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Dan Lohrmann is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Chief Strategist for Security Mentor. He is an author, blogger, and global keynote speaker on security and technology topics. While serving in Michigan government, he was named SC Magazine CSO of the Year, Governing Magazine Public Official of the Year, and Computerworld Magazine Premier 100 IT Leader. He can be reached on Twitter @govcso

As Ransomware Surge Continues, Where Next for Government?

LANSING - Global leaders want to carve out specific areas of critical infrastructure to be protected under international agreements from cyber attacks. But where does that leave others? "There are ‘four or five steps you could take that could significantly mitigate this risk,’ Falk said. These are patching, multifactor authentication and all the stuff in

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Russian-Based Ransomware Attack Shuts Down East Coast Fuel Pipeline

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Chief Information Security officer Dan Lohrmann, now a vice president with Security Mentor, dishes on the ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline that carries most of the gas and other fuel used along the US East Coast. It's clear a Russian-based group's ransomware was used, but by who? Fingers points

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Could The Election Be Hacked? Election Security Now Top Priority

LANSING - Back in the spring of 2016, this blog asked the rhetorical question, “Could the election be hacked?” The response: most people, including industry experts at the time, either ignored, mocked or laughed at the suggestion.  But after the events of the past few years, no one is laughing now at the potential for

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How To Work Remotely And Securely Without Letting The Hackers In

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Chief Information Security Officer Dan Lohrmann joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan to explain how all the new remote workers can connect to their office networks with letting the hackers inside. Lohrmann now works for Security Mentor. Dan Lohrmann Chief Strategist & Chief Security Officer at Security Mentor

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What Will We Learn from the Iowa Caucus App Fiasco

LANSING - Sometimes, it takes an unexpected headline story with perceived crisis-level impacts to get the world’s collective attention and action on an important matter. This point has been made (and repeated) many times by well-known people in various ways and circumstances across different generations. Remember the line: “A crisis is a terrible thing to

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Security Mentor Lohrmann’s Panel At IoT Tech Connect: Should IoT Be Regulated?

DETROIT - Dan Lohrmann from Security Mentor will moderate a cybersecurity panel on April 29 at the Michigan Science Center that asks the question, "Is Regulation need for IoT?" He's joined by Caston Thomas, President, Interworks LLC Chris Burrows, Senior Vice President of Security Solutions at CBI – Former CSO of Oakland County Chris DeRusha,

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Cybersecurity Expert Lohrmann – Not Enough Companies, Governments Take Cybersecurity Seriously

ROYAL OAK - Believe it or not, a lot of businesses and government entities are not taking cybersecurity seriously enough, says cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann of Security Mentor. While not a majority, these nay sayers are a large minority of the total business and government universe. What do these attitudes mean for your business and

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Cybersecurity Expert Lohrmann Makes His 2019 Predictions

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann, former Chief Information Security Officer for the state of Michigan, provides his cybersecurity predictions for 2019. Lohrmann now works in the private sector for Security Mentor. Dan Lohrmann To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e154-dan-lohrmann-talks-2019-cybersecurity-predictions

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The Top 19 Security Predictions For 2019

OKEMOS - What will happen in the future?  Technology is opening many new doors as we head into 2019. Using artificial intelligence, robots and big data, we are curing diseases, finding new galaxies and feeding more people. The world is radically transforming before our eyes. In cyberspace, new 5G networks, unprecedented data collection and cloud computing resources

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