ZEELAND —DISHER was just approved as a service provider of the AARP AgeTech Collaborative and will provide innovative start-ups with front-end product development and engineering services. AgeTech Collaborative is an organization that supports new technologies that are geared toward making the aging process easier.

“The potential for new product development in this space gets the DISHER team excited,” comments Ryan Snip, DISHER Business Lead for Advanced Product Development. “Leveraging technology to improve the quality of life for the aging population is a great opportunity to make a positive difference.” According to the AARP, “People 50 and older in the US spent $77 billion on technology in 2022. That number is projected to grow to roughly $120 billion in 2030.”

DISHER’s advanced product development team comes alongside clients to build directional confidence, develop innovative solutions, and execute smooth launches. Customers value DISHER’s deep product development bench of diverse skillsets and cross-industry expertise to help move ideas forward.

AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP is an unparalleled innovation ecosystem bringing together cutting-edge thinkers in the longevity tech space to champion meaningful advances so that everyone can choose how they live as they age. AARP’s decades of exclusive longevity insights, the breakthrough collaborative ecosystem and community of innovators positions the AgeTech Collaborative to lead the future of AgeTech.

DISHER specializes in product development, engineering, manufacturing technology, and talent recruitment.