Tesla 1200 Mile Road Trip With Former Freep Auto Writer Rachel Konrad

ANN ARBOR - One of the knocks on Electric Vehicles is they aren't good for long road trips. Not true says Rachel Konrad, former Detroit Free Press auto writer, and now a California venture capitalist. Rachel and her family drove from the San Francisco Bay area to New Mexico in a Tesla Model Y, 1,200

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Four20 Post Successor To Michigan Marijuana Report

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Marijuana Report has officially become Four20 Post. Dan Keelan, the co-founder, joins Mike Brennan, his business partner in that cannabis business project, to explain why and how the collection of websites, streaming video shows, educational components and even cannabis tourism can help both cannabis companies and ancillary general businesses that want

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ChatGPT – The Latest Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing Tool

BIRMINGHAM - ChatGPT is the newest Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool, and it may become a valuable marketing tool if used correctly, says Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing in Birmingham. In this video interview, he discusses what is it and how it differs from other AI writing tools. He also provides an example of

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Skip Simms Retires From Ann Arbor SPARK, Remains With MI Angel Fund

ANN ARBOR - Skip Simms was one of Ann Arbor SPARK's first employees when it was created a couple decades ago to provide business training and services to the Ann Arbor tech community, including engineers coming out of the University of Michigan. On Dec. 31, Simms retired from SPARK and stepped down as managing partner

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If You Want To Pitch An Angel Investing Group, Or Become An Angel Investor, Watch This Interview

BIRMINGHAM - Angel Investors are a group of high net worth individuals who pool their money and invest in startups that have high growth potential. If your startup wants to attract investors, you need to watch this video interview with David Weaver, a principal in CitySideVentures, the parent company of Birmingham Angels and the Great

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Rick French, CEO Of French/West/Vaughan, Explains Why He Purchased Birmingham-Based Millerschin Group

ANN ARBOR - Mobility and transportation focused Millerschin Group was acquired by French/West/Vaughan, an independently held PR, advertising and digital marketing agency. Terms were not announced. Joining Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on MITech TV is Erin Millerschin, the daughter of automotive and business journalist David C. Smith, former editorial director at Ward’s Auto and

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Handling Cash In Your Business? Data Financial Has Tech Solutions

ANN ARBOR - If your retail business needs to process a lot of cash - including adult-use cannabis dispensaries, casinos, banks and general business retailers - Data Financial may have a high tech and very efficient way for you to do so. Kevin Dusenberry, who represents Data Financial in Michigan and works with cannabis dispensaries,

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Resume Misconceptions: Gary Erickson, Executive Search Partners, Clears Them Up

ANN ARBOR - If you're looking to burnish your resume for that executive job offering, you need to make sure you don't include some misconceptions, says Gary Erickson, managing partner of Executive Search Partners. Those include: Your resume cannot be longer than 2 pages You need key words at the top of your resume so

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The Electricity GRID – How ITC Handled Demand In 2022, How ITC will Handle Power In The Future

NOVI - ITC Michigan President Simon Whitelocke provides a summary of what ITC-Holdings did to strengthen the power GRID in Michigan during 2022 and the electricity transmission company's plans to strengthen the GRID in 2023. In this video interview, Whitelocke answers the following questions: Would you mind kicking things off by reminding our viewers who

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Cyber Patriot Year End Update With Tamara Shoemaker

DETROIT - Cyber Patriot is a cyber training program for not only grade-school students, but also senior citizens who want to use the Internet to keep in touch with their children and grandchildren. Plus Michigan Director Tamara Shoemaker works with auto companies to teach engineers how to design vehicles that won't get hacked. Tamara answer

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