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Founder of Michigan News Network, and serves as CEO, as well as Editor & Publisher of MITECHNEWS.COM. Brennan has worked since 1980 as a technology writer at newspapers in New York, NY, San Jose, CA., Seattle, WA., Memphis, TN., Detroit, MI., and London, England. He co-founded and served as managing editor of Pacific Rim News Service (SEATTLE), which developed a network of more than 100 freelance journalists in 17 Asia-Pacific countries.

MUVE Offers Ride Sharing App For Disabled, Elderly Passengers

ROYAL OAK - MUVE Co-Founder Anthony Shannon talks about his ride sharing application, fully focused on providing specialized and wheelchair accessible transportation for the disabled and elderly. To learn more, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/episode-147-muve-ride-sharing-application-for-wheelchair-accessible-transportation

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ITC Holdings Gives Michigan Tech University $75,000 To Renovate Engineering Center

HOUGHTON – Michigan Tech has received a $75,000 gift from ITC Holdings Corp. to support the renovation of the ECE Learning Center in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The renovated space will provide a clean, well-equipped place for undergraduate students in electrical engineering and computer engineering to study together and participate in peer

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M2 Techcast: 123Net Datacenter Now A Carrier Hotel

ROYAL OAK - What is a Carrier Hotel? Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development for 123Net, the Southfield-based datacenter, explains in this segment of M2 Techcast. 123Net also hosts the Detroit Internet Exchange. To find out what he's talking about, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/episode-149-123nets-chuck-irvin-explains-how-his-datacenter-has-become-a-carrier-hotel

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Manufacturing Cloud Software Developer Plex Systems Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

TROY – Plex Systems, the leader in cloud MES and ERP for manufacturing, today named Bill Berutti its chief executive officer and a member of its board of directors. Berutti has spent the last two decades in cloud and enterprise software leading global, high-growth businesses. “The future of manufacturing ERP and MES is in the

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IoT TechConnect 2, Cybersecurity Holiday eCommerce Safety, Tech248 Update, VR/AR Workshop For Manufacturers

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday, Rick Beckers from CloudTech1 will announce the details of IoT TechConnect 2 scheduled for April 2019. Cybersecurity experts Dan Lohrmann and Richard Stiennon will talk about how to safely perform Holiday online shopping. Greg Doyle from Tech248 will update what's happening with the Oakland County Tech Networking group.

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Two Michigan Teachers Win $150,000 In Harbor Freight Building Trades Teaching Prizes

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — A building trades teacher in Bay City and a welding and woodworking teacher from Republic in the Upper Peninsula are among the winners in the 2018 Harbor Freight Tools for Schools Prize for Teaching Excellence. The competition awarded more than $1 million nationally to 17 first and second prize winners and

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Social Media Rumor Wrongly Charges Voter Fraud In State

LANSING - An inaccurate claim, apparently started by a Chicago-area conservative author and picked up by a number of Michigan residents on social media, asserted that 60 percent of Michigan counties report more registered voters than residents, a charge easily refuted by looking at voter data and state population data. The claim was initially made

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Michigan’s Economy Poised To Break Job Growth Record

ANN ARBOR—The Michigan economy, with nine years of uninterrupted job growth from the third quarter of 2009 to the third quarter of 2018, sits on the brink of the longest period of job growth since the World War II era, University of Michigan economic forecasters say. The current job-winning streak ties with the period ranging

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Forecast For National Economy Sees Continued Growth, Though Slowing

ANN ARBOR - The U.S. economy should continue to grow over the next two years, but the pace of growth will slow as fiscal stimulus in the form of the effects of the 2017 tax changes and increased federal spending fade, economists at the Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics as the University of Michigan forecast

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Original Stormy Kromer Cap Wins Inaugural Coolest Thing Made In Michigan Award

LANSING - Original Stormy Kromer Cap, a four-panel handmade cap created in 1903, was given the inaugural “Coolest Thing Made in Michigan” award, part of the Michigan Manufacturers Association’s MFG Excellence Awards. The judges voted through social media gathered through a collaboration with MLive. It was sponsored by The Luminous Group. “We believe that manufacturing

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