DTMB Releases State’s Long-Term Job Outlook

LANSING - The Department of Technology, Management and Budget released the latest long-term regional employment projections to a crowd of state policy and decision makers at the Michigan Occupational Outlook Conference. Based on the projections, the annual Career Outlook publication provides information for careers that will be in the highest demand by education group through

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Parker Named Deputy State Treasurer

LANSING  – State Treasurer Rachael Eubanks announced that Joyce Parker has been selected as the Michigan Department of Treasury’s new deputy state treasurer over state and local government finance programs. In her position, Parker will lead program areas within the state Treasury Department that provide financial services and bonding to local communities and school districts

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Michigan House Bill To Create 5-Year Moratorium On Law Enforcement Facial Recognition Tech

LANSING - A bill from Rep. Isaac Robinson introduced Wednesday would create a five-year moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement. HB 4810, which was sent to the House Judiciary Committee, would prevent the use of facial recognition software to obtain warrants or otherwise enforce the law. "Research has already shown that

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Michigan Health And Human Services Department Pegs IT Deficit At $45 Million

LANSING- A structural shortfall in what the Department of Health and Human Services spends on information technology compared to what it has available will result in $45 million in overspending by the close of the current fiscal year, the department has advised top lawmakers. During the spring, DHHS had acknowledged the shortfall and began taking

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May Jobless Rates Increase in Majority of Michigan Regional Labor Markets

LANSING - Seasonally unadjusted unemployment rates in May edged up in 12 of Michigan’s 17 regional labor markets, according to data from the Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget. Both total employment and total workforce levels rose in most labor market areas over the month. “Most metro areas in Michigan recorded modest jobless rate

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Nessel Makes First Move To Shut Down Line 5

LANSING - Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel on Thursday went to court seeking to decommission the 66-year old twin pipelines underneath the Straits of Mackinac, arguing the continued operation of the Enbridge pipeline is "likely to cause pollution, impairment or destruction of the water and other natural resources of the Great Lakes." The lawsuit seeks

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Michigan House Dems Still Open To Gas Tax Increase

LANSING - While Michigan House Democrats introduced a corporate income tax increase and fee for heavy trucks to generate roughly $1 billion toward roads, they are still willing to support a fuel tax increase like Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been pushing, Minority Leader Christine Greig said Friday. "I definitely want to stress these are additional ideas to bring

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Wolverine Alleges PFAS Poses No ‘Substantial Endangerment’ In Lawsuit

LANSING - Wolverine World Wide, the company accused of dumping waste that contaminated bodies of water in Kent County with per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, said it has provided "every affected resident with access to clean and reliable water" following the discovery of PFAS in drinking water sources and therefore the lawsuit against the company should

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Michigan Joins Federal Lifeline Program For Low-Income Telephone, Broadband Services

 LANSING - Michiganders who apply for telephone or broadband services under the federal Lifeline program and the companies that participate in the program have begun using the National Lifeline Eligibility Verifier database to determine an applicant’s qualifications, the Michigan Public Service Commission announced. Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky began mandatory participation in the roll-out of the

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Whitmer Renames, Reshuffles Economic Agencies; Names New Director

LANSING - A dramatic reorganization of the state's economic development and worker protection functions ordered Thursday by Governor Gretchen Whitmer puts a new person in charge of those duties, renames the Department of Talent and Economic Development as the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity and upends some key boards and commissions. The actions concentrate essentially

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