Pajarito Powder Provides Hydrogen Catalyst For Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles

ANN ARBOR - Tom Stephenson, chairman and CEO of Pajarito Powder, tells his company's story on MITech TV. Pajarito Powder develops advanced electrocatalysts for fuel cells and electrolyzers that will be used in fuel-cell electric vehicles. General Motors is working with the company. Pajarito Powder also received a big investment from Hyundai Motor Company. To

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AdaSky Brings Military Grade Thermal Imaging To Vehicles

ANN ARBOR - Bill Grabowski, head of North America for ADASKY thermal cameras, joins MITech TV to explain how they can help driven and autonomous vehicles keep from running over pedestrians, bikes, and anything else in the road. By adapting its auto-grade thermal camera, ADASKY built a new sensor that alerts when detecting elevated body

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Auto Tech: Lunewave Radar Helping Driverless Vehicles See The Road Ahead

ANN ARBOR - John Xin, CEO of Lunewave Radar, talks about Lunewave’s proprietary Luneburg lens radar technology that provides long range hi-resolution detection required for today’s ADAS and autonomous vehicles. It offers up to 360 degrees field of view, and the best angular resolution in the market, Xin says in this video interview on MITech

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Cyber Patriot Program Goes international – Tamara Shoemaker Provides Details

ANN ARBOR - Tamara Shoemaker, who leads the Michigan Cyber Patriot program, joins MITech TV co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to update the Cyber Patriot program, talk about her new join leading the cybersecurity team at Auto-ISAC, and an auto cyber training program in mid October. Cyber Patriot's Mission is to increase the number

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ITC Michigan Works With Utilities To Keep Electricity Flowing

ANN ARBOR - ITC Michigan President Simon Whitelocke joins MITech TV co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to talk about how the electric transmission company keeps cyber criminals at bay, keeps the electricity flowing from utilities, how it's working towards a clean energy future, and even how it is gearing up its services to provide

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Michigan Virtual Cyber Summit Oct 21 – Registration Free

ANN ARBOR - Michigan Chief Security Officer Laura Clark provides details on the Michigan Virtual Cyber Summit scheduled for Oct. 21. COVID-19 has again forced Gov. Whitmer to cancel plans for hundreds of cyber professionals to meet at the TCF Center in Detroit. But the upside is much of the program will be available on-demand

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Text Phone Hack Against Your iPhone And Android

ANN ARBOR - The latest hack making the rounds is one where the attacker sends a text message to your iPhone or Android, click on the message and malware is downloaded giving the bad guys full control of your mobile device. Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon provides all the details on this malware and others to

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Fall Events Update For The Michigan Council of Women In Technology

ANN ARBOR - Kathleen Norton-Schock returns to MITech TV to update all the fall events for the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. From past golf outings to the November gala are covered in her report. Everything MCWT does centers on inspiring and growing women in technology. MCWT is on a mission to help women

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12 Steps For A Highly Successful Job Search

ANN ARBOR - Gary Erickson, Managing Partner of Executive Search Partners, provides tips on how you can land that top executive level job as Chief Information Officer or Chief Information Security Officer. On his website,, he also provides 12 Tips To A Highly Successful Job Search, plus sample resumes you can use to rise

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Back Story On TechTown Virtual Toast Of The Town Sept 30

ANN ARBOR - Lindsay Robillard from Wayne State's TechTown joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan to provide the back story on the Toast of The Town celebration the community’s celebration of entrepreneurship and the role TechTown plays in building a truly equitable economy. The virtual event is scheduled for Sept. 30 and is free of

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