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This Is How Marijuana Could Go Federally Legal In 2021

WASHINGTON DC - It might sound like a bit of a pipe dream to think that the federal government is just all of a sudden going to legalize marijuana in the United States and end its more than eight-decade-long reign of terror against the stoner class. But there’s a decent chance legal weed could finally get

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U.S. To Allow Small Drones To Fly Over People And At Night

WASHINGTON DC - Small drones will be allowed to fly over people and at night in the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration said in late December, a significant step toward their use for widespread commercial deliveries. The FAA said its long-awaited rules for the drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, will address security

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11 Great Apps Ready For Your New 2020 M1 Mac

CUPERTINO, CA. = This year marked the introduction of the first Macs to be powered by Apple’s own silicon instead of Intel chips. As is evidenced by our reviews of the M1 MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, these machines are incredibly powerful and offer wicked fast performance. This is especially true for apps that

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New MacBook Could Have Killer ‘Reconfigurable’ Keyboard

CUPERTINO, CA. - Forget the Touch Bar: The next MacBook could have a dynamically reconfigurable keyboard, according to a new patent filing. Spotted by Patently Apple, the filing describes how each key could include its own display, allowing for each key’s label and corresponding input to change according to the user’s needs, which could make some of

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The Hot Battery Startup That Could Zap Tesla

WASHINGTON DC - Investors are enthusiastic about QuantumScape, developer of an electric-vehicle battery that promises more power for less cost. If the company succeeds, Tesla could face new challenges. One of the wildest plotlines in the great 2020 electric-vehicle rally was the late-year rise of QuantumScape, a battery startup that has yet to report any

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Are COVID-19 Vaccines Safe?

ANN ARBOR - The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are now available and millions of people have been vaccinated. But the lingering question remains are they safe, since they were developed in record time. Epidemiologist Fred Brown, who is advising states and nation states, including the incoming Biden Administration, on how to combat the pandemic

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Lawrence Tech’s Marburger STEM Center Goes Virtual For Teachers, K-12 Students

ANN ARBOR - Sibrina Collins and Jaclyn Smith from LTU's Marburger STEM Center join Matt Roush and Mike Brennan to talk about the virtual Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math programs aimed at helping grade school teachers teach STEM to K-12 students in a virtual setting due to the Pandemic. The Lawrence Technological University A.

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What Is Data Science And How Can It Help Your Business?

DETROIT - Regardless of what industry you’re in, you definitely need to evaluate plenty of business data. You gather data about your competitors, customers, services or products, employee performance, job candidates, inventory, revenue, and different day-to-day business operations. This is why data science is crucial to your business growth. An Overview Of Data Science By

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Solarwinds Hacked By Russians – Cybersecurity Experts Break It Down

ANN ARBOR - Cybersecurity experts Dan Lohrmann and Richard Stiennon provide details on how the Russians hacked the Solarwinds networking software used by US government and nearly all the Fortune 500 companies in America. Russia's hack of IT management company SolarWinds began as far back as March, and it only came to light when the

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How We Can Be Manipulated Into Sharing Private Information Online Revealed In A Study by Ben-Gurion University Researchers

BEER-SHEVA, Israel – Online users are more likely to reveal private information based on how website forms are structured to elicit data, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev researchers have determined. The intriguing study, "Online Disclosure Depends on How You Ask for Information,” is being presented at the 41st International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2020),

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