Melvindale Educator One Of 10 Amazon Computer Science Teachers Of The Year

SEATTLE—Terry Laesser, a teacher at Melvindale High School, is one of just 10 national members of the Amazon Future Engineer Teachers of the Year. Each year, Amazon recognizes 10 teachers for their work to inspire students from historically underrepresented communities to pursue careers in computer science and robotics. “It has been an especially difficult year

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LTU’s Centrepolis Accelerator Awarded Regional Industry 4.0 Readiness grant

SOUTHFIELD—The Centrepolis Accelerator at Lawrence Technological University has been awarded $197,985 in grant funding to provide regional Industry 4.0 programming and services to increase manufacturers’ readiness to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies. The funding is part of a Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC)-led initiative to ensure 50 percent of Michigan manufacturers are prepared to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies

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Verizon, AT&T Spend $70 Billion On Spectrum To Improve 5G Networks

WASHINGTON DC - The much-anticipated results of the FCC’s Auction 107 are in, with Verizon and AT&T spending big as anticipated on the coveted C-band spectrum. Verizon in particular spent nearly twice as much as AT&T, with a total spend of $45.4 billion. AT&T’s total bid adds up to $23.4 billion. T-Mobile is in a distant

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As WhatsApp Deepens Integration With Facebook, Two Alternatives For iOS

CUPERTINO, CA. - WhatsApp will soon start sharing your data with Facebook whether you like it or not. In light of that, many people are searching for WhatsApp alternatives with deeper focuses on privacy and security. Here are two recommendations. First, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, the messaging app assured users

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Ohio Electric Truck Maker Picks Michigan For R&D Center

LANSING—Michigan continues to claim its position as the automotive capital of the world with the announcement from Ohio-based Lordstown Motors Corp. on plans to establish an automotive research and development center in Farmington Hills with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced. Lordstown Motors received a $1 million Michigan Business

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GM To Spend $27 Billion Rolling Out 30 New Electric Vehicles

DETROIT—Officials at General Motors Co. announced plans to spend more than $27 billion to roll out 30 new electric vehicles over the next five years. The company said that during that time, its Ultium battery packs will cost 60 percent less than today’s packs with twice the energy density. And to counter fears of range

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SWE’s Annual Conference And Career Fair Goes Virtual

CHICAGO—The Society of Women Engineers’ WE20 is now a two-week virtual conference and career fair scheduled for Nov. 2-13. WE20 provides a platform for women in engineering to gather with like-minded peers, share innovative ideas, make connections for career advancement and ultimately make strides in recruiting more women in engineering. “Based on the current status

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ESD TechCentury Student Writing Contest Returns For 2020

SOUTHFIELD—The Engineering Society of Detroit has announced the opening of its third annual TechCentury Student Writing Contest. The contest aims to promote and engage student voices and ideas about the profession of engineering. The contest is now open to all students attending accredited Michigan universities and studying within any of the engineering disciplines or related

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David E. Cole Column: Key To The Future For Inner-City Residents Is A Solid Education

ANN ARBOR - We live in a very tumultuous time with the pandemic and Black Live Matter riots and Detroit is one of the centers of activity. I grew up in Detroit many years ago. I was in grade school, Edison, and later Redford High. I started college as a freshman at the University of

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New Online Service For Educators Affected By COVID-19

GRANDVILLE—The World Literacy Foundation announced the development of an interactive online service offering resources for educators who have been affected by the indefinite school lockdown as a result of COVID-19. The purpose behind the streaming service was born out of the coronavirus lockdown of classrooms of an estimated 25 million teachers in Africa, Asia, Middle

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