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Founder of Michigan News Network, and serves as CEO, as well as Editor & Publisher of MITECHNEWS.COM. Brennan has worked since 1980 as a technology writer at newspapers in New York, NY, San Jose, CA., Seattle, WA., Memphis, TN., Detroit, MI., and London, England. He co-founded and served as managing editor of Pacific Rim News Service (SEATTLE), which developed a network of more than 100 freelance journalists in 17 Asia-Pacific countries.

ITC To Conduct Aerial Patrols Of Transmission Lines in Michigan

NOVI – If you see helicopters flying low of high-voltage transmission towers and lines over the next month, don’t worry. It’s ITC Michigan conducting aerial patrols to make sure the electric grid isn’t damaged. The flights will take place from May 17 to June 17, weather permitting. The helicopter patrols are conducted to provide an

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Michigan Computer, Math Workers Annual Wage Double Average Of All Other Workers

DETROIT - The median annual wage for computer and math workers is more than double that of all workers in Michigan, a news study from Spanning shows.   Michigan employs 111,930 tech workers who earn a median annual wage of $76,980 compared with the median annual wage for all occupations in Michigan of $38,680, which

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Fred Brown COVID Vaccine Update – Johnson & Johnson

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan again to update the latest pandemic news. In this video interview, he discusses the COVID vaccines, including the one made by Johnson & Johnson that was temporarily pulled from circulation only to be approved by the FDA. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown

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Social Equity Fund, MCWT, Diva Tech Talk, COVID Variant Update 

ANN ARBOR - On MITech TV May 3, Connie Maxim-Sparrow announces the Social Equity Fund. Kathleen Norton-Schock updates the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and Diva Tech Talk. Fred Brown provides details about the COVID-19 variants sweeping the world. MITECH TV is live on Facebook Monday’s from 2 to 3 pm. To watch click here. You also

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$200,000 In Grants Awarded To Nonprofits To Support COVID-19 Recovery

LANSING – The Michigan Community Service Commission announced $200,000 in grant awards to nonprofit organizations to aid COVID-19 response and recovery. The Michigan Community Service Commission will partner with 13 organizations to launch the Michigan Community Resilience Program. The initiative will focus on making an impact during the COVID-19 response and recovery by expanding volunteerism

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35th Michigan World Trade Week Virtual Business Conference May 5

GRAND RAPIDS - As the business community continues to find ways to overcome the challenges of doing business during a pandemic; whether it's protecting data in this increasingly virtual world or dealing with increased costs and wait times in supply chains, the 35th Michigan World Trade Week Business Conference hopes to help the business community

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Digital Marketing News and Trends from Melih Oztalay

ANN ARBOR - The latest Digital Marketing News, Trends, and Updates are presented by Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing in Birmingham, Michigan on our show from Monday, April 26, 2021. Topics discussed over 30 minutes included: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) CRO has become its own science to help convert traffic coming to the website

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Survey: Despite Pandemic, Job Satisfaction Remains High

NEW YORK - In the face of the pandemic, an economic crisis, mass layoffs, and high unemployment, the percent of employees reporting overall satisfaction with their jobs remained high in 2020, according to a new survey from The Conference Board. While some components of job satisfaction declined due to the recession and economic stress, companies

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LIFT Adds Expert in Computational Materials To Team

DETROIT – LIFT, the Department of Defense-supported national manufacturing innovation institute, announced it has hired Amberlee Haselhuhn, Ph.D., to its technology team as Senior Engineer. In this role, Haselhuhn will lead the institute’s state-of-the-art materials and joining development and evaluation work, delivering innovative solutions and manufacturing processes for LIFT’s customers and ecosystem. She will also

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VC Capital 1st Quarter Report: Mega-Deal Values Account For Half Of Deals Done In 2020

SEATTLE - Venture capital dealmaking started strong in the first quarter of 2021 with an uptick in mega-deals and increased participation of nontraditional investors, according to a new report. The proliferation of mega-deals ($100 million+), once considered to be anomalies a few years ago, have become commonplace. In fact, mega-deal value in the first quarter

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