Bill Would Require Michigan DEQ To Notify Local Users Of Water System Contamination In 2 Days

LANSING - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality would be required to notify local users of a water system about a tier II violation within two business days - a change from the 30-day window currently required - under a bill taken up in the House Government Operations Committee on Thursday. Under HB 5120, sponsored

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Flint Task Force Undermines Snyder Messaging On Water Crisis

LANSING - The task force that Governor Rick Snyder appointed to investigate how the Flint water crisis occurred takes a hammer to the message Snyder and his staff have emphasized for months that the crisis resulted from a failure of government at all levels. In reading the Flint Water Advisory Task Force's report on the

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Flint Water Crisis’ Impact On Area Businesses Focus Of West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum March 14

GRAND RAPIDS - In a special plenary session of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum 4th Annual Meeting on March 14, Kristina Johnston of the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce will discuss how the Water Crisis has impacted its area businesses and highlight opportunities to support the recovery of impacted businesses. Roger Cargill of Schupan

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Flint Water Crisis Latest Victims – Gov. Snyder’s Communications Staff

LANSING - The Flint water crisis continues to roil the administration of Governor Rick Snyder with a stunning shake-up Thursday in his communications staff as he reassigned Communications Director Meegan Holland and Press Secretary Dave Murray, who were less than three months into their jobs, and named Ari Adler as his new communications director. One

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M2 TechCast: Chastity Pratt Dawsey Of Bridge Magazine Talks Flint Water Crisis

FERNDALE - Chastity Pratt Dawsey from Bridge Magazine appeared Feb. 15 on M2 TechCast (co-hosted by MITechNews.Com Mike Brennan and LTU's Matt Roush) to discuss a story about the Flint water crisis that appeared in Bridge on Feb. 16. The story is about the people of Flint and their mistrust for their government. The mistrust has grown

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M2 TechCast: Bridge Magazine’s Coverage Of Flint Water Crisis; Wayne State Taking Applications For DTX Launch

FERNDALE - The Flint Water Crisis as reported by the state’s top investigative news website, Bridge magazine. Reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey talks about her story that contends how no one in Flint trusts government at any level. In the second half of the show, Betsy Creedon, Wayne State University TechTown’s Director of Entrepreneurial Services, talks

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M2 TechCast Feb. 15 – Bridge Magazine Expose On Flint Water Crisis, TechTown DTX Launch Detroit Taking Applications

FERNDALE - Chastity Pratt Dawsey from Bridge Magazine appears on M2 TechCast Monday Feb. 15 to discuss a story about the Flint water crisis that will appear in Bridge on Tuesday.  Bridge's story this week is about the people and their mistrust for their government. It explores how residents' mistrust for government has so badly

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ITInTheD Episode 130: The Flint Water Crisis

FERNDALE - Disclosure: this is not one of our “normal” episodes, but we couldn’t possibly be happier…or more proud…of how it all came together and turned out.  The Flint Water Crisis is something that we’ve all heard about on the news, or read about online, or caught conversations about it at the office…but there’s a

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Congress Roasts Both EPA And Michigan Department Of Environmental Quality Over Mismanagement Of Flint Water Crisis

WASHINGTON DC - Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards and Flint resident LeeAnne Walters told a U.S. House committee Wednesday that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality engaged in a cover-up to prevent its failure to enforce drinking water laws in Flint from coming to light, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was complicit in that

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Orders State, Flint To Take Immediate Action To Address Water Crisis

FLINT - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is ordering the state and city of Flint to take a series of immediate actions to address the city's drinking water crisis, declaring the state and city "have failed to take adequate measures to protect public health." Additionally, in a series of rapid developments Thursday evening, President Barack

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