Autonomous Vehicles

News and information about vehicles which can drive themselves without human supervision or input. Unmanned vehicles are vehicles which are either controlled remotely, or perhaps operate autonomously.

Michigan Senators Applaud Federal Funding To Advance Safe Development Of Self-Driving Vehicles

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow today applauded the inclusion of $100 million in the proposed Fiscal Year 2018 spending bill for the safe research, development and demonstration of self-driving vehicle technologies, including dedicated funding for the Department of Transportation’s federally designated Automated Vehicle Proving Grounds. “Self-driving vehicles have the potential to

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Smart Cities’ Symposium Aims To Prepare Local Governments For Seismic Changes Coming With Autonomous Vehicles

ANN ARBOR - A seismic change is taking place with city planning as smart grids, autonomous vehicles and other innovative mobility services draw closer to becoming commonplace. The upcoming "Smart Cities: A Connected Way Forward" symposium will cover the latest developments that local governments should be following, and what adjustments should be made to infrastructure

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Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian – How Does This Impact Autonomous Vehicle Future?

TEMPE, AZ- Despite all the talk about bringing robo-taxis to A City of the Future Near You within the next few years, self-driving cars are still very much in development. We've only just begun seeing how true driverless cars operate in public spaces, and after Monday's fatal autonomous Uber accident in Tempe, Arizona, it could all come screaming

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Study: Federal Mandates For Connected Vehicles Could Save 44,000 Lives Each Year

ANN ARBOR - Up to 8.1 million car crashes and 44,000 deaths could be prevented if the federal government mandated connected vehicle technology now, rather than waiting even three years to develop and evaluate competing technologies. That's according to a new analysis by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The research shows the extent

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Autonomous And Connected Vehicle Infrastructure – Where Are We Today?

DETROIT - In spite of the heavy focus during the last several years on connected and autonomous vehicles – particularly in Michigan, much less attention has been paid to the infrastructure required to support these vehicles. On Monday, March 12 at 5:30 p.m. at RIIS in Troy Mobile Monday Detroit will hear from Michigan-based experts

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What’s The Regulatory Environment For Autonomous Vehicles?

ROYAL OAK - What’s the regulatory environment for Autonomous Vehicles? Audi is rolling out a Level 3 capable vehicle this year, making us closer to cars that can drive us home. But we have no federal regulations - other than those that require a steering wheel and brakes - on the books. State regulations are

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Ann Arbor Autonomous Vehicle Company Raises $11.5 Million From Venture Capitalists

ANN ARBOR — May Mobility, an autonomous vehicle company seeking to replace existing transportation systems with self-driving micro-shuttles, announced that BMW i Ventures and Toyota AI Ventures have joined its investor-base, co-leading an $11.5 million round of seed funding. The company said the funding will allow it to launch new deployments across the country. Other

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MCity Director Peng Explains The University Of Michigan Autonomous Vehicles Test Track

ROYAL OAK - MCity Director Huei Peng comes on M2 TechCast to talk about the recent good news that 42 companies will invest $150,000 each over the next three years to keep the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Laboratory operational. MCity provides a living laboratory for all member companies to come in and perfect. Also 11

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42 Companies Invest $150,000 Each In MCity

ANN ARBOR - Forty-two companies have committed to investing $150,000 each in Mcity as Affiliate members over the next three years.   Mcity is the University of Michigan-led public-private R&D initiative leading the transformation to connected and automated mobility. The Affiliate members represent a broad range of industry sectors that reflect Mcity's success in building

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Danlaw Rolls Out New Antenna For Connected Vehicles

NOVI — Danlaw announced the release of a new antenna intended for connected-vehicle applications. The Through Glass Integrated V2X Antenna pairs with Dedicated Short Range Communications wireless systems to enable vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. Traditional aftermarket antennas, require drilling holes or passing cables through window and door openings, which risks damaging vehicle seals. Danlaw’s dual-radio,

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