Russian-Based Ransomware Attack Shuts Down East Coast Fuel Pipeline

ANN ARBOR - Former Michigan Chief Information Security officer Dan Lohrmann, now a vice president with Security Mentor, dishes on the ransomware attack against the Colonial Pipeline that carries most of the gas and other fuel used along the US East Coast. It's clear a Russian-based group's ransomware was used, but by who? Fingers points

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COVID Update: Michigan Battling Virus Surge – New Normal Not Until Fall

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown updates his latest COVID-19 models that take into account the surge in COVID-19 cases in Michigan and warns that the new normal may not begin until fall, rather than by the Fourth of July. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown has been on the discovery, development and/or launch teams

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Canna Social Equity Fund Launched

MUSKEGON - Connie Maxim-Sparrow joins MITech TV Host Mike Brennan on May 3 to introduce the CannaSocialEquityFund.Org to help contributors formulate goals related to social equity programs that promote change at the community level in the State of Michigan with particular emphasis on the exploding adult-use Cannabis market, expected to top $1.5 billion in sales

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Michigan Council Of Women In Technology Update With Kathleen Norton-Schock

ANN ARBOR - Kathleen Norton-Schock returns to update all things happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology and on her own audio podcast called Diva Tech Talk. Welcome to MCWT Every day we work toward our mission to inspire and grow women in technology. A diverse IT workforce is a vital part of

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Fred Brown COVID Vaccine Update – Johnson & Johnson

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan again to update the latest pandemic news. In this video interview, he discusses the COVID vaccines, including the one made by Johnson & Johnson that was temporarily pulled from circulation only to be approved by the FDA. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Brown

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Digital Marketing News and Trends from Melih Oztalay

ANN ARBOR - The latest Digital Marketing News, Trends, and Updates are presented by Melih Oztalay, CEO of SmartFinds Marketing in Birmingham, Michigan on our show from Monday, April 26, 2021. Topics discussed over 30 minutes included: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) CRO has become its own science to help convert traffic coming to the website

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Financial News Service Benzinga Experiments With Cryptocurrency

ANN ARBOR - Financial news service Benzinga is experimenting with keeping some cash reserves in cryptocurrency because Founder and President Jason Raznick explains his company can get a 6 percent return - much higher than keeping cash in checking or savings accounts. What Is Benzinga is a content ecosystem that makes information easier to

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If You Are Under 50, You Still Are Vulnerable To COVID 19

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown updates the state of COVID infection in the United States and provides charts that show anyone under age 50 - even if they have been vaccinated - are at great risk of catching COVID-19, in part because so many people below 50 have not been vaccinated. Trained as a

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Richard Stiennon With Russian Hacking Update

ANN ARBOR - Earlier this month, President Biden levied sanctions on a number of Russian technology companies he says hacked the US in an attempt to sway the 2020 election to former president Trump. Biden also said US intelligence confirmed that Russians also hacked Solarwinds and penetrated thousands of organizations globally including multiple parts of

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STEM Internship Salaries Reimbursement Program From Ann Arbor SPARK

ANN ARBOR - Calling all startups and mid-sized companies looking for STEM student interns! STEM Forward is offering a $3,000 match for hiring a Michigan based intern for your company. Ann Arbor SPARK and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) are launching Michigan STEM Forward, a statewide program that matches students attending Michigan colleges and

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