, Patel discussed her experience in the male-centric energy industry and what she is doing to support other women seeking careers in energy, both through her work

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Beaver Island Gets $10 Million For Green Ferry

CHARLEVOIX - For the second time in a year, Beaver Island has received funding for the construction of a new, eco-friendly ferry to run between the island and Charlevoix. The additional $10 million  is the second federal grant for the new electric-powered ferry to be awarded in 10 months;  in addition to the original $6

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Cross-Sector Convening: Recycling And Reuse Of PV Solar Panels

GRAND RAPIDS - Michigan Sustainable Business Forum and Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council will host a cross-sector convening for public and private stakeholders in renewable energy, materials management, sustainable business and community development to discuss the emerging need for investment in recycling and reuse of photovoltaic solar panels, and clarity on end-of-life expectations for broken

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Manufacturer Stuns Competitors With Game-Changing Electric Boat

LOS ANGELES - There's a lot of talk about the electric vehicle revolution, but land-based automobiles get most of the chatter. One company wants to change that with the release of a new electric wake boat. Arc, an American electric boat company founded in 2021, has announced a new electric wake boat called the Arc Sport. According to

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For The First Time, Rich Countries Now Get Half Their Electricity From Zero-Carbon Energy

WASHINGTON DC - Global emissions of planet-heating gas hit a record high last year, the International Energy Agency announced Friday. But the rich economies cumulatively responsible for much of the carbon in the atmosphere saw their average emissions drop down to 1973 levels, driven largely by a transition away from fossil fuel power plants. For

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Work Starting On 13,000-Acre Solar Farm In Northern Indiana

KNOX, Ind. — An Israeli company has started work to build a solar energy farm that’s planned to cover some 13,000 acres across two northern Indiana counties when completed. Executives of Doral Renewables took part in a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday with Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb and local officials for the project that is estimated to

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Airlines Could Abandon Dirty Jet Fuel With Cleaner Biofuels

NEW YORK - In an exciting move toward sustainable fuel, airlines are exploring powering planes with biofuels made from corn and other plants. This would slash aviation pollution and boost American farming, bringing tidy financial and environmental wins, according to The New York Times. Turning corn into ethanol for fuel could funnel money into rural economies

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New Tech Turns CO2 Into Chemicals With 93% Efficiency, Runs Record 5000 Hrs

WUHAN, China - Researchers at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) in Wuhan, China, have found a reliable way to fix carbon dioxide gas from the atmosphere into useful chemical products, which scientists call a "milestone" achievement, the South China Morning Post reported. As the world looks to clean up the planet's warming

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