Snyder Signs Marshall Plan For Talent To Pair Students With In-Demand Careers

MUSKEGON – Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday signed into law the framework of the Marshall Plan for Talent designed to connect employers with educators to pair students with in-demand careers. The Marshall Plan encourages apprenticeships and mentorships with an educational focus on certifications and occupational licensing. “As I travel throughout the state of Michigan, the question

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Supreme Court: States Can Collect Sales Tax From Online Retailers

LANSING - Michigan can collect the 6 percent sales taxes from online stores that don't have a physical presence in Michigan -- thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court decision last week. In a 5-4 ruling, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote the majority's opinion, said the rule established in Quill Corp. v. North Dakota that a

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Stryker Gets $2.6 Million State Grant To Propel $109 Million Medical Device Expansion

LANSING - Stryker Corporation, after getting a $2.6 million grant from the Michigan Strategic Fund, will expand capacity of its medical-device products with a $109-million investment at its 79-acre industrial site in Portage. In addition to the 253,000-square-foot expansion in southwest Michigan, the global medical technology manufacturer is expected to add 260 jobs by end

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Report Shows Gerrymandered Congressional, Legislative Districts Favor Republicans

LANSING - Tests now being used by some to evaluate whether congressional and legislative districts have been gerrymandered do show that Michigan fails several of those tests, which could argue that the state's districts somewhat favor Republicans, a report from the Citizens Research Council of Michigan said. The report came out as the U.S. Supreme

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State Drone Bill Could Fly Away If Federal Government Acts On Drone Regs

LANSING - A bill package to restrict where recreational drone users can fly their gadgets was heard by the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, but many worry the federal government's delayed action on drone regulation might end up rendering state legislation all for naught. The package consists of SB 917, which would clarify who drone operators

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Prevailing Wage Repeal Passes Over Dems, Worker Objections

LANSING - Michigan's 53-year-old law requiring union scale wages to be paid to workers on public construction projects is no more after the Republican-majority Legislature passed the initiated legislation, accompanied by multiple chants and outbursts in the House by Democrats and furious construction workers who packed the gallery. The Senate voted largely along party lines,

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US Department Of Transportation Grants $97.8 Million To Help Rebuild Mound Road

WARREN - Good news finally for anyone forced to drive on Mound Road. The US Department of Transportation has issued a $97.8 million grant to help fund a $184.6 million reconstruction of Mound Road. The Mound Road Corridor is a major artery for national automotive, defense, aerospace and advanced manufacturing installations. The stretch of Mound

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Prevailing Wage To Come Up Next Week, Marijuana Unlikely

MACKINAC ISLAND - While Senate Republicans might have the votes to adopt and amend a marijuana legalization effort, House Republicans do not, and barring a "miracle," the issue is going to the ballot for voters to decide, House Speaker Tom Leonard said Thursday. "Nothing is dead in the Legislature until it is dead," Leonard (R-DeWitt) said during

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Study: Term-limits Failed To Deliver On Claims

LANSING - A Citizens Research Council of Michigan study claims the state's 1992 voter-initiated term-limits constitutional amendment has failed to broom out career politicians, increase diversity or make more elections competitive. However, term-limits leader Patrick Anderson said the term-limits amendment didn't advertise itself as a cure to many of the things the Wayne State University (WSU)

SBAM 2018 Annual Summit To Feature Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

LANSING - Registration is open for the Small Business Association of Michigan 2018 Annual Summit June 21 that will feature a gubernatorial candidate forum. But that's not all you can expect! The Summit also includes: Expanded small business expo hall Informative business owner panel discussions on timely topics Ample networking opportunities Fabulous items in a