CitySide Ventures Creates Monthly Virtual Shark Tank To Fund Tech Startups

ANN ARBOR - David Weaver, who co-founded CitySide Ventures, Birmingham Angels and Great Lakes Angels, has co-created a monthly virtual Deal Tank for early-stage companies to pitch investors in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. The event is designed for Accredited Investors according to the SEC guidelines, specifically Rule 501(Item 5) of Regulation D, as to

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LTU Summer Science Camps For High School Students

ANN ARBOR - Sibrina Collins, executive director of the Marburger STEM Center at Lawrence Technological University, provides details on Summer Science camps for middle and high school students to learn first hand about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Lawrence Technological University A. Alfred Taubman Engineering, Architecture, and Life Sciences Complex is home

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Creating and Maintaining COVID 19 Social Bubbles

ANN ARBOR - World renown epidemiologist, Fred Brown, joins us again on MITech TV to update what people should do to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Doing so requires everyone to minimize contact with others to immediate family and a few friends to create social bubbles - everyone inside the bubble is virus free. Trained

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COVID 19 Healthcare Update: CDC Recommendations For Reopening Schools

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown joins Matt and Mike again to explain the CDC's new recommendations for reopening schools. He also discusses updates on vaccine efficacy and distribution timetables. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams of 27 major pharmaceutical, 13 diagnostic and 6 vaccine products. 

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XlerateHealth In Flint Seeks Applicants For July Health Startup Cohort

ANN ARBOR - Sabastian Alvim from Flint's XlerateHealth said his accelerator is seeking applicants from healthcare startups and early stage companies to participate in its July cohort. Only six companies will be selected. But here are some of the details: Calling all Flint and Genesee county healthcare entrepreneurs, innovators and startups! Apply for the 2021

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VibeTech Partners With Metal Components To Make Portable Vibration Therapy Device

ANN ARBOR - Jeff Leismer, the CEO of VibeTech, a Wisconsin-based vibration rehabilitation therapy, is now working with Metal Components of Grand Rapids, MI., to build a portable version of its therapeutic device that can help people with leg injuries regain bone and muscle mass. VibeTech Enterprises LLC has cut a deal with Grand Rapids-based

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COVID Vaccine Update – How Employers Can Protect Employees, Customers

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown, who is working with many US states and world nation states as an infectious disease expert, updates the latest news on the vaccines, potential vaccination times, and what employers and businesses can do to protect them and their employees from becoming super virus spreaders. Trained as a medicinal biochemist,

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Cyber Hacks, Ransomware and Solarwinds Revisited

ANN ARBOR - Cybersecurity experts Richard Stiennon and Dan Lohrmann return on MITech TV to analyze the latest cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, database hacks and Solarwinds revisited. If you are worried about bad actors causing havoc in your business or government agency, you need to watch this video interview.   Dan Lohrmann

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Michigan Cyber Patriot Program Seeks Industry Help

ANN ARBOR - Tamara Shoemaker, director of the Michigan Cyber Patriot program, said she needs help from Michigan businesses that want to keep her program, which trains grade school kids to become cyber professionals, doing its job. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will

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COVID 19 Update With Fred Brown New Virus Strains

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown returns on MITech TV's COVID-19 update to talk about the new strains of the virus that have developed in the United Kingdom and South Africa that have made their way to the United States and the potential impact they could have on people who are not vaccinated. Trained as

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