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Dan Lohrmann is Field CISO for Presidio. He is an author, blogger, and global keynote speaker on security and technology topics. While serving in Michigan government, he was named SC Magazine CSO of the Year, Governing Magazine Public Official of the Year, and Computerworld Magazine Premier 100 IT Leader. He can be reached on Twitter @govcso

NATO Countries Under Cyber Attack From Russia Will US Be Next?

ANN ARBOR - Some NATO countries bordering the Ukraine are under cyber attack. Cybersecurity experts Dan Lohrmann and Richard Stiennon joins Matt and Mike to figure out who. Spoiler alert it's probably Russia. Dan and Richard also update what your company must know to avoid ransomware, phishing attacks, plus several new business hacks that are

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NATO Countries Hit With Unprecedented Cyber Attacks

LANSING - Montenegro, Estonia and new NATO applicant Finland are just three of the countries being hit hard by sophisticated cyber attacks. What’s happening and who’s next? A headline this past week from Balkan Insight read: “Montenegro Sent Back to Analog by Unprecedented Cyber Attacks.” Here’s an excerpt: “The digital infrastructure of a major part of Montenegro’s

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Shields Up Homeland Security Program Aimed At Thwarting Cyber Attacks

ANN ARBOR - Every organization—large and small—must be prepared to respond to disruptive cyber incidents, particularly in the wake of Russian's invasion of Ukraine. Dan Lohrmann, a cybersecurity experts from Presidio, provides details on the nation’s cyber defense agency, CISA that stands ready to help organizations prepare for, respond to, and mitigate the impact of

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As Ransomware Surge Continues, Where Next for Government?

LANSING - Global leaders want to carve out specific areas of critical infrastructure to be protected under international agreements from cyber attacks. But where does that leave others? "There are ‘four or five steps you could take that could significantly mitigate this risk,’ Falk said. These are patching, multifactor authentication and all the stuff in

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Russian-Based Ransomware Attack Shuts Down East Coast Fuel Pipeline

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Chief Information Security officer Dan Lohrmann, now a vice president with Security Mentor, dishes on the ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline that carries most of the gas and other fuel used along the US East Coast. It's clear a Russian-based group's ransomware was used, but by who? Fingers points

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What Will We Learn from the Iowa Caucus App Fiasco

LANSING - Sometimes, it takes an unexpected headline story with perceived crisis-level impacts to get the world’s collective attention and action on an important matter. This point has been made (and repeated) many times by well-known people in various ways and circumstances across different generations. Remember the line: “A crisis is a terrible thing to

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