SOUTHFIELD – Diva Tech Talk was delighted to interview engineer, tech expert, author and leadership coach, Farnoosh Brock, who shared numerous lessons in personal development and career pivoting.

Farnoosh centers much of her coaching around “positioning yourself powerfully” so you can take charge of your career, and lead it. There are some simple elements to this process:

  • “You are not selling; you are serving.”  (See yourself differently.)
  • “Connect the dots from your work to the bottom line effect.” (Articulate your impact).
  • “Create a circle of influence around you.”  (Assess your reputation, by surveying your peers, and extend your visibility if your reputation is sterling.)
  • If your reputation is not ideal, Farnoosh believes you should face that and deal with it, directly. “Start with the person you most dislike, or don’t get along with in your circle. Challenge yourself to improve your relationship with them. Then repeat that.”
  • Ensure that you begin with a positive and complete picture of yourself and your strong contributions to your work and mission. “If you don’t have a high opinion of yourself,” Farnoosh said, “it is hard to position yourself powerfully to someone else.”
  • “Know your ‘blind spots.’ When necessary, make the right adjustments.”
  • Above all: “Cultivate trust, every day. The more trust you have, the more powerful your position will be as a colleague, as a leader.”To listen, click on