UM Student Startups Win More Than $100,000 In Funding

ANN ARBOR – Student startups at the University of Michigan took home more than $100,000 in prizes in the final round of the 2019 Michigan Business Challenge, a campus-wide, multi-round business plan competition hosted by UM Ross School of Business’ Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies. This year, for the first time, the MBC also featured the

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Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awardees Announced

LANSING - From Detroit to Marquette, small businesses are growing, innovating and shaping their communities. Now the list of 2019 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awardees has been released. 2019 Awardees Michigan 50 Distinguished Alumni Award – Strategically Focused MMI Engineered Solutions, Inc. – Saline Michigan 50 Distinguished Alumni Award – Most Engaged Workplace Armor Protective Packaging

Backstage Detroit Hosts Kickoff Party March 13 To Welcome First Cohort

DETROIT - Backstage Detroit, a three-month program designed to give underrepresented founders the support they need to reach the next critical milestone, is hosting its kick off party March 13 at the Lear Innovation center. Backstage, a national program, focuses on funding women and minorities. Companies participating in the Backstage Accelerator will receive $100,000 checks

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GR’s Grand Angels Launches Chapter In Detroit, Woodward Angels

DETROIT – Grand Rapids-based Grand Angels, one of the state’s most prominent angel investor groups, has launched Woodward Angels, a new angel investor group in Detroit. Woodward Angels is launching as an affiliate of Grand Angels Holding Co. LLC, the holding company for Grand Angels, and the Michigan Capital Network, which includes both Grand Angels

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Smart Bracket AI App – Crush Your Office NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket

ROYAL OAK - Supported Intelligence, an East Lansing based Artificial Intelligence software developer, has again produced its "Smart Bracket" app that helps basketball enthusiasts crush the NCAA College Tournament office brackets...like scoring in the 97 percentile. CEO Patrick Anderson explain how in this episode of M2 TechCast. Patrick Anderson To purchase the Smart Bracket app,

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Gina Adams – Disability Friendly Magnetic Buttons

DETROIT - The simple act of dressing oneself for one out of six people is a daily struggle. Enter magnetic buttons. Founder Gina Adams joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on M2 TechCast to explain how the Buttons 2 Button team developed a patent-pending, no-sew, adapter set that convert traditional shirts into magnetic closures to

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Michigan Council of Women In Technology, Diva Tech Talk: Norton-Schock Tells All

ROYAL OAK - What’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and whom has Diva Tech Talk interviewed lately. Kathleen Norton-Schock tells all in this interview on M2 Techcast with co-hosts Matt Roush and Mike Brennan. Kathleen Norton-Schock  To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e159-kathleen-norton-schock

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U-M To Invest Up To $20 Million In Four UM Startups

ANN ARBOR—The University of Michigan will make a $2.75 million initial investment into four U-M startups with potential funding of up to $20 million through subsequent financing rounds. The U-M Board of Regents approved the investments Thursday through the Michigan Investment in New Technology Startups initiative. The MINTS fund, which is overseen by the U-M

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Introduction To Angel Investing – Is It For Me?

DETROIT - Great Lakes Angels Fund, managed by City Side Ventures, is promoting a seminar March 13 on Angel Investing: “Introduction to Angel Investing – is it for me?” The format will be an overview of who are angels, what angel investing is all about, how they fit in the financing of startups and include

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BullsEye Telecom’s New CEO To Transform Company, Upgrade Staff Tech Skills

ROYAL OAK - Tom Tisko, BullsEye Telecom's New CEO, joins Matt and Mike on M2 Techcast to talk about how he plans to transform the nearly 20 year old Southfield, MI., based company and upgrade the technology skills of its more than 200 employees. Tom Tisko To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e158-tom-tisko-bullseye-telecoms-new-ceo

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