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Diva Tech Talk, Red Level, 123Net Milestone, Cybernoor Digital Transformation

ROYAL OAK - Kathleen Norton Schock talks Diva Tech Talk and Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Red Level will provide an expert to discuss the latest trends in technology. 123Net’s Ihor Diachenko will talk about connecting 600 buildings to the Internet, and a joint venture with Trivalent Group at Grand Rapids Community College. Cybernoor’s

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PocketNest Fintech Startup Helps Investors Manage Their Financial Plans

ROYAL OAK - PocketNest is a Detroit-based fintech company built for people who are...people. Its mission is to demystify financial planning and equip you with the tools you need to manage your own financial plan - without anything slipping through the cracks. And we’ve got Founder and CEO Jessica Willis on M2 TechCast to explain

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AI Replacing Human Headhunters? Executive Search Partners’ Erickson Says No Way

ROYAL OAK - I sensed a controversial story in an email I received predicting the demise of headhunters.  So I contacted the best headhunter I know, Gary Erickson of Executive Search Partners, to get his input.    The email said that artificial intelligence will eliminate the human factor in trying to help companies find people to fill

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Where’s The Coolest Place For Techies This Summer? Michigan Science Center

ROYAL OAK - Where’s the coolest place to be this summer? Why the Michigan Science Center, so says CEO Tonya Matthews in this interview on M2 TechCast. With hands-on exhibits, shows, films, camps, events and more, we’re the perfect place for curious minds of all ages rain or shine. Summer Science Camp: It’s important to

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SBA Small Biz Loans, Grand Circus And Facebook, LTU Defines Vibranium, MITechNews.TV

ROYAL OAK - Oakland County’s Cathy Rasegan will tell business owners about the SBA 504 Loan program? Grand Circus’ Damien Rocchi will discuss his downtown Detroit training center’s partnership with Facebook to train 1 million people across the US, including Michigan. LTU’s Sibrina Collins explains a recent paper she published called “Black Panther, Vibranium, and the Periodic

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Motor City Connect Moves Monthly Meet-Up To Ferndale Co-Working Space

FERNDALE - Motor City Connect has been hosting its monthly mixers at BD's in Royal Oak for years. On June 26, founder Terry Bean moves his feast to Ferndale to a new co-working space at 1200 Woodward Heights. No more parking tickets, stir fry or dark back rooms...at least for June. “While I love me

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Xfinity xFi Pods Provide Wi-Fi Service To Even The Biggest Homes

ROYAL OAK - Have a large home that gets spotty Wi-Fi coverage. Xfinity has you covered with its  xFi Pods, small adaptive pods that plug into any electrical outlet, pair with either the xFi Wireless Gateway or the xFi Advanced Gateway, and help customers extend reliable WiFi coverage to hard to reach areas of their home.

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AT&T’s IT Can Wait Anti-Distracted Driver Campaign Explained

ROYAL OAK - The road is full of people whose lives are at risk the second you take your eyes off the road to look at your phone. If you'd never use your phone with someone in the car, you shouldn't do it alone. AT&T’s Teresa Mask explains the IT Can Wait anti-distracted driver campaign

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Back Story On The $8 Million Michigan Mobility Challenge

ROYAL OAK - Jeff Cranson from the Michigan Department of Transportation outlines the $8 Million Michigan Mobility Challenge grant initiative to address core mobility gaps for seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans across the state. Michigan Mobility Challenge will engage the state’s robust technology, start-up and transportation networks – along with service providers, advocacy groups and

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AI vs Human Headhunters, Michigan Science Center Update, Detroit Startup Week, Pocket NEST

ROYAL OAK - On M2 TechCast Monday June 11, Executive Search Managing Partner Gary Erickson will dispute a recent story that claims Artificial Intelligence will replace human headhunters. Michigan Science Center CEO Tonya Matthews will talk about the summer programs available for kids of all ages. Startup Week Detroit co-founder Monica Wheat will dish on

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