True North Collective Hires Kelly Garety, Jamie Cooper For Director Positions

ANN ARBOR - True North Collective, a grower and processor, has made a couple of executive hires, Kelly Garety as Director Of Sales and Strategic Development and Jamie Cooper as Director of Marketing. Kelly previously worked for ABKO Labs; and Jamie will continue to serve as Michigan manager for Sensi Magazine. More Information at True North

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Canadian Based FLO To Build EV Chargers In Michigan

ANN ARBOR - FLO announced it will build an electric vehicle charger manufacturing plant in Auburn Hills, a $3 million investment that is expected to create 133 direct, indirect, and induced jobs in Michigan in 2023 as a result of the manufacturing facility activities. That breaks down to 125 jobs created from operations and maintenance

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West MI Sustainable Business Forum Annual Meeting Featuring Rep Peter Meijer

ANN ARBOR - West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will host its 29th Annual Meeting on Monday, June 27 at the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation. Joining us on MITech TV is Rose Spickler to provide more details for this live event. No virtual attendance is available. The Annual Meeting will include an update on

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$237 Million Available From MEDC To Help Michigan Small Businesses

LANSING - In early June, Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to announce that Michigan has been approved for up to $237 Million in State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding from the U.S. Department of Treasury.   Small businesses hit hard by the pandemic-induced recession can apply for some of these funds

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Not To Worry – Low Flying Helicopters Are ITC Holdings Power Line Inspection Flights

ANN ARBOR - If you see helicopters flying low over high voltage electricity transmission lines owned by ITC-Holdings, don't worry. It's all part of the twice yearly inspection ITC does to make sure no vegetation has grown into the lines, or that the lines are not damaged so electricity continues to flow to homes and

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Dunegrass Seeks To Bring Cannabis Tourism To Northern Michigan

ANN ARBOR - Dunegrass Cannabis operates a half dozen dispensaries in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Now Dunegrass hopes to make its dispensaries part of its effort to generate cannabis tourism way up north. Dunegrass' Brian Buchanan provides details in this video interview on Four20 Post Live. Check out Dungrass

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Melih Oztalay Explains If You Should Outsource Your Marketing

ANN ARBOR - Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing, provides an overview of whether your company should outsource marketing during the labor shortage and increase wages in this video interview. Outsourcing Your Lead Generation Warning, he says, there is an onslaught of companies suggesting that they can increase leads for businesses. They ask for fees

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Michigan Cannabis Tourism, Featured On Four20 Post Live

ANN ARBOR - Our theme for June 8 was cannabis tourism. We had Brian Buchanan from Dunegrass Co. in Northern Michigan on to talk about the new cannabis tourism advertising campaign Dunegrass has launched to attract visitors to its provisioning centers. We also had Jessica Jackson from Copper House Detroit on the show. She opened

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What’s Happening In The IT Job Market Today?

ANN ARBOR - What is the state of today's IT job market? Executive Search Partners' General Manager Gary Erickson provides details on this video interview. Gary also discusses what is happening with IT salaries? How has the “great resignation” affected the market for IT people? What is happening with work from home, work remote policies

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Cyber Patriot Program Trains Students To Become Cyber Professionals

ANN ARBOR - If you want your children to be safe when they surf the web, if your company wants motivate cybersecurity interns, you want to know more about Cyber Patriot. In this video interview, Tamara Shoemaker, the director of Michigan's Cyber Patriot training program, provides all the details. Our Mission is to increase the number

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