Gary Baker Living The Dream on Shared Adventure Yacht In Florida

ANN ARBOR - Long-time Michigan technologist Gary Baker does several "part-time" technology jobs remotely from his pleasure yacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, called Shared Adventure. He wants to be "your friend with a boat" for sailing vacations to Miami, The Florida Keyes, and even the Bahamas. Find out more at Captain Gary is

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Detroit’s Own Rachel Konrad Now PR Boss At Impossible Foods

ANN ARBOR - Former Free Press Auto Writer Rachel Konrad reflects on a 25-year communications career that has led her to run worldwide communications for Impossible Foods, the vegetable meat sustitute that Burger King sells as the Impossible Whopper nationwide. The Impossible Foods Mission Statement: We’ve been eating meat since we lived in caves. And

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Bamboo Detroit To Open Royal Oak Co-Working Center

ANN ARBOR - Amanda Lewan, co-founder of Bamboo Detroit co-working space, joins Matt and Mike to announce that her newest location, Royal Oak, will open in January. Coworking & Virtual Offices Open Coworking includes 24/7 access to open workspaces, mail services, Wi-Fi, printing, conference rooms, coffee bar, common areas, and more. Coworking offers a more creative and

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COVID-19 Health Update: Now 2 Vaccine Candidates

ANN ARBOR - Fred Brown, our epidemiologist, discusses the two COVID-19 vaccine candidates that have been introduced in the past week. The Moderna Therapeutics candidate may be able to get into mass production faster than the candidate developed by Pfizer, he said. Trained as a medicinal biochemist, Fred has been on the discovery, development

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Pfizer Vaccine Could Be Available For High Risk People In January

ANN ARBOR - Fred Brown, an epidemiologist who works with states, nations and transition teams, evauluates not only the Pfizer vaccine announced earlier in November, but also 170 plus other vaccines in development. He remains optimistic high risks Americans will be able to get their shots in January. Brown has been working with a number

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AirBnB Class Action Lawsuit Update With Attorney Enrico Schaefer

ANN ARBOR - Traverse Legal Principal Enrico Schaefer updates the latest news on the class action lawsuit he has filed against AirBnb on behalf of hosts who allege they have been cheated out of deposit refunds triggered largely by reservation cancellations from the COVID-19 pandemic.   The Players: Airbnb, Inc., Airbnb Payments, Inc, and Airbnb Payments

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Brom Stibitz Michigan CIO On “A” Grades From Digital States Survey

ANN ARBOR - The State Of Michigan again earned "A" grades from the Center for Digital Government for the sixth straight time, only one of two states to be accorded this honor. Brom Stibitz the Michigan CIO joins Matt Roush and Mike Brennan on MITech TV to discuss what this means for the state and

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Detroit Could Grow Hemp On Vacant Urban Land

ANN ARBOR  - Greg Pawlowski, a Detroit city planner, in this interview said Mayor Duggan is very interested in the idea of growing hemp for non human consumption on the 35,000 vacant parcels of land (where the building has been demolished) owned by City government. While plans remain preliminary, the upside opportunity is enormous, particularly

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COVID-19 Health Update: Michigan Getting Hit Hard by Pandemic

ANN ARBOR - Epidemiologist Fred Brown joins us again to update what's happening to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this video interview he shares slides that show the contagion is accelerating in Michigan. Brown has been working with a number of states and countries to develop models for how the virus will spread. With everyone in

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Michigan CyberPatriot Program Seeks Professional Mentors For Students

ANN ARBOR - Tamara Shoemaker, who runs the Michigan CyberPatriot program, said the 13 chapters around the state need cyber professionals to serve as mentors. Since everything is done online, travel is not a factor, just carving out the time.   Cyber Patriot's Mission:   Tamara Shoemaker, Crimefighter To increase the number

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