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Diva Tech Talk Joins Internet Advisor Crew To Celebrate Anniversary

DETROIT - Three years ago this month three intrepid women accepted the invitation to join us on the Internet Advisor to officially launch the Diva Tech Talk podcast.  They were veteran tech marketing leader Kathleen Norton Schock, Cisco Engineer Nicole Johnson Scheffler and Amanda Lewan (founder of successful co-working space Bamboo Detroit) Foster and Gary had interviewed these ladies individually over the years and believed

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The Eyes Of Google Are Upon You – Really

Caston Thomas, CEO and founder of InterWorks Technology in Rochester is both a standing tech expert and co host for he show but he is also an excellent commentator on security on the Web. So we took special note of his response to an article by another security expert on the degree of information that Google has about each of

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Artificial Intelligence – How It Will Impact Vehicles In Future Applications

DETROIT - Sheen Xiao is the High Tech Product Management and Marketing Executive For Early and Growth Stage Companies.  She has been attending the AutoMobiliD displays at Cobo Center as a representative of her company, Ainstein, a key provider of practical, cost effective radar applications in drones, self-driving vehicles and home security.  Sheen will help us understand what AI

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MCWT Foundation 2017 Website Design Competition For Middle School & High School Girls

DETROIT - The Internet Advisor on WJR 760 AM is joined by a group of very talented young women (Gen Z) who won the Michigan  Council of Women in Technology Website Design 2017 Competition. Guests include: Jamie Fu – 1st place high school advanced category – Novi High School Sonia Bhakkad – 2nd place high school advanced category – Plymouth

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Listen to Steve DeDoes Talk About His Music – Hurray For Christmas

LANSING - Steve DeDoes is the creative genius behind the theme music for our show, the Internet Advisor.  Steve joins us today to talk about his current Christmas release Hurray for Christmas. (Here is a link to a sampler of the tunes on the album. TO LISTEN, CLICK ON  

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Michigan Science Center Fair & Christmas Air

DETROIT - Lisa Reynolds, VP of Marketing & Audience Development introduces us to 1001 Inventions and invited everyone to join in the the Michigan Science Center’s 5th Birthday Celebration.  If you are planning some Holiday field trips with the family, then you don’t want to miss what Lisa has to say about the exhibits and events planned at the Science Center

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MITechNews.Com Headlines On WJR’s Internet Advisor

MiTechNews Headlines for Dec. 2 DETROIT - MITechNews.Com Editor Mike Brennan joins Internet Advisor on WJR 760 AM each Saturday to discuss the top headlines from the previous week. NSA Breach Spills Over 100GB Of Top Secret Data MSU Professor: Transparent Solar Is Wave Of The Future Report: Smart Speakers Set To Be Big Hit

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Internet Advisor: Tom Lawrence, Entrepreneur, Tech Expert, YouTube Celebrity

DETROIT - Tom Lawrence is many things to the online world: Entrepreneur (owner of Lawrence Technology Services in Taylor), tech expert who has helped answer our listener questions, podcaster and YouTube celebrity. To listen to this podcast, click on

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2-Factor Voice Authentication To Verify Your Identity

DETROIT - Robert Capps isn NuData Security’s Vice President of Business Development, Robert is responsible for developing and nurturing company partnerships and channels. He is a recognized technologist, thought leader and advisor with over 20 years of experience in the design, management and protection of complex information systems. Researchers at the University of Michigan created 2-factor voice authentication by creating a wearable device like

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