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Diva Tech Talk is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena. It was created to inform and inspire women of all ages to succeed in life missions that are technology-driven.

Kathleen Norton-Schock Updates Divas Tech Talk, Michigan Council Of Women In Technology

ROYAL OAK - Kathleen Norton-Schock joins M2 TechCast co-hosts Mike Brennan and Matt Roush to talk about her podcast series, Diva Tech Talk, and the latest happenings with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, including summer Science Technology Engineering and Math summer camps for high school girls. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2-techcast-episode-124-kathleen-nofton-schock

Diva Tech Talk Joins Internet Advisor Crew To Celebrate Anniversary

DETROIT - Three years ago this month three intrepid women accepted the invitation to join us on the Internet Advisor to officially launch the Diva Tech Talk podcast.  They were veteran tech marketing leader Kathleen Norton Schock, Cisco Engineer Nicole Johnson Scheffler and Amanda Lewan (founder of successful co-working space Bamboo Detroit) Foster and Gary had interviewed these ladies individually over the years and believed

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Diva Tech Talk? MCWT? Kathleen Norton-Schock Tells All

ROYAL OAK - What’s happening with Diva Tech Talk and with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology? We’ve got you covered. Kathleen Norton-Schock joins Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on M2 TechCast to tell all. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/internet-advisor-755109612/m2techcast-episode-116-mcwt-kathleen-norton-schock

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Women In Tech Segment Features MCWT Events, Diva Tech Talk, Bayer For Michigan Senate

ROYAL OAK - Our women in technology segment, featuring Kathleen Norton-Schock, this month not only provides updates on the Michigan Council of Women In Technology, and Diva Tech Talk, but also an interview with Rosemary Bayer who is running for the Michigan Senate. Bayer is co-founder of ArdentCause, along with Norton-Schock. To listen to this

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What’s Going On With Women In Technology In Michigan?

ROYAL OAK - What’s going on with Women in Technology? Kathleen Norton Schock fills you in on all the happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. Those include the just concluded MCWT annual gala, the just passed deadline for the high school girl’s web design contest, and Giving Tuesday on November 28. She

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Farnoosh Brock: Position Yourself Powerfully

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was delighted to interview engineer, tech expert, author and leadership coach, Farnoosh Brock, who shared numerous lessons in personal development and career pivoting. Farnoosh centers much of her coaching around “positioning yourself powerfully” so you can take charge of your career, and lead it. There are some simple elements to

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Laura Bilazarian: Not You Can, But You Will Win

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was inspired by our interview with former investment banker and social entrepreneur, Laura Bilazarian, CEO and Founder of Teamable, an innovative company accelerating any organization’s ability to hire top talent, in today’s challenging environment. Teamable helps companies implement “smarter recruiting through social networks,” according to Laura. “We ‘connect the dots’ between

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Rita Barrios: Managing Massive Projects One Byte At A Time

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk interviews Rita Barrios, PhD, Chair for the Department of CyberSecurity & Information Systems, and Associate Professor, at the University of Detroit, Mercy. The program graduates approximately 150 trained technology professionals each year. “When I first started, we only had 15 students,” Rita said. But her efforts have expanded the department

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Diva Tech Talk’s Norton-Schock Interviews Beaumont Data Consultant, Updates MCWT Women In Technology Award

ROYAL OAK - Diva Tech Talk’s Kathleen Norton-Schock interviews Theresa Ancick, data warehouse consultant and manager of Business Information Service for Beaumont Hospital Systems. She also updates what’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, including updating the Michigan Women in Technology award, now accepting nominations. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/podcastdetroit/m2techcast-episode-94-kathleen-norton-schock-with-theresa-ancick-beaumont-hospital-systems

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VizBe CEO: Find A Need And Fill It

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk hosted creative entrepreneur, Natalia Petraszczuk, founder and CEO of the new tech-empowered human-enhancement venture, VizBe (www.vizbe.com).  Natalia calls herself “a product of the Ukrainian community” in metropolitan Detroit. “When you see hardworking immigrant family members bend over backwards to give the next generation opportunities, you begin to appreciate all the

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