COVID-19 Infection Rate Could Go 3X By Xmas

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown's modeling shows that the COVID-19 virus could increase three-fold from Halloween to New Year's Day 2021 as people in northern states hunker down for winter in what is also flu season. Brown lays out his claim in a series of slides he crafted for his clients, which include more

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Monica Wheat Joins Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau To Amplify Female, Non-Binary Voices

ANN ARBOR - Entrepreneur Monica Wheat, entrepreneur and investor, discusses her selection to the inaugural Visionary Voices speakers bureau, to amplify female and non-binary voices nationwide. Women and non-binary individuals are significantly underrepresented in conversations about tech and venture capital — both at conferences and in media coverage. This perpetuates a cycle where they don’t

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Detroit Demo Day Seeks Voters For Peoples’ Choice Awards

ANN ARBOR - Laura Granneman, vice president Quicken Loans Community Fund, asks the Detroit entrepreneur community to check out videos of the Detroit Demo Day Finalists now online at They are vying for a $1 million cash purse. Rocket Mortgage Detroit Demo Day has been reinvented as an all-virtual event to meet the needs

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Michigan State Government Offers Future For Frontliners Tuition-Free Education Program

ANN ARBOR - Kerry Ebersole, from the state's Labor Department, provides an in-depth look at the Future For Frontliners program that offers tuition-free training and educational opportunities for frontliners COVID-19 pandemic workers who were forced to work during the March to June lockdown. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Sept. 10 what she described as the nation’s

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Airfoil Group Co-Founder Lisa Vallee-Smith Marks Agency’s 20th Anniversary In October

ANN ARBOR - In this video interview, Lisa Vallee-Smith, who co-founded Airfoil Group in 2000, talks about all the changes at her agency since it was founded and how her agency is celebrating its 20th anniversary in October. Also on this segment is Keith Donovan, a 13-year Airfoil veteran, who was appointed President of Airfoil

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Fred Brown: COVID-19 Potential Deaths In US In 2020 Could Rise To 600,000

ANN ARBOR - In November and December, when everyone moves inside in the United States, the COVID-19 death rate could climb to 5000 deaths a day and perhaps a total of 600,000 deaths by the end of 2020, predicts infectious disease expert Fred Brown. Brown has been working with a number of states and countries

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update With Epidemiologist Fred Brown

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown updates where vaccine research stands. He predicts there is little likelihood an effective vaccine will be ready by early November. It may not be until spring 2021 before a vaccine could be ready. Fred Brown comes to the fight against the COVID-19 virus from a forty year

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Richard Stiennon Describes The Latest Cybersecurity Threats

ANN ARBOR - Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon joins MITech TV once again to update the latest cyber threats plaguing the world. Richard writes for Forbes magazine and is the author of "There Will Be Cyberwar," a book that show how the Chinese military could quickly defeat the US military in a war by disabling electronic

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Birmingham Angels Mid-Year Investing Update

ANN ARBOR - Dave Weaver from Birmingham (MI) Angels provides an update on the angel investing groups portfolio since it was founded in fall 2019. Ten deals out of 30 pitched received funding. Birmingham Angels is part of CitySide Ventures that was established in 2015 with a core vision to change the way early-stage capital

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COVID-19 Plasma Therapy Evaluated By Infectious Disease Expert

ANN ARBOR - President Trump contends plasma therapy will cure COVID-19. Fred Brown, an epidemiologist who works with Johns Hopkins, evaluates that claim. Fred Brown comes to the fight against the COVID-19 virus from a forty year career developing pharmaceutical solutions to infectious diseases and solving the myriad challenges involved in suppressing a viral epidemic.

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