Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa plant species grown specifically for industrial uses. It is one of the fastest-growing plants and was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fiber.

Hero Project Explained, MCWT Updated, Cybersecurity Hacks, Linked-In Tips

ANN ARBOR - MITech TV Sept. 20 Anton Harb Jr., a disabled American Veteran, explained why he’s working with the Hero Project to help fund programs that assistance his fellow Veterans beyond providing them with a meal. Kathleen Norton-Schock updated what’s happening with Michigan Council of Women in Technology and Diva Tech Talk. Richard Stiennon

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Ron Fazio, Hemp Synergistics, On iHemp Hour Aug. 12

LANSING - Ron Fazio, Hemp Synergistics, will be featured Aug. 12 at noon on the iHemp Hour. Fazio is a former board certified forensic scientist with over 20 years of controlled substance experience. Hemp Synergistics has developed a proprietary process to produce a unique hemp extract. Bio-Dri is a patent pending novel broad-spectrum hemp powder

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Industrial Hemp Association of Michigan Elects New Board Of Directors

LANSING – The Industrial Hemp Association of Michigan, commonly referred to as iHemp, has elected a new board of directors, led by David Crabill, a hemp farmer. A list of the officers is below: David Crabill President Former iHemp President John Freeman invited Dave to help organize the first event by iHemp Michigan, along with

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MDARD Announces Specialty Crop Grant Opportunity – Proposal Due Feb. 25

LANSING—The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced a request for proposals through the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program from the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Marketing Service. The program is designed to enhance the competitiveness of Michigan’s specialty crops, which are defined as "fruits and vegetables, tree nuts, dried fruits, horticulture, and

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Detroit Could Grow Hemp On Vacant Urban Land

ANN ARBOR  - Greg Pawlowski, a Detroit city planner, in this interview said Mayor Duggan is very interested in the idea of growing hemp for non human consumption on the 35,000 vacant parcels of land (where the building has been demolished) owned by City government. While plans remain preliminary, the upside opportunity is enormous, particularly

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Bob Moore Financing Can Help Hemp, Cannabis Companies Grow

ANN ARBOR - Third generation financier Bob Moore can provide a variety of financing options for cannabis and hemp companies. He can finance purchase orders, Inventory, equipment, land, buildings and much more. To get a special quote, provide the code MB. Bob Moore Financing for Hemp Products – Hemp – CBD – Cannabis Equipment and

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MDARD Announces Grants For Rural Areas

LANSING—The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is now accepting proposals for the Rural Development Fund grants, a competitive grant program aimed at promoting the sustainability of land-based industries and supporting infrastructure that benefits rural communities in Michigan.      The Rural Development Fund grants are available for projects addressing expansion and sustainability of land-based

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Grant Funds Still Available For Farms, Agricultural and Food Processors

LANSING - Funding is still available for farms and agricultural processors with employees of 10 or more through the Michigan Agricultural Safety Grants program, as well as for small farms with fewer than 10 employees through the MEDC Small Farm Safety Grant program. These funds aim to help both large and small Michigan farms, as

iHemp Hour Aug. 13 – Delta-8 THC, Types Of CBD Oil Products

ANN ARBOR - iHemp Hour July 16 featured what's happening with the US Hemp Authority Certification Program and Transparency in Hemp Supply Chain. Guests included: Certification Programs, Marielle Weintraub, PhD, U.S. Hemp Authority President. And for transparency in the Hemp Supply Chain, Dr. Richard McDermott and Terri Miller of Signakey. https://youtu.be/vD-OHkA0Wgw On iHemp Hour Aug.

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