Legislation Would Outlaw State Ability To Ban E-Cigarette Vapors

LANSING - Legislation that would go beyond blocking the emergency rules released this week banning flavored e-cigarette vapors to prohibiting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services from ever implementing rules banning the manufacture, sale or use of the products was introduced in the House, with the sponsor saying the ban would lead to

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Michigan Budget Negotiations Remain At Impasse

LANSING - Republican legislative leaders are moving ahead with plans to finalize the details of all remaining budgets Thursday and then vote the following week to send all budget bills to Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer with the question of whether she will sign them, veto them or sign them with line-item vetoes very much unknown. Tuesday

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Gov. Whitmer to keynote Michigan Energy Innovators Gala

LANSING—The Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council (EIBC) announced that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will be the keynote speaker at its Seventh Annual Michigan Energy Innovators Gala on Thursday, Nov. 14 at the Kellogg Center in East Lansing. EIBC officials said Whitmer has already demonstrated a commitment to an advanced energy economy in her first nine months in

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Audit: Cyber Civilian Corps Failing Background Checks, Lack Experience

LANSING - Not all volunteers with the Michigan Cyber Civilian Corps are meeting program requirements, including passing criminal background checks, signing a nondisclosure agreement for confidential security work and failing components of a test which validated their abilities to work with the group. These findings come from an audit released Friday by the Office of the Auditor

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Governor Appoints New Strategic Fund Board, Land Bank

LANSING - Gov. Whitmer has appointed a new Michigan Strategic Fund Board of Directors after eliminating the previous one and replacing it with one she created in the executive order she issued setting up the new Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. Whitmer also named Jeff Mason of Bath, the president and CEO of the

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Launch Michigan Outlines First Set Of Priorities

LANSING - A stakeholder group pushing for providing all Michigan students with the best education possible announced its first set of priorities Friday, with a funding formula weighted toward equity and various programs needing more funding as well as improving literacy rates being among the top targeted areas. Launch Michigan officials in a release said

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Legislative Leaders Hand Whitmer ‘Menu’ Of Road Funding Options

LANSING - Republican legislative leaders submitted a menu of additional road-funding options to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, some she'd seen before like bonding against the teacher retirement system. Some she had not. However, the Governor took a public jab at a key tenant to the Republicans' plan, which is to replace the sales tax on gasoline

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Nessel Joins Anti-Robocall Fight With Other AGs, Phone Companies

LANSING - Attorney General Dana Nessel joined with 50 other attorneys general and 12 telecommunication companies to fight illegal robocalls with the Anti-Robocall Principles agreement. "This is a major step forward in combating robocalls in Michigan and across the country," Nessel said in a statement Friday. "Far too many residents fall victim to illegal robocall

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Study: Michigan’s Urban Roads Far Worse Than Rural Ones

LANSING - Michigan's two- to four-lane roadways in rural areas were generally in good condition as of 2016, according to a study released that week that showed a stark differential between those roads and ones in urban areas of the state. The Reason Foundation study found about 0.85 percent of roads classified as rural other principal arterials

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Michigan Public Service Commission Names New Public Info Officer

LANSING – The Michigan Public Service Commission today announced the appointment of Matt Helms as the Commission’s new public information officer. He will be responsible for media relations and supporting broader communications efforts for the agency. Before coming to the MPSC, Helms worked for the City of Detroit, where he was Director of Special Projects

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