Red Level’s Tessanne Explains What Business Need To Do To Budget For IT Expenses

ROYAL OAK - On this segment of M2 Techcast, Redlevel’s Rob Tessanne, VP, Cloud & Technology Solutions, explains what businesses need to do to Budgeting for IT expenses in 2019. Rob Tessanne To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/mike-brennan-841872555/e153-redlevel

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Cybersecurity Update From Richard Stiennon, eCommerce Safeguards, Offensive Cyber Weapons

ROYAL OAK - Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon scares the hell out of the M2 Techcast audience with updates on the latest cybersecurity threats, including eCommerce. Stiennon, the founder two decades ago of Rust Net, provides tips on how to keep your financial information safe from hackers. He also discusses how nation states are creating an

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EntryPoint Seeks To Fill Gaps In Funding, Talent, Research For Entrepreneurs

ROYAL OAK - Emily Heintz, Associate Director of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, has spent a decade working with a wide range of entrepreneurial support groups and startups, in which she found gaps in funding, talent and research that she felt needed to be filled.  In March, Heintz, who joins M2 TechCast co-hosts Matt Roush

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If You Do Business In Europe, European Union General Data Protection Regs Apply

ROYAL OAK - If you have a business that sells to clients in the European Union, you’re going to have to deal with a new regulation that starts May 25 requiring companies to protect the personal data and information of EU residents. Richard Stiennon, a cybersecurity expert from IT-Harvest in Birmingham, explains what this new

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Diva Tech Talk Joins Internet Advisor Crew To Celebrate Anniversary

DETROIT - Three years ago this month three intrepid women accepted the invitation to join us on the Internet Advisor to officially launch the Diva Tech Talk podcast.  They were veteran tech marketing leader Kathleen Norton Schock, Cisco Engineer Nicole Johnson Scheffler and Amanda Lewan (founder of successful co-working space Bamboo Detroit) Foster and Gary had interviewed these ladies individually over the years and believed

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InGAGE, Metro Wireless, Diva Tech Talk, Red Level Cloud Update On M2 TechCast

ROYAL OAK – On M2 TechCast Feb. 19, Inforum InGAGE’s Tember Shea will interview Katie Novak, President and CEO, Vaugahn Industries that brings a unique approach to application problems in the car wash industry. Dominic Serra CEO of Metro Wireless will discuss his new fixed Wi-Fi Coverage. Kathleen Norton-Schock will update what’s happening with Diva

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Ford Driving Skills For Life Combines VR And Simulation To Train Teen Drivers

ROYAL OAK - For the past 15 years, Ford Motor Company has run what it calls its Ford Driving Skills for Life, an educational program developed and underwritten by Ford and the Governors Highway Safety Association, that uses Virtual Reality technology to engage teenagers and realistically scenarios they may encounter while behind the wheel. Kyle

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