CANTON – TrialAssure – a software company focused on developing clinical trial transparency tools – has released Anonymize DS, the all-new software-as-a-service application that uses automation to anonymize sponsor’s clinical trial data.

“As one of the first groups to automate the anonymization of datasets, our developers heard first-hand feedback from industry users during the limited release of the product and fine-tuned ANONYMIZE DS to best meet their needs,” says Zach Weingarden, Product Solutions Manager, TrialAssure. “As with all software we develop, our development team is open to engaging end users, actively encouraging feedback and listening carefully to their suggestions.”

Key features of TrialAssure ANONYMIZE DS, include:

·         Fits easily alongside other TrialAssure applications within the transparency suite of products, allowing for single dashboard reporting and synchronized workflows across all transparency related data and document deliverables

·         Transforming original data into anonymized data, using industry-standard techniques that can be reused and customized for each dataset

·         Assigning a risk score associated with the re-identification of this data based on thresholds set by the sponsor

·         Configurability to sponsor specifications

·         A simple user interface that allows for ease of transition from manual processes

·         Use of modern machine learning technology to drive efficiency

“All pharmaceutical sponsors will need to rely on anonymization methods, and therefore tools, to stay ahead of transparency regulations, as redaction of data limits data utility,” says Mohamad Zahreddine, CIO, TrialAssure, and member of the Forbes Technology Council.

“Transparency experts and thoughtful developers have banded together, utilizing the latest technology to build a software application that is of great importance to the future of the pharmaceutical industry, and more broadly, all those in clinical research. We want global teams to #BeTransparent, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that while we must first protect privacy, the data shared should be usable.”                                       

To schedule a demo of the TrialAssure ANONYMIZE DS application, visit: