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COVID-19 Update: U-M Seeks PPE Gear Donations For Workers, Patients

ANN ARBOR - Right now, health care workers at the University of Michigan’s hospitals and clinics have the gear they need to protect themselves and others as they care for patients with COVID-19. But with the number of COVID-19 patients rising daily, leaders at Michigan Medicine are asking for the community’s help in donating supplies

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Small Business Gets $367 Billion In Loan Guarantees In Stimulus Package

WASHINGTON DC - The $2.2 Trillion federal stimulus package will provide small businesses (those with fewer than 500 employees) who promise not to fire employees during the crisis would have access to $367 billion worth of guaranteed loans from community banks through June 30 that would be forgiven if the business continues to pay workers

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Canadian Doctor Turns One Ventilator Into Nine With DIY Mechanics – Impresses Elon Musk

ONTARIO, Canada - A Canadian doctor has rigged up a ventilator with do-it-yourself mechanics to treat nine patients instead of one. Dr Alain Gauthier, an anesthetist at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital in Ontario, has a PhD in respiratory mechanics According to CBC News, the physician got the idea after watching YouTube videos created by two

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Study: COVID-19 Could Cost $7 Trillion, Sending Unemployment Skyrocketing

MUNCIE, Indiana – Extreme social distancing occurring in the United States is more than sufficient to create a recession as mass layoffs cause unemployment to exceed 10.5 percent nationally, says a new report from Ball State University. Within 90 days, the economic downturn caused by governmental efforts to mitigate the novel coronavirus will cause unemployment

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How will COVID – 19 Impact Venture Backed Startups?

ANN ARBOR - As COVID-19 unfolds worldwide, a high level of uncertainty has manifested itself. Social distancing, self-quarantines, as well as federal and state mandates forcing the closure of businesses, have become the new norm in recent weeks. This webinar features a panel of experts as they discuss how this current crisis will affect venture-backed

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Financing Expert Cuts Fees To Help Businesses File For SBA Injury Disaster Loan RELIEF Fund

DETROIT - If your business has been affected by COVID-19, the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan RELIEF fund is now available. Although Bob Moore Financing encourages you to seek other forms of working capital immediately, SBA loans are an excellent long-term alternative. "The SBA recognizes this an allows finance companies to charge as much as

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Google Branding, COVID-19 Testing App, Curbside Cannabis Delivery, Coronavirus Mitigation Scorecard

ROYAL OAK - On MITech TV March 23, Justin Thomas from Google will explain how to get your brand to stand out on the Internet. Russell Schindler from SampleServe will discuss his test sample app that can now provide chain of custody for COVID-19 health professionals. Penny Milkey from Northern Specialty Health will report on

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Ford Offers 6-Month Payment Moratorium To Shore Up Sales, Finances

DEARBORN—Ford Motor Co. announced several initiatives to bolster the company’s cash position and support sales amid the coronavirus health crisis. Among the company’s moves: Borrowng the maximum $15.4 billion under two existing credit lines to offset the impact of coronavirus-related production shutdowns in North America and Europe Suspending the company’s dividend to shareholders Withdrawing financial

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