DETROIT – Self-driving and electric cars will help create more than 100,000 mobility industry jobs in the United States in the coming decade, including up to 30,000 jobs for engineers with degrees in computer-related subjects. The demand could be as much as six times the expected number of such graduates, exacerbating the industry’s already significant talent shortage, according to research from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Detroit Mobility Lab (DML).

Study authors say cars of the future will be different from today’s automobiles, predicting that more than 20 percent of them will have electric or hybrid technology and more than 10 percent will be self-driving by 2030. As cars and other forms of mobility become more complex, they will require engineers with more sophisticated systems-level skills, the consultants said.

Like the U.S. mobility industry, other industries are modernizing and looking to attract and retain such engineers and skilled trade workers.

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