Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species grown specifically for industrial uses. It is one of the fastest-growing plants and was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber.

iHemp Hour: Barn Owl Drone Services Helps Farmers Find Male Hemp Plants

ANN ARBOR - Yup, that's right. Barn Owl Drone Services uses drones to find male hemp plants in fields. Owners Jaron and Sarah Hinkley explain in this video how they do that. If you're a hemp farmer, you're going to want to see this because Barn Owl Drone can save you time and money....and your

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iHemp Hour – Barn Owl Drone Helps Hemp Farmers Find Male Plants

Join iHemp Michigan Thursday, July 2 Noon – 1pm Barn Owl Drone Meet Sarah & Jaron Hinkley of Barn Owl Drone. Barn Owl Drone Services is a company focused on Agriculture, the surrounding  communities, and all invested in the industry. Founded in 2017, after seeing a lack of technological support for farmers in rural areas;

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iHemp Hour June 25: Recycled Plastic, Hemp-Infused Building Blocks

LANSING - Louis Hard and Adam Dietrich join iHemp Hour June 25 at noon to tell the Michigan hemp community about their ingenious plastic recycled hemp-infused building blocks. ReBlocks is a Denver, CO based building block company that has been in the United States for a year.  Prior to that, these blocks were used in

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iHemp Hour: How To Use Hemp Building Materials And Get Certification

LANSING - On iHemp Hour June 18 at noon, Dawn Schultz and Eric McKee of the US Hemp Building Association will share their insight into hemp fiber as a building material and the steps they are taking for certification. On June 11, iHemp Hour interviewed Morris Beegle of WAFA and Eric Streenstra of Vote Hemp last

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iHemp Hour: Soil Health, Plant Nutrition

ANN ARBOR - Mark Carrol and Gary Reding of Ozadia bring Hemp farmers up to date on soil health and plant nutrition. On Thursday June 11, Morris Beegle from the Colorado Hemp Company, Let’s Talk Hemp, Tree Free Hemp and NoCo Hemp Expo. Eric Steenstra a founding member of the Hemp Industries Association, Co-Founder of the hemp brand Ecolution, Let’s Talk Hemp, and president of Vote Hemp.

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iHemp Hour 6: US Hemp Roundtable With Federal Legislation Update

ANN ARBOR - Jonathan Miller of the US Hemp Roundtable discusses the latest federal legislation that impacts Hemp farmers. Miller serves as the general counsel to the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, the hemp industry’s leading national business advocacy organization, with member companies and organizations that represent every link of the hemp product chain, from seed to

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iHemp Hour Video: Hemp Cloning, Hemp Textiles Ask

ANN ARBOR - Michael Thue from Great Lakes Hemp Supplements demonstrates how to clone hemp plants in iHemp Hour version 6 that aired live on Facebook May 21. Also on the show was Shannon O'Hara who co-founded the SkilledLaborersBrigade, a group of 500 tailors in New York City. She is looking for a company to

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