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Global Auto Mobility, Michigan Celebrates Small Biz, Michigan Cyber Summit, YouTube Video Guru

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday Oct. 15, Dan Keelan, Editor and Publisher of Global Auto Mobility, will discuss a new advertising alliance with MITechNews.Com. Josh Marko from the Michigan Small Business Development Center explains what companies should apply for the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards. Michigan Chief Security Officer Rajiv Das tells you

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Plex Systems Seeks Manufacturers To Take Technology Survey

ROYAL OAK - In the last decade, the pace of change in the manufacturing industry can best be described as breakneck. New regulations that influence how things are made, an evolution in the way people buy and consume goods, and a strengthened economy have all encouraged shifts in the way manufacturers run their businesses –

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Recap: 2018 Detroit Coding Rebuild Challenge

ROYAL OAK - Detroit public high school students from Cass Technical High School, Osborn High School and Central High School participated in a Coding Technology Challenge on the campus of Wayne State University.  Sponsored by AT&T and in partnership with WordPress.com, Rebrand Cities and Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program), the challenge served as a gateway

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LTU President’s Symposium Future Of Transportation

ROYAL OAK - You want to find out more about future trnsportation? On Thursday evening at Lawrence Technological University is hosting a panel of experts who will discuss the roles of society and technology in designing future transportation systems and explore the full-scale implementation of autonomous and advanced-assisted technologies. LTU’s Mark Brucki provides all the

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Rise Of Big Data, Ripple Science, Russians Hacking Election, Fall Events Michigan Science Center

ROYAL OAK - 123Net’s Jon Eyerman will discuss What’s Driving Autonomous Vehicles,  The Rise of Big Data. Michigan Science Center’s Lisa Reynolds updates Fall happenings. Invest Detroit’s Tember Shea will interview Peter Falzon, CEO, Ripple Science, which improves the recruitment and management of research participants. Cybersecurity expert Richard Stiennon will examine the Justice Department’s indictment

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LTU’s Kujawa – Football Team, Residence Halls, All Things Lawrence Tech

ROYAL OAK - Lisa Kujawa, Assistant Provost for Enrollment at Lawrence Technological University, talkS about all of the activities at LTU to start the year – football team, residence halls, the lot, on this segment of M2 Techcast.  Lisa Kujawa To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2-techcast-episode-142-lisa-kujawaassistant-provost-for-enrollment-at-ltu

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Patrick Anderson Wins Top Economic Award For Research On Amazon’s Second Headquarters Location

ROYAL OAK - Well known Michigan economist Patrick Anderson has been given the Edward A. Mennis Award for outstanding writing in the field of business economics. Patrick joins M2 Techcast co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to discuss this honor from the National Association of Business Economics. Anderson is Principal and CEO of Anderson Economic

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LTU Collaboratory, Rosemary Bayer For Senate, The Next Education

ROYAL OAK - On M2 Techcast Monday Oct. 1, Dan Radomski, Director, LTU Collaboratory, will talk about his mission to accelerate the growth of Southeast Michigan’s small manufacturers and hardware entrepreneurs by providing access to key resources specific to their unique needs.  Rosemary Bayer, Chief Inspiration Officer at ardentCause, also is a candidate for Michigan Senate in

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Cybernoor CEO Discusses How His Oracle-Focused Company Can Help Business Manage Technology

ROYAL OAK - Cybernoor CEO Ahmed Alomari discusses what Oracle-focused company can do to help businesses manage technology. Ahmed Alomari  Cybernoor offers these products and services. Managed Services Application Development and Integrations Performance Tuning Upgrades and Re-platforming Cloud Deployments To find out more, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2-techcast-episode-142  

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What’s Happening With Michigan Council Of Women In Technology – Diva Tech Talk?

ROYAL OAK - What’s the latest news from the Michigan Council of Women In Technology and Diva Tech Talk? Kathleen Norton Schock provides all the details in this segment of M2 Techcast. Diva Tech Talk’s Nicole Scheffler (Left) Kathleen Norton Schock To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2-techcast-episode-142-kathleen-norton-schock-diva-tech-talk-and-mcwt

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