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Founder of Michigan News Network, and serves as CEO, as well as Editor & Publisher of MITECHNEWS.COM. Brennan has worked since 1980 as a technology writer at newspapers in New York, NY, San Jose, CA., Seattle, WA., Memphis, TN., Detroit, MI., and London, England. He co-founded and served as managing editor of Pacific Rim News Service (SEATTLE), which developed a network of more than 100 freelance journalists in 17 Asia-Pacific countries.

Motor Bella, Russian Hackers Go Dark, Xfinity Olympic Coverage, Angel Investing Update

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV July 19, Kathryn Snorrason from the MEDC discussed Motor Bella, a mobility competition. Cybersecurity expert Dan Lohrmann examined why Russian-based ransomware sites suddenly went dark last week. Rob Ponto from Xfinity provided details on Xfinity’s Olympic coverage. David Weaver updated the Angel Investing landscape in Michigan this summer. MITECH

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Renaissance Venture Capital Closes $77.5 Million Fourth Fund

ANN ARBOR -Renaissance Venture Capital has closed its fourth fund with $77.5 million of new capital.  Since it opened in 2008, Renaissance has raised over $280 million, making it the largest “fund of funds” of its kind in the United States.  Renaissance has become a role model for similar funds that have emerged in Cincinnati,

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Olympic Coverage Starts Friday On Comcast’s Xfinity

ANN ARBOR - The summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, start Friday and Comcast's Xfinity will be offering 7000 hours of coverage for all the sports, awards, and record breaking performances. Comcast Heartland Senior Public Relations pro, Rob Ponto, joins Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to provide all the details. https://youtu.be/1ak_HABmj7Y

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High Paying Michigan CIO Jobs At Executive Search Partners Need Candidates

ANN ARBOR - Gary Erickson, the Managing Partner of Executive Search Partners, said he has 20 jobs openings now for Chief Information Officers and other top tech executive positions, including one in Michigan that pays upwards of $1 million a year. Those jobs are listed at the ESP LinkedIn page. Executive Search Partners was formed

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Canada To Open Border For Vaccinated Americans Aug. 9

OTTAWA, Canada - Fully vaccinated Americans and permanent residents will be allowed to enter Canada for non-essential travel beginning Aug. 9, Canadian government ministers announced Monday. The announcement marked the first step toward opening the country's border for all international tourists. Non-essential travel to Canada has been banned since March 2020, and Canada's public safety

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Biden Accuses China Of Hiring Criminal Gangs To Hack Microsoft Exchange

WASHINGTON DC - The Biden administration on Monday blamed China for the cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange email server software earlier this year. It said hackers linked to China's Ministry of State Security exploited vulnerabilities to "compromise tens of thousands of computers and networks worldwide." Emails were stolen from a vast array of organizations in the Microsoft

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Detroit Internet Exchange Receives Non-Profit Designation

SOUTHFIELD - After several years of planning, the Detroit Internet Exchange has been granted tax-exempt status, establishing itself as a long-term, standalone entity and furthering its commitment to improve Michigan internet connectivity. Since its founding in 2014, the DET-iX has grown to become the largest fee free exchange in the world and the overall ninth

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Ann Arbor Approves Plan For 77-Acre Community Solar Project

ANN ARBOR, MI — Ann Arbor is advancing plans for a 24-megawatt solar farm in Pittsfield Township under a “community solar” model allowing community members to buy into it to support renewable energy. City Council voted unanimously this week to OK a development agreement with the township for the huge installation at the City’s Wheeler

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BuyMichiganNow New Features Including Events Calendar

ANN ARBOR - Lisa Diggs, founder of BuyMichiganNow.Com, updates new features on her Michigan business directory site and highlights some fun events scheduled for summer. https://youtu.be/G8OZqCBE4D4   BMN Founder Lisa Diggs Speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, Lisa Diggs, is founder of The Catalyst Company LLC, a performance consulting business that specializes in helping organizations become more

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How President Biden Needs To Retaliate Against Russian Cyber Attacks

ANN ARBOR - Cybersecurity professional Richard Stiennon suggests several ways that President Biden can respond proportionately to the continued Russian ransomware and cyber hacks of US military and government networks. Those including outing Russian Premier Vladimir Putin's billions of dollars stolen from the Russian people, freezing Russian oligarch's financial assets and even shutting down Russian

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