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Renewable Energy Policy: Americans Support Net Energy Metering

ANN ARBOR - About three out of every four Americans support hotly debated net energy metering policies, which allow residents with wind turbines and solar panels to sell excess energy back to the grid at retail rates, according to a national poll by University of Michigan researchers. The poll, conducted by the National Surveys on

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Michigan Energy Law Revisions – Including Customer Choice – Approved By State Legislature

LANSING - The final legislative session day of the 98th Legislature concluded with passage of the legislation that has dominated the 2015-16 term - a wide-ranging rewrite of the state's energy laws. Governor Rick Snyder, who brokered the 11th-hour deal with the utilities and advocates for greater customer choice who fought bitterly for the past

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MPSC Report: Michigan’s Net Metering Program Grows 20 Percent In 2015

LANSING - Michigan’s net metering and solar program increased 20 percent in 2015 from the year before, reports a new study released Monday by the Michigan Public Service Commission Monday. Under a net metering program, when customers produce electric energy in excess of their needs, power is provided back to the serving utility, permitting the

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Bipeninsular’ Group Of Reps Introducing Clean Energy Bills

LANSING - A bipartisan group of four representatives representing both peninsulas said Thursday they are introducing bills designed to remove barriers for businesses and individuals in the state to generate their own energy and receive fair-value pricing. Rep. Jeff Irwin(D-Ann Arbor) andRep. Ed McBroom(R-Vulcan) worked on similar legislation last term and joinedRep. Scott Dianda(D-Calumet) andRep.

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