Pure Michigan Business Connect Matches PPE Needs With Suppliers

ANN ARBOR - Bobby Chasnis, director of the Pure Michigan Business Connect program, and Colin Dillon talks about the Pure Michigan Connect PPE matchmaking efforts, plus announced a new ad campaign called Michigan’s Arsenal of Innovation. PMBC matches those in need of Personal Protective Equipment with those that supply PPEs. PMBC is offering a procurement

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Four20Post: Michigan Cannabis Internet TV Show Focus On Security

ANN ARBOR - Welcome to the first Four20Post streaming video - aka Internet TV - show. Today we feature news from Rick Thompson and Jamie Cooper, plus interviews with Rudy Patros from Securatech and Kevin MacRitchie from Helios Security. So the theme is keeping our Michigan cannabis businesses secure. You're going to want to watch

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With Michigan Reopening For Business, Where Does COVID-19 Contagion Stand?

ANN ARBOR - Infectious disease expert Fred Brown updates the level of COVID-19 spread in Michigan now that the state is reopening many of its businesses. Michigan has kept the pandemic under control since March. But what about the future? Watch this video to learn more. Brown’s expertise includes: • COO – Leading Health Big

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Canada Encourages Its Businesses To Make PPEs To Battle COVID-19

ANN ARBOR - Joe Comartin, Canadian Consul General in Detroit, explains what steps his government has taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. That includes working with companies to make Personal Protective Equipment. He also updates the travel restrictions that remain at US-Canada border crossings. Comartin serves as Consul General of Canada in Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan,

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Michigan Marijuana Report To Launch Four20Post Streaming Video Channel July 8

ANN ARBOR – Michigan Marijuana Report is launching a cannabis-focused live streaming video show on July 8 – Four20Post. The show will be co-hosted by Rick Thompson, long-time Michigan Cannabis advocate, and feature Jamie Cooper, managing director of Sensi Connects. Four20Post will air on Wednesdays, every other week. The hour-long show will be webcast live on

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Michigan, Canadian Governments Update COVID-19 Plans; Brown Updates Pandemic In Michigan

ANN ARBOR – On MITech TV June 29, Canadian Consul General Joe Cromarte will outline his government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then Bobby Chasnis, director of the Pure Michigan Business Connect program, will join Colin Dillon to present Michigan’s Arsenal of Innovation plan. Finally infectious disease expert Fred Brown will update where the COVID-19

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COVID 2020 App Can Predict Where Virus Will Spread

ANN ARBOR - Chris Malter from COVID 2020 talks about his new app that can be used to predict where the next virus hotspots will break out. He is interviewed by infectious disease expert Fred Brown, who worked on teams that helped find treatments for Ebola and AIDs.   About the COVEX 2020 App: 

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Soter Creates Device To Detect COVID-19 In Seconds To Reopen Sports/Entertainment Venues

ANN ARBOR - Ari Reuben, and Larry Shattuck from Soter Technologies explains how their new screening device - similar in size to an airport metal screener - can measure in seconds four vital indicators on whether a person is infected with COVID-19. It has the potential to reopen shuttered sports and entertainment venues. If someone

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US Signal Multi-Tenant, Private Cloud Services

GRAND RAPIDS - Amana Regnerus, an Executive VP at US Signal, talks about the Grand Rapids-based company's new multi-tenant and private cloud services in US Signal’s Grand Rapids, Southfield and Detroit Metro, Michigan data centers. The enhanced services support large-scale adoption of cloud-first, hybrid and off-premise data center strategies--which are particularly important following the COVID-19

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Lawrence Technological University To Offer In-Person Fall Classes

ANN ARBOR - Lisa Kujawa, an associate provost at LTU, announces that the private STEAM college in Southfield, MI., plans to offer in-person fall classes, after spending the past few months offering classes over the Internet. Want to build a bridge? Design a car? Reimagine a green space? Create a business? Change the world? Our

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