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Diva Tech Talk is a specialized communication channel highlighting women doing wonderful things in the technology arena. It was created to inform and inspire women of all ages to succeed in life missions that are technology-driven.

Laura Bilazarian: Not You Can, But You Will Win

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was inspired by our interview with former investment banker and social entrepreneur, Laura Bilazarian, CEO and Founder of Teamable, an innovative company accelerating any organization’s ability to hire top talent, in today’s challenging environment. Teamable helps companies implement “smarter recruiting through social networks,” according to Laura. “We ‘connect the dots’ between

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Rita Barrios: Managing Massive Projects One Byte At A Time

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk interviews Rita Barrios, PhD, Chair for the Department of CyberSecurity & Information Systems, and Associate Professor, at the University of Detroit, Mercy. The program graduates approximately 150 trained technology professionals each year. “When I first started, we only had 15 students,” Rita said. But her efforts have expanded the department

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Diva Tech Talk’s Norton-Schock Interviews Beaumont Data Consultant, Updates MCWT Women In Technology Award

ROYAL OAK - Diva Tech Talk’s Kathleen Norton-Schock interviews Theresa Ancick, data warehouse consultant and manager of Business Information Service for Beaumont Hospital Systems. She also updates what’s happening with the Michigan Council of Women in Technology, including updating the Michigan Women in Technology award, now accepting nominations. To listen, click on https://soundcloud.com/podcastdetroit/m2techcast-episode-94-kathleen-norton-schock-with-theresa-ancick-beaumont-hospital-systems

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VizBe CEO: Find A Need And Fill It

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk hosted creative entrepreneur, Natalia Petraszczuk, founder and CEO of the new tech-empowered human-enhancement venture, VizBe (www.vizbe.com).  Natalia calls herself “a product of the Ukrainian community” in metropolitan Detroit. “When you see hardworking immigrant family members bend over backwards to give the next generation opportunities, you begin to appreciate all the

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Diva Tech Talk Wins Two National Awards, MCWT Fundraising Golf Outing July 24

ROYAL OAK - Diva Tech Talk Co-Host Kathleen Norton Schock announced on M2 TechCast that her show won two Clarion Awards from the Association for Women in Communications: Radio Regular Talk Or Interview Program and Women’s Issues Radio Program. The competition drew entries from 19 states and two countries. Kathleen also talked about the 11th

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Dusty Welsh: Connecting For A Cause

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was inspired by Dusty Welsh, co-founder of Cause Activators, a Web-based company that connects corporations/businesses with tangible nonprofit opportunities, making it easier for those organizations to support their local communities, and empower their team members to do good. “For nonprofits, the value is clear,” she said. “You post your opportunities online,

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Akamai Technologies’ Jenny Coupe: Adaptability Personified

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was happy to interview Jenny Coupe, Senior Director, Americas Marketing at Akamai Technologies.  She began life as an “Army brat,” which meant that she moved 22 times in 18 years, forcing her to quickly adapt to new people, new circumstances and new venues. Constantly “exposed to different cultures, where gender

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Epitec’s Rebecca Bray: “Just Fell Into Tech Mission”

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was excited to interview Rebecca Bray, Chief Sales Officer for nationwide technology and engineering recruiting/staffing company: Epitec (www.epitec.com). Like a few of the other “Divas” that we have interviewed, Rebecca did not start out intending to pursue a tech mission. “I just fell into it,” she said. To listen, click

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Inadvertently Marching In Her Mother’s Footsteps

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk interviewed the data-driven duo of Amy O’Connor, Big Data Evangelist at Cloudera (www.cloudera.com), and Danielle Dean, Data Scientist Lead at Microsoft (www.microsoft.com) --- a dynamic mother/daughter team, embracing technology, organically. Amy hails from the era where punch cards reigned supreme. The younger Danielle experienced the dichotomy of both more complex

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Susan Emerick: All You Need is Within You

SOUTHFIELD - Diva Tech Talk was pleased to interview Susan Emerick, Global Marketing Executive at IBM (www.ibm.com), educator and published author.  Susan’s multifaceted career and expertise highlights how far the technology industry has come in empowering clients to transform their businesses and develop competitive advantage using advanced analytics, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence and

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